What are the best places to fall in Fortnite

With the new Fornite game update  and the arrival of the new map, there are plenty of great places to explore, shelter and wait, but what could be the best places to fall after jumping off the bus?

What are the Best Sites to land on Fortnite? Where is it better to fall?

We have made a summary of the best places to fall to ensure a victory. Each of these places guarantee you a good loot, a shield, materials and mobility, especially so that the storm does not swallow us.

In this way you can get everything you need to build fortresses or ramps, get turkeys   and good weapons so you can eliminate all your enemies.

Calígine field

Without a doubt this place is one of the best for squads as it has many chest buildings and also has quite a few materials that can help you win the game.

The trick is to break all the furniture in the house to get materials. Each one gives between 4 and 5 materials but they can still break everything in their way to increase their number of materials much more.

Another very good thing about that place is that in the outskirts there are many stones and trees to accumulate a good amount of stone and wood quickly. And there is also a small pier where you can fish. This is very useful as the fish are very healthy.

The best of all is that on the shore of the pier there is a boat to mobilize you. For this reason it is one of the best places to fall, since you can stock up on materials, weapons, shields and transportation that will guarantee victory.

Burning Sands

Located in the northwest corner of the map, it is an area quite similar to Paradise on the previous map. It is recommended to fall in the left area of ​​the map since people usually go to the hotel.

It is a place that has many chests and also, being a closed place you do not need too many materials to build since you can take shelter in the houses.

On the beach you can find two more chests (One of them buried and you will see a small lump in the sand) and a campfire and there is also a boat in case you want to leave the site.

Pleasant Park

Like the previous area, Parque Placentero has a lot of houses where you can stock up on materials. In addition, there are a lot of chests around the entire area and there is a spawn point for squads.

If we go higher than the park we will find some houses that are also very useful to fall, since fewer people land there and you can also stock up on enough materials.

The place is made up of approximately five houses quite close to each other and each house has a chest located on the roof. You can also get many weapons if you break the floor of the ceiling.

In addition to weapons, you can get ammunition and lots of furniture to break and get additional materials, essential to get at the beginning of the game.

And as if that were not enough, in the dock area there is a boat for when you want to leave after obtaining all the chests, bullets and materials.

Finally, in the small islands around you can get more chests and materials. One of them has a crashed plane and if we chop it we can get good amounts of metal.

Compromised reels

A place that everyone probably knows from past seasons. It is located in the middle of the map and we are likely to meet a few people, but there really is n’t too much competition as most people are going to Finca Frenesí.

If you go alone you will end up with a very good loot, since there are many chests, there are also quite high houses that can give you an advantage to have a good view of your enemies.

You can also make a lot of metal by chopping all the cars in the area, not to mention that some have chests in the trunk.

Once you finish you can go a little more towards the center and you will find a small lonely island where there is one more chest and a boat at your disposal that you can take once you have collected everything and want to leave.


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