What are the best Roblox battle royale games?

Next, we are going to answer your question about What are the best Roblox Battle Royale games ? This title, which has countless minigames of different themes, allows us to enjoy exciting games against other players.

Roblox could be said to some extent that it is a practically unlimited game. We can find a large number of minigames with very varied themes. So the creative freedom is really amazing.

What are the Best Roblox Battle Royale Games?

When we open its catalog of games we can find ourselves from mysteries, crimes, adventures, prisons, action, treasure hunts, exploration and obviously Battle Royale , because yes, Roblox also has these.

The amount of things that can be done in this simple game is incredible and this genre has been one of the most popular for a few years. Do you want to know which is the best Battle Royale game? We can recommend a few.

Obviously we cannot tell you which of all these is the best, that is something that you will have to decide for yourself when you try each of these. We recommend you give each of these a try and try to enjoy them to the fullest to see if they are really what you are looking for.

We are going to leave you a great list of Roblox Battle Royale games so you can find the one you like. After this I can assure you that you will have many hours of entertainment ahead of you.

Roblox Battle Royale Games

There are many types of games that we can enjoy on Roblox. Today we are going to talk about Battle Royale and for that, we have compiled the best Roblox Battle Royale games.


It could be said that to a certain extent it reminds us of Fortnite, since it has a construction section that is quite important in the development of the game. The important thing here is that you finish first, that you survive, like most of these games.

It is a title that more than 1.5 million players were encouraged to try so you can imagine that it has a great story behind it. It is very entertaining and worth giving it a try.

Royal prison

It could be said that it has certain similarities to PUBG . However, in this case we are in the first person, you will have to look for weapons and equipment while you face the other players. It is a game that has a large number of players enjoying it, so you will always have someone to play with.

In short, you are going to have to use your skills to get out of this place alive. It is quite an entertaining and slightly different game.

Top Roblox Battle Royale Games

Island royale

This game has been around for quite some time and millions of players have enjoyed it. Here we can find games of 200 players with a simple objective: to survive.

In short, you must manage to overcome the other 199 players and be the winner. It has certain mechanics that will remind you of other games of the same genre. But without a doubt, it is one of the best Battle Royale that you will find in Roblox .

Battle Royale only

With millions of visits behind it, we found a game with a simple name but that will allow us to face between 64 players to see who is the best. All of this on a map that is considerably large.

As for rewards, we can find a large number of them. It is quite an exciting game and above all very fun and Recommended!

Do you want to recommend any other Roblox Battle Royale ? You can do it from the comment box that you can appreciate a little below and we will be happy to add it to this list.


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