What are Lingots or Gems for on Duolingo? How do I use them?

Duolingo is the leading interactive application for learning languages ​​today. For many years, thousands of people have used this platform to reinforce their knowledge of a language.

Although it is true that it is a totally free application , the well-known gems on Duolingo are the ones that will allow you to buy items in the virtual store. This application not only helps people in the study of new languages ​​but also rewards users each time a lesson is completed in one of its courses.

What are gems on Duolingo?

The lingots or gems on Duolingo are nothing more than the virtual currency of the application that allows the purchase of items in the platform’s store, either through a smartphone or through the official Duolingo site. 

It is important to mention that in the latest Duolingo update, users who access the platform through mobile devices will be able to see the icon of the gems, while on the other hand, people who decide to learn in a traditional way through a computer will be able to win ingots or ingots.

The most effective way to earn these gems is to complete all the lessons of each level correctly and dedicate time to the application in order to level up . It should be noted that achieving the maximum score is clearly what all users of this application hope to achieve.

Learning languages ​​with Duolingo is an option that many people have decided to choose in recent years , and that is that a self-taught platform that focuses on people’s learning is a wonderful option for anyone who decides to study from the comfort of their home. .

In the same way, nowadays there are few free applications that offer a quality service like Duolingo, and in addition to that, there will always be a remuneration that although it can be fictitious and can only be used within the application, without a doubt it acts as an incentive for all its users.

How are gems used in Duolingo?

Now, since you know how you can earn gems on Duolingo , you must take into account what they can be used for and why many users strive to get them. As mentioned above, gems or ingots can be obtained by completing the lessons of each level and reaching the daily goal.

That is, if you are studying French and your daily goal is to complete all the lessons in a class, upon completion, you will be rewarded or remunerated with these gems. Although they can only be used in the Lingots store, they help a lot when it comes to getting extra help when practicing.

Getting gems sounds quite simple and fast , and although it is, many times the amount of gems obtained can vary, so you run the risk of running out of gems if you spend all of them in the Duolingo virtual store.

Nowadays, many already know how the courses work in Duolingo , for this reason, it is no secret that the extra aids such as sets of extra lives, a double or nothing, the practice against the clock, and only in some languages, the use of sayings and idioms are very efficient when it comes to learning a new language.

The best of all this is that all these items can be purchased through your virtual store where you can make use of the gems you have in your virtual wallet.

Of course, the more gems or ingots, the more things can be bought or, failing that, many more times you can buy an item. You must bear in mind that redeeming these gems is irreversible so once the purchase is made, there is no refund.


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