What are the best emulators to use Android on PC?

Emulators offer the opportunity to enjoy the environment of your mobile device on your computer. But it is difficult to decide on a specific alternative when there are multiple emulators that offer tools, functions and particular characteristics for each computer and user in question. Therefore, we will show you the aspects that you should consider to choose the emulator that best suits you.

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  1. How to use an emulator to open the version of Android you want?
    1. Open games from your cell phone
    2. Run different versions of Android
  2. What is the official Android emulator and where can you get it?
  3. Which emulator should you use if your computer is low-resource?
    1. MeMU Play
    2. Genymotion
    3. LDPlayer
  4. How do you know if the emulator you are using gives the best performance you could have on your computer or if you should replace it?

How to use an emulator to open the version of Android you want?

There are different versions of emulators for PC, so the one you have on your computer may have specific tools in its environment. However, each of the available emulators gives you access to the possibility of opening games created for phones and other applications of the same type, as well as a specific version of Android available.

Open games from your cell phone

One of the main functions of emulators is the possibility that they give the user to open and play the games on their cell phone on the computer or PC. To do this, you can access the Play Store available in your Emulator, as well as the browser to find APK files for installation.

Once inside any of these environments, you can search for specific applications or games, and proceed to download the one you want. Once on your computer, they will be within the emulator available to you.

Run different versions of Android

When you install an emulator on your computer, it by default comes with an Android version that fits your computer. In general, this version is usually the most recent available to be adapted to a PC, and although some emulators no longer update their environments, most have updates in their Android versions that are carried out automatically when they are available.

If you want to purchase a specific version of Android, you can check with the description of an emulator before downloading and installing it. This is the easiest method for you to successfully manage the version of Android you prefer on your PC.

What is the official Android emulator and where can you get it?

Google has developed an official emulator for you to enjoy Android on your computer, it even offers the possibility of emulating a specific mobile device to display its graphical environment on the screen. A program that you can even download on your mobile device , but to access this emulator, you will have to install the Android Studio version on your computer, since this emulator is a utility available in the program identified as ‘Android Virtual Device’.

Once you acquire the program from the official website , you will be able to use the Android emulator on your computer to enjoy a mobile version where you will not have to fear for the integrity of the computer. However, the problem with this emulator is that the focus of its development is fixed on programming mobile applications and evaluating how they look on devices. So it is more complicated to use than other emulators of the same type.

Which emulator should you use if your computer is low-resource?

Each emulator available on the market offers you different functions, tools and advantages to enjoy an Android version on your PC. However, some of these features are better suited to specific equipment, so you should take into account the specifications of the emulator and evaluate if they are adapted to the equipment you own.

MeMU Play

This emulator is quite efficient, mainly for graphic gaming environments , although it is possible to integrate mobile applications for other types of functions. The main advantage of the MeMU Play emulator is that it allows you to enjoy the multi-instance tool, so that you can enjoy different applications or games at the same time on your computer.

Regarding its compatibility with computers, MeMU Play can be adapted to different computers , which have ADM and Intel processors. The Android versions that you can access with the emulator are Jelly Bean 4.3, KitKat 4.4, and Lollipop 5.1.


This emulator is ideal if your computer has a shortage of space or if the processor is somewhat slow, since it has a web domain that synchronizes to your computer. In this way, Genymotion uses the cloud to run Android while consuming less resources from your computer.

However, despite this feature, Genymotion is an emulator that maintains its most attractive features in its premium version. So the free version is less efficient, in addition to being focused on programmatic development and not so much on mobile applications.


The main objective of this emulator is to offer an Android gaming environment on your computer. So it has a multiple instance so you can access different games at the same time, as well as a mouse and keyboard detection calibration for greater precision in the movements that are executed in the game. In addition, the graphics offered by LDPlayer are quite attractive, without taking up a lot of space on the computer.

How do you know if the emulator you are using gives the best performance you could have on your computer or if you should replace it?

The performance of the emulator is anchored to the limitations that your equipment can offer . You may notice that the emulator is not offering optimal performance when you try to run an application and you notice a slowdown on your computer.

To verify the consumption that the emulator maintains, you can access the ‘Task Manager’ and verify the consumption percentage of each process. You must identify the percentage corresponding to the emulator that you have installed on your computer and evaluate that it does not consume more than 15% of the PC’s resources.

If the percentage occupies a greater amount, or if you still do not consider the emulator optimal, you can proceed to replace it. A good alternative is to purchase a lightweight emulator intended for a low-resource computer, to ensure that it works properly on your computer.

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