What are the best programs to optimize and speed up Windows 10?

Access to information and tools that allow us to make things much easier, one of the artifacts that undoubtedly greatly influenced the development of computing as we know it, was the use of computers. With these we can execute programs that allow the accomplishment of tasks.

These computers work on the basis of operating systems that are previously installed, these systems are exclusively designed to optimize the use of computers . Many operating systems are currently available, but only the best are the ones that stand out.

What are the best programs to optimize and speed up Windows 10?

Among the most widely used worldwide is Windows, developed by the Microsoft company in 1985, it was one of the first operating systems to be known. Since its launch it has positioned itself as one of the best to date.

The acceptance that Windows has is due to the quality it offers its users, this is a system that is constantly being developed, to be better and better. From time to time it offers new updates, improved and with incredible tools.

Its most recent update is the Windows 10 version, it offers a very broad package of functions and features that make it a very complete operating system. Windows manufacturers recommend using tools that optimize the operating system.

In this way we can extend the useful life of our computer , it is necessary to know what tools we can use to make this possible. For this reason, in this article we will learn which are the best programs to optimize and speed up Windows 10.

Programs to optimize and accelerate Windows 10

It is important to note that although there are more programs that contribute to fulfilling this function, the most popular and recommended ones will be mentioned below. Therefore, these programs offer efficient results.


This is a program designed to speed up our computers to the maximum , it offers a very simple and easy-to-use interface. Among its most important features we find that it takes up almost no space on our hard drive, which makes it even better.

The Bleachbit program was originally created for the Linux operating system, but it is also available for Windows 10 and does the job very well. We can download it from its official website for free .

Razer Cortex

This is the optimization program is ideal for gamers (people who like to play games) on their computers. With the use of Razer the games will run a little faster, in this way we can enjoy them in a better way.

Apart from this, it also optimizes the general performance of our computer , which makes it a very complete tool. To download it, we only have to access its official website and follow the steps indicated on the page.


When it comes to speeding up our Windows computer, CCleaner is one of the best programs that makes this possible. We can download it for free from its official website , it also offers a Pro version with better options.

CCleaner allows us to clean our PC from end to end , eliminating all those files that we do not want. It also gives us the option to optimize the browsers we use frequently, it gives us the option to configure it very easily to our liking.

Glary Utilities

The functions offered by this program are very similar to those of CCleaner, with this we can clean all the files that we do not want on our computer . This will result in a faster computer with better performance.

Among the features that stand out the most in Glary Utilities, we find that it is very fast when cleaning our computer. We can download it from its official website, it offers a free version and a Pro version.

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These are the best programs to speed up our Windows 10 computer , the most recommended is to make periodic reviews through any of these programs. In this way, we will have a fast and optimized computer.


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