What are the best free PDF readers in Spanish for Windows 10?

Today, the PDF format has become one of the most widely used worldwide. This is mainly due to the fact that with this format we will be able to protect in a certain way the information that we have collected and reflected in a document to share it with others. In addition, we can count on the best PDF readers in Spanish.

All this due to the popularity of this format. New programs appear every day for reading these documents. Later, we will tell you a little about the best free PDF readers in Spanish for Windows 10 that you should consider today.Keep reading!

Adobe Reader XI

Without a doubt, this app created by the developers of the PDF format is the first option you should take into account when downloading and installing this PDF reader on your Windows for free . With regard to its design, this reader has a very novel appearance and also has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Includes tools like text highlighter.

It also includes an option so that we can search for words within the document, which will save us a lot of time in case we need to find a specific paragraph. On the other hand, it allows us to send documents through the mail, add notes or comments and in turn we have the possibility of activating the read aloud mode .

However, you must bear in mind that this program occupies a large amount of storage space, as well as it consumes many resources on our computer.

Foxit Reader one of the best PDF readers

Regarding this new PDF reader , we must emphasize that it has a large number of extensions which allow us to modify this program at our mercy. It also has several accessibility options. And it allows us to open a large number of PDF files simultaneously without the computer crashing.

Foxit Reader has several plugins that are available for a wide variety of browsers such as: Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, among others.

In addition, this PDF reader can be used as a virtual printer, which is not common to see in other programs used to open PDF files. It is also considered one of the best applications for Android in handling PDF . That is why we consider that Foxit Reader is another good alternative so that you can read PDF files from the comfort of your computer without problems.

Free PDF Opener

In short, Free PDF Opener is a very basic program compared to the two PDF readers we mentioned earlier. You literally have very few options. As soon as you open the document you will only be able to zoom in, search for a page by its numbering and finally it has a word search engine.

In our opinion, the most striking feature is the ” Album ” view. You can see several pages of the document in a single window, as if they were photos on a roll of the mobile.

Now regarding the appearance, this program has gray tones that contrast with the intense blue color. This fits in with the clean, minimalist interface . This reader does not come with any plugin. Therefore, it takes up little storage space and consumes few resources to operate.

Among the best PDF readers is Nitro Reader

Finally, we will talk a little about an interesting PDF reader called Nitro Reader . It is certainly very similar to Free PDF Opener, so it does not have many extraordinary functions either.

However, this program has a premium version that does include a large number of functions that we can take advantage of to work with PDF files. In fact, one of the most outstanding features of the premium version is that it allows us to create a PDF document. With Microsoft Word, Corel WordPerfect and HTML files.

Regarding its interface, Nitro Reader has icons with more striking colors than those offered by Foxit Reader. Although its functions are not very varied, this program guarantees us optimal performance at all times. When you choose your favorite reader, don’t forget to set it as the default in Windows . We hope this information has been useful to you.


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