What are the best apps with sounds to silence my dog?

Every dog ​​owner loves his furry friend. Even so, one of the great challenges when caring for a canine is the barking it can produce. And if you wonder what are the applications with sounds to silence your dog, here we will teach you.

For that reason, in this article we want to tell you the reasons why dogs bark. In addition, we will tell you which are the best applications with sounds to silence your dog . And how useful it will be, if you are thinking of looking for an app to find dog walkers , while you work or go to the supermarket.

Why do dogs bark?

Before learning how to shut up your dog, it’s good to know the reasons why. According to NGOs for the defense and protection of animals , which invite you to adopt orphaned dogs, dogs bark for one of the following reasons.

  • Territorial barking: When an unknown person, a dog or other animal invades its territory, a dog can produce excessive barking accompanied by growls .
  • Bark for Attention: Our furry friends look a lot like children, they will always want to get your attention, whether it’s playing or eating.
  • Welcome Bark: With him they are saying “Hello.” It is usually loud and is accompanied by a strong movement of the tail.
  • Compulsive barking: In most cases, it is accompanied by repetitive movements of the legs and other limbs .
  • Sociable Barking: Occurs when you hear another dog bark.
  • Barking of frustration: product of a situation that causes stress, can be very loud noises.

The next time your dog barks , try to determine why he is barking . And, when trying to shut him up, remember to attack the root of the problem and not the barking itself.

The best applications with sounds to silence your dog

The best way to silence a barking dog is by training it . Yes, it can be a long and tedious process, but in the end the results are worth it. For that reason, here are two applications that can help you, make training your dog easier. Then, as a last resort, in case nothing works, we’ll show you 2 apps that promise to shut your dog up.


Dogo is an application designed to help you train your dog. It has a built-in clicker or audible signal, which can reduce training time by 40% . It also has a catalog of more than 100 tricks that you can teach your dog; and in each lesson shows video tutorials on how to do it.

In addition, through the app you will have the advice of well-qualified professionals who can help you determine the appropriate training for your dog to stop barking . And the best part, it contains 5 training programs, focused on specific areas. With a score of almost 5 stars in the app stores, the results speak for themselves.


This application turns your mobile into a device to train your dog. When using it, your mobile will produce a unique sound that will attract the attention of the canine . You can use this sound to tell him when to take an action, or in the case of barking, when to stop.

Clicker has a simple and easy to use interface. You just download it and start using it. Although it does not have the recognition of the first, you can be sure that this application can be the ideal tool in the right hands .

Dog whistle

If you feel that your dog is not learning, remember that perhaps you are not using the correct method. Even so, to calm your nerves, you can use this application that promises to silence your dog . It is designed to emit high frequency sounds, imperceptible to the human ear, that will calm your furry friend.

However, keep in mind that cell phone horns are designed to work in the human hearing range. Therefore they can only reproduce sounds up to 20,000 KHz , no more than that.

Relax My Dog

Music has a great impact on our emotions and mood. The same goes for dogs. For that reason, this application is designed to reproduce soothing sounds and images for our dogs that promises to calm them . It has a wide gallery of sounds; even so, some are only available to premium members.

We hope that this guide has been very useful, if you also want to take care of your dog’s loss. You can buy the best GPS locators for your pets , to always take care of it.


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