What are the best places to put a WiFi router?

Do not think that we will be talking about decoration, but it is very important for users to have a good idea of ​​where we will put our WiFi Router , if we do not want to have connection problems. That is why next we are going to show you what are the best places to place a WiFi router?

We all already know that one of the advantages that the use of a WiFi device provides us is the freedom to connect and be able to move smoothly from one place to another.

Since we will be freed from the connections with cables that limit our range of movement, but we must also know that there are certain aspects that can prevent a good connection.

And one of these aspects is the location of the WiFi Router, because if we place it in a place where there are obstructions such as walls, columns, doors, etc. we can have signal interruptions, cuts and even not establish the connection. That is why learning what the parts that make up a router are for will help you a lot, such as what their antennas are for .

What are the best places to put a WiFi Router

It is important before looking for the best place or the most suitable place to place the WiFi Router is that it is in a free place. That the antennas that it has can move without any problem that is, that they are not obstructed by anything. With them you must take special care that they are not damaged, deteriorate or break.

Microwave waves are emitted through them, with which the connection with our devices is possible. Therefore these cannot be kept very far from the devices with which it is going to connect. This is why one of the best recommendations we can give you is that you can locate the Router in a central place in the house.

In this way, its waves will travel the same distance, to any direction in the house, so you can have the same signal intensity in the places furthest from the Router . Because you should know that as you move away from the source of the signal, the weaker it will be and very serious connection problems can occur and you think that it is due to the Router and it is not.

It is also important that when choosing the best place to install the Router , you lean towards a room where there are no walls or ceilings. Since these limit the passage of waves, even walls that contain water pipes, can absorb microwave signals very efficiently.

You must analyze the space to be able to place your WiFi Router

Another of the obstructions that users often overlook and that also prevent the passage of WiFi signals, are fish tanks. These large pools of water are impenetrable walls, so it is recommended that you move the fish tank or, on the contrary, then locate the WiFi Router in another place .

Try for no reason, to locate the Router in the kitchen since in that place of the house, there are usually electronic devices that also emit microwave signals. And these usually interfere with the signals emitted by the routers. The same can be done by metallic surfaces, waves can be reflected on them and in a certain way deteriorate the connection quality .

Keep the Router away from electronic devices such as televisions, surveillance cameras, refrigerators, speakers, PCs, video game controllers, cordless phone bases, etc.

These can cause weak interference , but to some extent cause signal problems. So try very hard to avoid placing it near some source that generates electromagnetic signals.

To conclude, the quality of the signal that you may have in your home will largely depend on where you place your WiFi Router. Always try to keep it away from obstacles, free and in an open place. In this way we conclude with this article that showed you which are the best places to place a WiFi Router.


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