What are the best managers to speed up downloads on Android?

Downloading through your Smartphone can become somewhat complicated. Not because the procedure is, but because of the connection capacity you may have to achieve optimal download speed and reduce the time it may take to download a file.

Is there a solution for this? Yes, there is! That is why in this article you will get new knowledge of a tool available for your Android device that you probably did not know you could use.

Download managers

These are programs that allow you to assign a priority to downloads made from your computer . Normally, the download managers integrated into the browsers have some characteristics that do not help much to speed up download times.

Are there download managers for Smartphones?

Despite having great popularity on computers, little by little they have managed to migrate to the level of mobile devices . On Android you can find a wide variety of download managers to use on your phone.

What are they for?

Certainly, the main attraction of these programs is the acceleration of the download . However, it is not the only tool they can offer you. Download managers are much more flexible when it comes to downloading very large files.

What does this mean? That, without major problems, you could pause the download, turn off your computer or mobile phone and continue the download the next day .

  • Provides tools to redirect you to the website where the download is taking place.
  • Depending on the analysis tools that the application may have, it will be enough to copy an address to find the elements available to be downloaded: documents, videos, mp3s, images, files.
  • Improve load distribution thanks to priority list tools. If within different programs you establish one as a priority, the manager will apply the necessary measures so that it has a higher speed.

Preliminary considerations

Before using the applications related to download managers, it is important that you take into account to observe very well the network to which your device is connected .

You don’t want to be surprised that you are using mobile data to download a large file instead of the WiFi connection, so be careful with that!

Download allies

As always, the Play Store is a huge catalog. As you explore, it will be difficult to choose one. But don’t worry, here you will have an exclusive selection so that you have the best ones.

The fabulous Loader Droid

Few applications can compare to this . With a weight of 3.3 MB, more than 5 million downloads and a rating of 4.5, the simple interface of this download manager will allow you to take greater control of the elements that you download through your Android device.

Its main attraction is the automatic capture of links through the mobile phone’s web browser. Users who have used it express being delighted with the speed offered by this application. In addition, it does not present inconveniences in the pause and resumption of downloads.

Download Accelerator Plus

Another application of little weight, free and very good evaluation by its users. It is a manager compatible with a huge number of download platforms , offers stability and speed.

It allows you to impose restrictions on the download speed, if you use your mobile data, you can maintain better control to avoid running out in the blink of an eye.

Advanced Download Manager

Despite maintaining a limit of files to download simultaneously (3), it could be said that the end justifies the means. This application has a customizable interface and an integrated browser that will speed up download times even more.

Download with total normality in the background , you can monitor the download speed and sort by categories and folders each and every one of the elements that you download from different websites.

Which one do you prefer?

Now cancel that download that seems to never end! Go ahead and install one of these excellent download managers and live the experience of downloading your files, music, videos and many more files in a different, easy and fast way.


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