What are the best ideas for a successful new hotel opening?

When we start a new hotel, a variety of details must be taken into account . If this is your case, you have reached the ideal article; because you will know, what are the best ideas for opening a new hotel successfully. Generally, a project must be implemented first; However, many do not do it and it is very important because in it, everything necessary for the proper functioning of the hotel is planned.

The hospitality market is one of the most competitive there is, and there are really many establishments which offer the same; In this scenario, it is necessary that you and your team design the best strategy to offer something different to your future guests and that you also make sure that they want to return to your hotel.

What should be taken into account in the initial project of a new hotel?

A project is a plan or outline that would cover everything concerning what is needed for the opening of the new hotel; Of course, it must be done with a reasonable time in advance.

For example, if the idea is to open a large or medium-sized hotel, then we start working from a year to a year and a half in advance, and for a small one from six to nine months; although the time may vary .

It is advisable to divide the different areas , to observe each one in detail and understand everything that is needed in each division; among them, the type of marketing, financing, resources in general and others.

Other aspects to take into account for the opening of the new hotel?

Of course, all the corresponding legal formalities must be carried out, you also have to define the type of accommodation you want to provide ; In other words, if it is a Business Class, economic, luxury, family hotel, inn type, aparthotels, among others.

Specify other complementary services such as restaurant, gym, beauty salon, swimming pool, conference room; Also, specify the area where the future hotel will operate, because if it is an area with a lot of tourism there will be competition and you must provide something different and attractive to users.

Once the area and the chosen structure have been defined, strengthen and guarantee internet services , plumbing in general, electricity, interior decoration, pleasant and quiet that provide a good stay and rest.

Employees must be selected carefully . You must be clear about the responsibilities and functions of the receptionist , as well as other positions of importance or that deal with the public.

Have good financial support , and if necessary, look for professionals to advise you in the area; to have enough investment and cover everything raised.

What are the best ideas for a successful new hotel opening?

It is advisable to spend on modern technology that allows you to automate certain tasks. In addition to investing in advertising through tourism agencies, websites and reservation systems.

Design an appropriate marketing strategy for this type of business. Since the marketing strategies for bars and restaurants are not the same as those that would be applied to a hotel.

You can register in a meta search engine and in several search engines; so that they can locate your hotel easily, through a web page through the internet. This website must be attractive, impressive, that stands out from the other pages.

Influencers are an effective way of advertising. You must also have enough unoccupied rooms for normal or VIP clients; also give the green light to private and private events, packages for weddings, baptisms, among others.

An impeccable attention to the guest is essential, so that he returns the next time, because his reputation depends on that. Also be aware of the cleanliness of the place and offer the best comforts in your stay.

A frequent example is WiFi hotspots.  It is a specific place within the hotel where a client can safely navigate using a public WiFi network and at no additional cost.

We can conclude that opening a hotel requires both a good financial investment and detailed planning of all the aspects that you want to offer. A good study, relying on the experts, helps to achieve the goals.


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