What are the best alternatives to Google to search online?

The internet has become an essential tool for everyone. And despite the fact that years ago it was a complex idea to handle, thanks to the Google search engine, browsing the internet became much more bearable and simple.

Today Google has established itself as the most used search engine in the world, and despite that, it has developed more than 100 tools to make life easier, such as Gmail, Google photos, Google Play, among others.

Despite how efficient Google can be, it can become, at times, somewhat invasive since the search engine requests our data in order to improve the search experience. However, we may at certain times not want Google to know about our searches.

For this reason it is always good to know other options that can replace Google and this time we will mention the best alternatives to Google to search the Internet.

Alternatives to Google to search the internet

The list of alternatives to Google to navigate is very long . It ranges from well-known search engines like Mozilla Firefox to others that are not so popular but equally useful.

However, we will mention those that we consider most efficient so that your navigation is satisfactory.

Mozilla Firefox

It is perhaps the best known after Google. This search engine is very good because it is multiplatform , which means that there are different versions for different operating systems such as MAC, Linux or Windows.

Like Google, it allows configurations and navigation with multiple tabs open simultaneously and has a data restoration system so that downloading or previous browsing information is not lost.

Last but not least, it has search suggestions, automatic updates, personal information cleaning, and many other advantages that make it a great substitute for Google.

Yahoo! Search

Another very popular search engine where you can register and have a series of advantages that are worth highlighting, among which we have to organize everything in folders in order to have control of unwanted emails, viruses or spam.

Another important feature that it possesses, which makes it better than Google, is that it has greater privacy to protect the information and data of its users, unlike Google’s privacy policies that request too much information and compromise searches.


Despite the fact that Yandex is not so widely used and known, it is still a very efficient search engine and a great alternative to Google. In fact, it is the fourth most used search engine in the world.

This search engine is of Russian origin, but there is also an English version. Its resemblance to Google is very remarkable since it offers the option of being able to create an email , search for images, locations and it has a tool similar to the Google translator.

As if this were not enough, it also has a web metrics measurement system that works similar to how Google Analytics does.


This search engine has its benefits such as translating texts into different languages, it has plugins, it can focus the most relevant data and it has additional services such as Bing Finance or Bing Events.

Like Mozilla, Bing is a cross-platform search engine, with support for Windows, IOS, Android, among others.

Top Browser

An engine designed and created to protect the privacy and information of its users, so it is worth taking it into account when browsing, since Google requests too much personal information.

It is very safe to download files, music or videos since the data is sent in packages, providing greater security and less risk of encountering viruses.


Why replace Google?

Unfortunately Google has certain disadvantages that can leave us exposed. When conducting a search, Google collects all the information and associates it with a profile , so it can link searches that we do not want to show with our profile.

Similarly, the search engine collects a large amount of information from its users that can be viewed by anyone who Google a user, violating the privacy of users.

Finally, Google can generate a high consumption of the RAM memory  of our computer, making it slower.


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