What are the best Brawl Stars characters?

If you keep a great love for video games, you will understand that the details make the difference. Simple and basic games are far behind, in which the objective is only one and all you have to do is very simple.

What are the Best Brawl Stars Characters? – The Best Brawlers

Today, to stand out in a game, you need good dexterity and reaction capacity , regardless of the category of the game whose game you are playing. That is why, whether you play solo or multiplayer, you will surely agree that character selection is essential.

The remarkable Brawl Stars

Strategy, teamwork, good marksmanship, shooting and great skills … Is it possible that all these aspects are contained in a single video game? Yes!

If you haven’t played it, it’s time for you to get to know Brawl Stars , a video game available in different versions, which can be installed on mobile devices with iOS and Android operating systems (even installed on your PC ) that wo n’t let you get off the screen .

Game mode

Among the different forms of play that Brawl Stars offers you, you will find the mainstream, survival and brawl ball mode, so you have plenty of alternatives using the best characters to try to show that you are the boss in each Brawl Stars game.

  • In the atrapagemas mode, two teams of three players each are made up, the objective is to catch a total of 10 gems, which, in turn, must be contained by the team until the countdown reaches 0.
  • Survival mode, on the other hand, keeps the purest Battle Royale spirit : 10 players will find themselves at different points on the map, within which, in addition to eliminating your enemies, you will have to beat a large number of obstacles that could end eliminating you.
  • Do you like football? Brawl ball may be your favorite modality. Three players per team, the first team to score 2 goals will be the winner of the game.

Special events

Brawl Stars carries out, from time to time, attractive and important events and events where you can participate and win juicy prizes . Among the most outstanding events are:

  • Megabrawl : You must join forces with four other Brawlers to try to defeat a super Brawler, which has only one life, but with extremely deadly power. They have only two minutes to accomplish their task.
  • All against one : Three players will have to face a Mega Robot. Beat it? Not easy, since, with the passage of time, its power will increase.
  • Urban breakthrough : A monster attacks the Supercity, and to avoid a real disaster, they will need your help and two other Brawlers who can defeat this monster.

The best Brawl Stars characters What is the best Brawler?

Seeing the whole panorama that Brawl Stars prepares for you, it is time to start studying which character can best adapt to your style of play and to each mode or event of the game. That is why, in a simple and practical way, here are the most outstanding characters of this incredible video game:


One of the most balanced Brawlers that you will get in the video game . His level of attack and life are striking and he has a great ability to take down opponents.


Area control and attack capable of causing enormous damage. Without a doubt, he is one of the characters that you should take into account the most when playing an event, beyond the fact that the tanks can give him problems.


He is one of the best Brawlers there can be. Tackles the root problem, his missile attacks are deadly and very difficult for his rivals to dodge.


Do not be fooled by its cute appearance, this cactus is a marvel killing its rivals thanks to the speed it has to attack.


The versatility is its strength, and ability to cure a considerable attack. Top the list of more than one player.

Which one do you prefer?

Now that you know the best and most prominent Brawl Stars characters, it is time to make a wise and timely selection for the games that you are going to play. Take your time to define which one you play best with and show that you deserve to be among the best of Brawl Stars . Don’t waste any more time and unlock all the characters, even the unique and legendary along with your favorites and best Brawl Stars characters!


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