What are meshes for in Roblox? – How to edit and upload meshes to Roblox?

Roblox is one of the best games today. This recent fame is due to the customization capacity it gave to its users (literally it is a game that you can design yourself, since as the famous motto of the game says, you have to enhance the imagination). With that in mind and for you to learn more about this title, today you will see What are meshes for in Roblox? , and how to edit them.

What are Meshes for in Roblox? – How to Edit and Upload Meshes to Roblox?

And it is that, although this game allows even its users with less age to edit what they want. You don’t mean that they know how to do it. Since 3D modeling is not the easiest thing in the world. That is why this tutorial was created as a basic guide for those who have a craving to learn quickly.

What are meshes for in Roblox?

To quickly answer the question What are meshes for in Roblox? You must first know what they are, since without that information it will be impossible for you to understand anything. Basically these are the visible representations of the images on the screen, with which it is built in the game.

These meshes are the main construction unit, they can be changed in material, shape, size, among other things. That is, they are the ones that allow you to create and edit the objects that you can use within the game (that is, they let you create a good character or avatar , with great accessories).

In Roblox there are many different types of meshes that you can use, such as: special mesh (these allow you to make bricks, heads, torsos, spheres, cylinders, wedges and finally filemesh, which are images created by another player), blockmesh (allow making blocks), among others.

To be able to edit these meshes you must open your Studio Roblox, then go to the ” Tools ” section, then choose the ” Insert ” option and then ” Object ” or object. Right after, choose the category or type of the mesh.

By doing this, you can select the type of meshes you want to add and from there with the tools provided by the platform, you can edit it so that you have a sword, a rocket, or whatever you want. That is up to you and what you want to do.

Remember that each mesh has its shape for something, so you must use the correct one so that the design you are making fits well. This is not for beginners, but it shouldn’t be that difficult either.

Upload meshes to the game

Now that you know what meshes are for in Roblox and you also know how to get to the section to start editing them, it’s time for you to see what to do to upload meshes to the game if you wish (this is even easier).

The first thing you have to do is go to your Roblox account and open the game, then you must place your room in the “Build” or “Edit” mode, depending on whether you are on the main page or the study page.

Then click on the “Properties” button to open the mesh characteristics, then choose the ” Mesh types ” option , and click on the button called “Mesh file”. This will bring up a text box where you should place your “MeshID” (this is basically the path where the mesh is saved on the computer).

If you don’t know which one is from memory, go to the folder where the mesh is (found in the document files) and copy and paste the path into MeshID. Finally, check that everything is correct (the name must end in the .mesh extension). If everything is okay, hit enter and the upload will begin.

With that you will have your mesh in the game to do what you want. So you can say that you clarified the question, What are meshes for in Roblox? And also, you could learn how to upload a mesh and how to start editing it, in order to create or make clothes in Roblox , and also create worlds with distinctive objects that can make your Roblox game famous and popular .


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