What are the best browsers that have a built-in VPN?

Next, we are going to see which are the best browsers that have a built-in VPN so that in this way you can browse the web privately and safely. Without worrying about your data. In case you don’t know what a VPN is, we recommend an article where we explain it in detail .

Browsers with VPN included


As for browsers with a built-in VPN, possibly Opera is one of the best known. Both on PC and mobile devices, this browser is one of the best that you will have the pleasure of using.

Although it has a built-in VPN which is unlimited and you don’t need to register. It’s not the fastest on this list when it comes to VPN, either. However, the difference is not too great either.

It has an ad blocker that sometimes doesn’t work too well. Ideally, install another blocked extension to ensure that all advertising from different websites is blocked.

Another interesting option is that the VPN can be activated or deactivated depending on the website we are visiting quite quickly, something that is very positive to save time.

In terms of security, it has interesting features such as protection against fraud and malware, advertising cards, a malicious ad blocker, cryptocurrency mining protection (that we see more sites with this every day) and many other things.

UR Browser

It is not one of the best known, but without a doubt it has very positive things in terms of characteristics. By itself it comes with a built-in VPN and other privacy options that will surely seem too attractive.

In itself UR Browser is a considerably fast browser. It has an ad blocker so that you do not need to download anything extra, it is ideal not only to help sites take less time to load but also to prevent script of any kind from loading.

Many tabs can be opened and you won’t see too big of an impact on operating system performance. Which makes UR Browser stand out against other more popular browsers.

In turn, it has a built-in virus scanner to prevent any file you download from infecting your computer. It is an “extra” to keep your PC safe .

It is encrypted in RSA 2048 bits, which guarantees that your browsing is 100% secure and the exchange of information is completely encrypted. It is a browser focused on user privacy.

The best browsers with built-in VPN


We could say “an old acquaintance” and that is that Tor is a multiplatform browser with a large number of privacy features to help protect all your data from third parties.

You will not only be able to protect your privacy when browsing. But you can also bypass regional restrictions of different websites. It does not matter if your ISP is blocking a website, from Tor configuring a bridge you can bypass said blocking.

Also, a lot of “forbidden” content can be accessed from the internet with a little knowledge. It is a pretty good browser, with a set of interesting features which I recommend you at least try.

Epic Privacy Broswer

The very name of the browser makes it clear to you what the idea of ​​it is: privacy . Like the previous ones it comes with an ad blocking and a built-in VPN. But it also has a fairly powerful download manager that allows us to download from many “ Complicated ” sites that don’t want to give us the download URL quickly and easily.

The browser does everything possible to have the highest level of security and privacy trying to block ads of all kinds, cryptographic mining, ultrasound signaling, trackers, etc.

Although its VPN is unlimited, the only problem is that it is only available in 8 countries . So here comes its limitation and that is why it goes to the last on this list. But if you find yourself between those countries, give it a try because in terms of privacy and security it is one of the best.


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