What Are Some Examples of biotechnology

The biotechnology is a science that combines the one hand technology and on the other to biology .

Although we talk about the term biotechnology always thinking about the current stage of humanity ( postmodern era ) it is important to know that this term has been used for a long time ago with the production of bread , cheese and wine through the fermentation mechanism that These foods need. Subsequently, biotechnology was used for the manufacture of antibiotics and soap powder , among others.

Biotechnology Stages

  • Traditional biotechnology : It is the use of living organisms for food processing or for the benefit of the human being.
  • Modern biotechnology : It has its origins in the 80’s where technologies such as genetic engineering take place .

Both stages of biotechnology refer to the modification of products or compounds for the benefit of man. What distinguishes one type from another is the method or means used .

The biotechnology has its share also in food processing, paper, etc. For this reason it is considered that this science can be used for the advancement of society and health care as well as environmental care.

On the other hand there are those who say that biotechnology is responsible for transgenic foods , those that have been modified by genetic engineering , for example, transgenic soybeans .

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Types of biotechnology

There are different types of biotechnology. Each one is named with a color that distinguishes it:

  • Red biotechnology . It is the application of biology and technology in medicine .
  • Biotechnology white . It is one that is used for handling new foods or products .
  • Blue biotechnology (or marine biotechnology) . It is in charge of bio-technical processes that are related to the sea. It is related to aquaculture (breeding of aquatic species both animal and vegetable). This type of biotechnology is still under development.
  • Green biotechnology . It deals with the use of biotechnology applied to agriculture .

Biotechnology Examples

  1. Antibiotics (Red biotechnology)
  2. Insulin (Red biotechnology)
  3. Cultivation of bacteria (Red biotechnology)
  4. Cheese (White Biotechnology)
  5. Yogurt (White Biotechnology)
  6. Skim milk, fortified or long life (White biotechnology)
  7. Contributions to the fight against cancer (Red biotechnology)
  8. Biodegradable plastics (white biotechnology)
  9. Biofuel Production (White Biotechnology)
  10. Transgenic plants (Green biotechnology)
  11. Agricultural processes with different grain plantings (Green biotechnology)
  12. Cultivation of plants and marine species (Blue biotechnology)


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