What are the best bots for Discord?

  • Discord bots are a great way to make your Discord experience that much more lively.
  • This article will look at some of the best ones you can get for your server.
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Most gamers are probably very familiar with what Discord is.

For those of you who aren’t, Discord is a voice over internet protocol software application and digital distribution platform. It is used primarily by gamers around the world, although that is not all it is used for.

Most games have dedicated channels on Discord, while MMORPGs may even have Discord channels for each of their major guilds.

Of course, managing such a guild can be exhausting, and keeping it alive can be quite difficult, especially if time is not one of your strengths.

If that’s the case for you too, then a Discord bot is what you need.

A Discord bot is something that will help you get things done in your guild easier. It provides various functions ranging from playing music to sending memes.

The more advanced bots can even help you manage your Discord Guild when you’re away.

Given its usefulness, we’ve decided to compile a list of the best Discord bots you can have if you want to make your Discord channel that much more dynamic.


What are the best bots for Discord?



Topping our list is a Discord bot that is currently considered the best in the world.

MEE6 is a go-to bot when you want to set moderation, leveling, Twitch alerts, and much more with the extremely easy-to-use dashboard.

However, the board doesn’t sacrifice utility for accessibility, giving you full control to create whatever command you want.

For example, you can give commands that automatically give and remove roles and send messages on the current channel or in DM.

Of course, this is just one of the many automated features that you can use MEE6 for, so feel free to use it if you want to liven up your chat.

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Here are the best Discord bots you can currently use:

  1. MEE6
  2. NuggetBot
  4. Pokécord
  5. Eighth
  • How are Discord Bots made?

Discord Bots can be easily created through the Discord website, although you will need a bit of coding knowledge.

  • Are Discord bots free?

Yes, Discord along with all its bots are completely free.


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