What are the best programs for taking screenshots in Windows?

Today we are going to see which are the best programs to take screenshots in Windows in a very simple and especially fast way. Most of these programs are completely free.

We have already taught you several times how to take a screenshot on different Samsung devices . However, today we want to focus on Windows and there are many programs that make capturing the screen much easier than you imagine.

Although we can take a screenshot by pressing the “ImpPnt” key, it has no option, so it is too basic. The programs to take captures in Windows that we are going to mention a little below not only fulfill this function.

But they also have advanced tools to do practically everything with that image . So that in this way you do not even need to use another program when editing it to be able to share it wherever you want.

Without much more to add, we are going to see all these programs which are free except for the last one, which has advanced features.

Programs to take screenshots in Windows 10 for free


Personally, it seems like one of the best options when it comes to wanting to take a screenshot . You can configure any button on your keyboard to do them. In turn, you can edit the captures without having to save them with many options available.

You can copy them, save them as an image, etc. In turn, it is possible to upload them to the network or a web server without leaving the capture just taken. Highly recommended and free .


It is an open source tool which helps you in a simple way to take screenshots. They can be saved on the computer as if it were an image, several options can also be configured. You can even capture a specific area of ​​the screen. You can download it from here .


Another alternative to consider since we can capture the entire screen or a specific region . They can be saved as images wherever you want or simply to the clipboard. It has several cool features. We recommend you try it .

The best programs to capture the screen for free


It is not only limited to capturing the entire screen or a specific area . But it also has a set of tools that allow us to edit these before saving or leaving them on the clipboard. Highly recommended to try it .


It is a fairly simple program that allows us to take clippings of the screen in transparent mode. Which means that we can have images of applications without a background. It is ideal for taking perfect shots without anything around quickly. Try it here.


A screenshot manager that makes everything much easier with its number of tools which can be configured to your liking. You can choose the format, where to save them, their quality, keyboard shortcuts, etc. Visit their official website for more information .

Techsmith Snagit

It is a fairly extensive program that is not only limited to taking static screen captures, but we can also capture video . You will be able to capture up to complete websites with their scrolling for webs, panoramic captures and you can even create animated gifs.

At the same time you can find a considerably complete editor with many effects to add to your images . You can save them in the format you want since it has the most popular ones. For videos you can do it in MP4.

The only bad thing is that said application is not free like those mentioned above. However, if you want to try it, you can do it from its official website. It is available for both Windows and Mac.


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