What are MS DOS games and how to play online or in Windows 10?

The way to play MS DOS games online in Windows 10 was part of one of the best milestones ever. Since the invention of computers and private computers or operating systems between the year 1833 and the present date, games have been part of them.

However, it was not until 1958 that new forms of entertainment were designed for personal computers, specifically on Donner Model 30 analog computers.

Today, computer technology continues to advance by leaps and bounds, providing a unique way to attract the attention of users or ‘Gamers’.

What are MS DOS games and how to play online or in Windows 10?

The way to play MS DOS games online in Windows 10, corresponds to the peculiarities of the world of video games, its versions are many, so much so that we would never finish specifying them. Video games arose mainly in MS DOS operating systems.

MS DOS games stood out at the time for their easy way to play and for their unbeatable sounds and graphics. Obviously, these great characteristics were popularly positioned for that time.

On the other hand, the MS DOS operating system emerged in the 1980s, first line compatible with IBM computers. Although it is currently discontinued, many programming learners perform actions to open BAT files in Windows.

The best games for MS DOS occupied a fairly long list, starting with the games ‘Gauntlet’ and ‘Civilization’ which became popular between 1988 and 1991.

All this evolved until reaching the Windows 10 operating system and its innumerable games such as’ Roblox ‘that allows you to play online, another video game such as’ Forza’ is positioned on a great list of popularity of Windows 10 since it allows you to play ‘ Offline ‘

Advantages of playing online video games on any computer

The way to play MS DOS games online in Windows 10, include certain features over other games. However, each type of game has its advantages, since they include many operating systems with which they are compatible, whether on consoles, computers or phones.

Many games have the particularity of establishing communication with different servers, primarily those that are online, this type of game provides multiple benefits, such as the fact of sharing messages with other players.

Communication during an online game allows interaction with other players about strategies and game options, although certain barriers are present, this type of game cannot be set aside.

Other advantages that these provide is that you can expect anything, monotony is not part of its characteristics, because, when used by ordinary people, it becomes something really unpredictable.

You could never imagine what your friend or game opponent will do , unlike playing it offline, since the actions of the game’s computer are repetitive and quite predictable. This does not mean that a video game is bad for being offline.

How to connect my computer to my Smart TV to play video games?

The way to play MS DOS games online in Windows 10 is fascinating, but doing it from an external screen or from a television is much better. The visual quality of a game lies in its computing power, as well as where it is viewed.

Connecting a computer to a Smart TV is quite easy, but if you don’t have one, you may be interested in transforming an old TV into a Smart TV with Android.

To connect a computer to a smart TV, you must have an HDMI cable on hand and connect one end to your computer and the other end to your Smart TV, once you have done it, go to the TV settings and look for the HDMI option , among its connection types and automatically the visual and sound part will be projected on the television.

This is a great way to improve any video game , since the image will be enlarged and in this way the user will be able to better enjoy the game, also the sound will be amplified and there will be the option of increasing the volume on the computer and the television.


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