What are the best add-ons and extensions for Mozilla Firefox?

The browsers , with the passage of time, have become much more comprehensive tools based on the development of new tools to provide a better experience for its users .

The use of extensions had its peak in 2019, mainly, they were elements that contributed to the blocking of ads on different web pages.

What are extensions or add-ons?

However, Firefox already had this type of element in 2004, the same year this browser was launched. These are small software modules whose purpose is to customize a browser. That is, through these add-ons you can modify the interface of your favorite browser .

Extensions in Firefox

Despite how basic the explanation may sound, nowadays, all browsers have an incredible number of extensions and add-ons for their customization and improvement of their performance .

However, Firefox, in this area, has a considerable lead. That is why this article will be dedicated to the best add-ons and extensions that you can find for this extraordinary browser.

Full Screen for Firefox

This extension is a great way to stay focused when your work or study is focused on what you can see, hear, and manipulate in your browser.

Open all the tabs you want and continue using your computer as normal without thinking about the time or icons that can attract your attention and distract you from your work. You will be able to better visualize the content of your browser , so the task will be easier.

Whatsapp Web Plus

The world’s most popular messaging app cannot be left behind on this list. The possibility of managing WhatsApp from its web version can be very useful when you want to get away from your Smartphone for a while and dedicate yourself to all the work you have on the computer.

However, wouldn’t it be a lot easier if you didn’t have to switch tabs every time you get a message? But of course it is!

That is why this useful add-on for your browser is presented, in which you can read and reply to messages, listen to voice notes, view photos and videos of the chat or the status with greater comfort.

Duckduck Go Privacy Essentials

Do you need more privacy when browsing? Then this extension is ideal for you. It is no secret to anyone that different web pages implement elements that can invade the user’s privacy.

This often happens a lot with invasive advertisements. That is why this plugin rates, from A to F, each and every one of the pages you visit to warn you of the degree of privacy you can have on them.

Dark reader

Dark mode is in fashion , especially on social media and mobile phone interfaces . Firefox has been one of the first browsers to have a tool that allows you to adopt this style.

Not only can you activate or deactivate it at your convenience, but you can also apply a series of filters to adjust the brightness and appearance of the browser according to your preferences when visiting a web page.

Turbo Download Manager

For lovers of download managers, there is a simply spectacular add-on for Firefox. It is a tool that will allow you to download practically any type of file : documents, audio, video and programs, providing an optimal download speed.

How about Clippings?

This is a tool that could be classified as … an agenda. What it does is collect the most used information in forms , emails and different web pages.

When you go to write another email, for example, this extension will make available to you the most frequent contacts, as well as the text that you use the most in your emails: greetings, names, etc. In this way, you can do everything in a more efficient way.

Don’t wait any longer to try them!

The way to find and install these extensions is extremely simple, you just have to go to the menu of your browser, and a new window will open that corresponds to the add-on manager, select the extensions and start exploring the ones that appeal the most to your liking! !


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