What are the best DNS to play on Xbox One and PS4?

Having a good DNS can make the difference between a good gaming experience and an excellent one. The reason? The speed and stability of the Internet connection. This allows downloads, updates and, of course, the moment to play to be faster, smoother and in real time.

Therefore, connecting our PS4 or Xbox One to a good DNS server is something we have to know how to do. Now, what exactly is DNS? That is a question that we must resolve before continuing.


  • The DNS, what are they?
  • What are the advantages of using other DNS servers?
  • What are the best DNS for PS4 and Xbox One?
  • Other DNS
  • How to change the DNS of our PS4 or Xbox One

The DNS, what are they?

Domain Name System or DNS refers to servers that function as a kind of database where information regarding the network domain is stored. Each Internet service provider has its own DNS with which the client’s IP address works for its automatic connection.

Now when we connect to a new DNS server our benefits improve significantly, especially for online games . Of course, in order to make this change you must know which is the gateway, IP and DNS of your Router . You can even change or configure DNS servers .

What are the advantages of using other DNS servers?

As we have already mentioned, using other DNS servers gives us higher connection speed, which will not only allow us to download in less time . We will also have an answer in less time when loading the games. But that is not all.

The alternative DNS are also more stable , so your interaction in the game is in real time. In addition, many of the alternative DNS offer access to domains that are blocked by your geographic location, or geolocation, parental control and protection against phishing.

What are the best DNS for PS4 and Xbox One?

There are hundreds of alternative DNS servers , and all of them will improve your connection and your experience, offering a great variety of advantages for the user. Now, some stand out as the most recommended by expert gamers.

Google’s DNS ( and are among those that offer a more complete package, in addition to having greater privacy, which translates into more security. A very valuable point when connecting to the Internet. There are usually some errors, but they can be fixed.

OpenDNS Home ( and stands out for being one of the most recommended, not only for its excellent level of security, with custom filters, but also for its great speed. It also has a paid option with which you get additional benefits.

IBM Quad9  ( and has gained a lot of ground as one of the favorites among experts, especially for its level of security, since it retains very little personal information from the user.

Cloudflare  ( and these DNS delete our data every 24 hours, including our IP, so their level of security is very good. In addition, its connection speed is excellent.

Other DNS

As we already mentioned, there are hundreds of DNS so that we can choose the one that works best for us . And although we cannot leave you all in this article, we can mention a few so that you have more options. Some of these are:

  • Level3:
  • OpenNic:
  • FreeDNS – and
  • PuntCAT:
  • SafeDNS – and
  • UltraDNS –,
  • Norton ConnectSafe DNS:

How to change the DNS of our PS4 or Xbox One

To begin, the first thing to do is enter the “Settings” menu. There, we will locate where it says “Network” and by pressing, we will select the option ” Configure Internet connection “.

Once there we must locate ourselves in the connection that we have for our console, that is, ” WiFi or Cable “. Remember that we can also configure a PS4 to the Internet with a Wi-Fi or mobile network.

In the menu that we will have next, we will find that the IP address is in “Automatic”. Confirmed this, we will go to ” DHCP ” and select “Do not specify”.

Finally, we will get to ” DNS Settings “, where we must choose the option that says “Manual Mode”. Once this is done, we proceed to place the number of the alternative DNS server that we have selected. We can put a secondary DNS if we want.

Finally, we restart the console , so that the changes are executed. We are ready for faster and more secure Internet connection!


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