What are the best alternative and YouTube-like sites to watch free videos?

As a fan of videos and music, you have surely made use of the popular YouTube platform, even using a channel to earn money and increase your income . But did you know that in addition to this, there are many other platforms to watch videos, download them and upload some created by you?

Next, we will show you other alternatives to enjoy free videos and music with pages similar to YouTube.

Reasons why you should consider other alternatives to YouTube

Before discovering the alternatives we are talking about, it is important that you know that YouTube is not in the first position of the market by pure chance. This allows you to upload videos from your cell phone or PC , offering infinite opportunities to its users. On the other hand, every year they strive to provide quality services to their users, which makes it the most recommended and recognized worldwide.

However, some have wanted to experience the opportunity to access free multimedia content on other websites because YouTube’s policies are renewed quite frequently recently, something that is not to the liking of many. Hence, the competitors of this famous brand offer their best to become worthy rivals of it.

The best YouTube-like alternatives to watch free videos

We have compiled for you the best alternatives to YouTube to watch the best free online video players from your mobile device and computer whenever you want. Keep reading and you will discover what they are:

  • Vidme . Platform very similar to YouTube with which you can watch great multimedia content. It exists since 2004, which makes it older. It offers a support service for UHD 4K videos . With the free version, videos up to 500MB can be uploaded. In case you want to upload more content, you must join one of their plans.
  • Dailymotion . It is the first website to compete directly with YouTube, although not with the desired success. Its users enjoy watching videos and posting them for free, organized by category.
  • I see . It is the ideal alternative for when you want to watch long videos, for example movies or series . You can also upload unlimited time videos yourself. With Veoh, it is possible to add contacts, create groups and send messages as you would with any social network.
  • Vevo . This platform will be perfect for you if your preference is music videos. Artists from all over the world turn to it to share their latest creations.
  • DTube . Let’s start with the highlights of this website: It is ad-free. This is really appreciated, as it saves you the hassle of interrupting a video to skip the commercials that tend to appear many times on YouTube.
    Besides, its interface is very nice. It offers you the most viewed videos, the latest trends and the opportunity to bookmark them for “later viewing” . Many have loved this alternative because they can earn a certain income both for uploading their videos, and for commenting on them.
  • Vimeo . It is the most popular alternative to YouTube. He specializes in videos related to the artistic world, such as musicals, dances, photographs, etc. It hosts high-quality videos and has very few commercials. Vimeo users can upload their creations with a weekly limit of 500 MB , ideal for short videos. It has around 300 million monthly users.
  • Tu.tv . Site aimed mainly at the Spanish-speaking market. It is a page that you will find entirely in Spanish. In addition to enjoying its content, users can post videos up to 100MB.
  • iTube . It is an application, created for use in the iOS operating system, with which you can listen to music, watch videos and upload content of personal interest. With it, you can create your own playlists and play music in the background. Even with the ¨CacheMode¨ function you can watch videos offline without the need to download them.
  • Metacafe . It is an alternative for those who have little time, since the videos they present are very short, they do not exceed one minute in length.

Obviously, completely replacing this platform is not the wish of the majority, as even parents have decided to use the best educational YouTube channels for children  for their children. But here we tell you a little about the alternatives you can use when you need it.

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