What are best weapons in Gare Free Fire?

The world of war and weapons can be incredibly appealing to people. Its popularity has been so great that even photos of the different types of weapons that exist are trends on social networks.

What are the Best Weapons in Garena Free Fire and How to Get Them

But this does not only end there, if we appreciate that a simple photo can attract the attention of many users, how striking a video game developed on this subject can be . It is much more likely to be received positively by the market, than other video game rankings.

As a good example we have the title of Garena Free Fire , in which in recent years it has remained among the favorites of those who usually play with their Smartphone.

In general, nowadays this video game has become one of the most popular, therefore, it is important for those users to know the best weapons in Garena Free Fire and the steps to get them.

What is Garena Free Fire?

Garena Free Fire is a game that differs from the others thanks to the multiplayer Battle Royal style with which it was designed. It is exclusive to smart phones , although they can be played on computers through emulators of the aforementioned.

The game requires an internet connection so that it can be opened, that is, there is no option to play offline. And today it is one of the most famous games for Android and iOS operating systems. Here you will find tips to improve the speed of your WiFi

Is it difficult to play Garena Free Fire?

The game has incredible playability, that is, its buttons and game style are very versatile and comfortable for most users. Usually the first games are complicated, although after one or two hours playing the user already adapts almost completely.

The game works in the third person, that is, we observe the character from an aerial angle . Its difficulty varies depending on the strategies you are going to perform either alone or in a team, although the easiest to do is to find a high point and visualize the enemies in the low areas.

Data that are important to know if you are a newbie to the game

Despite the fact that the game has an introduction, sometimes we are not completely clear about some data that is really important. For example, the weapons that we are going to use cannot be acquired or bought as in other titles , they must be searched in strategic areas such as houses.

In addition, there is a factor that we have to take into account whenever we play and this is the safe zone, the safe zone is the space where the players can move . Although it is decreasing with respect to the time spent in the game.

We can see it in the mini map that is located in the upper right part of the interface, it is represented by a circle. And if players leave it or it catches them when they are shrinking, they will gradually lose life until they die or return to it.

What are the best weapons in Gare Free Fire?

The best weapons can be classified into two important functionalities, long-range and short-range . Among those reaching we have to assault rifles  and sniper rifles , where both shown to be quite efficient, but the sniper is much better.

This of course if you learn to use it, in the case of short-range weapons , we have micro submachine guns , pistols and shotguns , as in the previous case they all have advantages and disadvantages. But the best are the micro submachine guns, since they discharge the bursts quickly and also have good damage.

Despite these being the best weapons or the best combination you can play with, it doesn’t really matter if your skill like is worse than your opponents. Therefore, practice to become an expert in the game, and you can win with any kind of weapon. If you want you can create your own room

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