What are the best, fastest and most secure US VPNs?

New technologies have connected the world and people. And what previously seemed almost impossible today is “just a click away . 

Wi-Fi wireless networks and internet platforms have taken over the 21st century and now performing any type of procedure is even easier by accessing virtual platforms. Things like making a payment, sending a product, greeting relatives abroad or simply entering our social networks are made easier and easier.

But while it is true that the internet has improved everyone’s life, it is also necessary to clarify that we are not always exempt from being victims of malicious people who seek to access personal data and harm us.

Starting from this, the main objective of this article is to let you know which are the safest and fastest VPNs in the United States. Since without a doubt the use of VPNs is becoming more and more widespread and today it is a fundamental part of many people’s working lives .

What are the best, fastest and most secure US VPNs?

The United States is unfortunately the nation most affected by so-called “Hackers” , these are people who are dedicated to theft and virtual scams. Accessing personal information of unsuspecting users who carry out transactions on the internet.

Motivated by this, the technologies “VPN” (Virtual Private Networking) or for its acronym in Spanish “Virtual Private Network” have been developed . It is a kind of network technology that is responsible for connecting one or more computers to a private network, so that all shared operations on this medium are protected through encryption.

The “encrypted” are codes that are developed and are constantly changing so that the hacker can not access the same network and use the data provided on the internet platform. Basically, the encryption protocols are continuously updated and when noticing any change in some information data packet, it will proceed to discard it

America’s Best VPNs

To determine which are the best virtual private networks, several factors must be taken into account, such as the number of protocols that the network uses (responsible for making constant updates on the network) and the speed with which the VPN runs .

Based on this, we will proceed to frame which are the main VPNs that are used by the majority of users or corporate groups in the United States and what are their strengths:

ExpresVPN: Unlimited speed and bandwidth, more than ten thousand private IP addresses, supports different platforms such as Torrenting, Kodi and Netflix. It can be applied to different countries and supports 3 devices at the same time.


NordVPN: High speed network and broadband, more than 5,000 servers, supports up to three users and can be applied to 100 countries or more.

IVACY: Average network speed, can connect to more than a thousand servers, supports up to three users and can be applied to more than 100 countries.

PRIVATE Internet Access : Average network and broadband speed, connects to more than three thousand servers, and can be applied to more than 40 countries.

SurfSharck : Average speed in Network and Broadband, connects to more than 400 servers, can connect to more than 50 countries, and supports 2 users.


This list groups the VPNs with the best performance on the network, however each of them has annual or monthly payment fees, which are quite accessible for most users. There are some free VPNs , but they may run much slower.

Uses of VPNs in the United States

A virtual private network is usually widely used in corporate institutions that seek to secure the sensitive information that is handled daily through the computers of their workers.

It may also interest you, what are the best browsers that have built-in VPN?

Based on this, it should be noted that the use of VPNs in the United States is very broad, ranging from companies to everyday use at home.

Here we show you which are the best VPN extensions to use in Google Chrome


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