What Are Sleep Assets?

Sleeping assets are assets belonging to a person or company that are used only in certain times or opportunities. That is, the sleeping asset is only used in an event where the asset is needed. This is because these assets are not needed at all times.

For more convenience, we can take the example of a generator. Genset is an example of a sleeping asset. The use of generators can only be used when the lights go out or power goes out. When the power goes out, there is no electricity flowing to turn on lights or other electronic items. Genset function at this moment is needed as a substitute tool to generate electricity.

Examples of Sleep Assets

As explained earlier, sleep assets will not be used (sleep) when not needed and used (wake up) when needed. This is because the function of the sleeping asset is only needed at certain times. For this reason, here are some examples of sleeping assets.

  • Generator set

Genset function is only needed during a power outage. At other times, the generator function is not needed.

  • Umbrellas and Raincoats

Umbrellas and rain coats are only needed when it rains. Its function is to protect the body from getting wet from rain. It’s weird that umbrellas and raincoats are used when it isn’t raining, except for umbrellas that can be used when it’s hot. This is because the umbrella has another function.

  • Inflatable boat

Usually disaster management agencies have rubber boats. This is because inflatable boats have functions during floods. Otherwise, rubber boats are not used.


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