What are the best horror games on Roblox? – Not suitable for cowards

People’s entertainment has evolved dramatically from the advent of a myriad of gadgets in the last two centuries. From the development of video consoles to the structuring of web platforms that allow access to interesting and incredible games, making it difficult to detach yourself from the screen.

What are the Best Horror Games on Roblox? – Not Suitable for Cowards

Most often, each person you meet has a certain favoritism for styles of play: while some may prefer video games with sports content, others prefer action, racing or music.

A category only for the brave

However, beyond the long list of existing categories for video games, there is one that can make your hair stand on end . Just as many people are fond of horror movies, there are a lot of users who prefer spooky and suspenseful video games .

The adrenaline that the playability of some video games injects has made this category grow over the years, ranking among the best along with the most frequent categories such as adventure and sports. Therefore, we bring you a short list of the best horror games that you can play on Roblox.

Would you dare

Whether you frequent these types of games or want to start exploring this category but don’t know where to start, this article will guide you through some of the creepiest Roblox games you’ll find on the web.

Exploring on Roblox

For this occasion, we will take a look at all those games that one of the most important web platforms in recent years for the gamer community maintains: Roblox .

It is a page where you will not only have the opportunity to play extraordinary games in your favorite video games, but also to develop your own games and share with millions of people around the world.

Different functions at your disposal

Roblox has a magnificent number of tools and functions for you to live an experience like no other. However, beyond having a free version, many of its most outstanding tools are only and exclusively for the paid version, which you can purchase for opportunity prices .

In addition, it is worth noting the multiplatform character of Roblox, being available for computers with different operating systems: Windows , macOS, Linux and you could even purchase it for your Smartphone through the application store that corresponds to the operating system of your device.

Everything you can do with Roblox!

In addition to the great features for running and developing video games, Roblox also offers you to earn money through the use of its platform . If you are interested in knowing how to earn money, here you will have a short series of tips so that you have an extra income thanks to video games:

  • Be over 13 years of age.
  • Subscribe to the highest cost Roblox plan.
  • Have a minimum of 100,000 Robux.
    • Robux are coins, which you can obtain as a reward thanks to your achievements in the video games you run, they can also be donated by other users.

The best horror games on Roblox

Horror and Roblox fan? Perfect combination! In the next paragraphs you will have the most terrifying games on this platform so that you can show that you have nerves of steel and pure courage.

Survive the SCP

One of the creepiest Roblox games, try to escape from a creepy dark place and run for your life to escape the clutches of a murderer .

Bear Alpha

This game may seem totally harmless at first. Walk and share with other players… as long as you don’t come across a terrifying bear . If you trip over it, it is best to run to any direction and for no reason stop.

Horror Tycoon

A video game that was special for the Halloween season but has spread much further. If you want to face your worst nightmares , this place is the ideal for it.

Do you have what it takes?

Having knowledge of the best horror games on Roblox, it only remains for you to try them to show how brave you can be and share your experience with friends and other users of this platform. How many do you think will dare to play?


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