What are all the keyboard shortcuts or combinations for using Photoshop?

If we are lovers of photography or we are starting in this branch, we must know that the use of technology has become essential for the development of this area.

The ways they are used to capture images today are very advanced compared to years ago. The resolution and quality with which we can take photographic shots are surprisingly good.

So also in editing issues we can have tools with which to create wonderful works. Editing any type of image, adding effects, filters, creating a collage of photos  or any other modification is now a simple task.

Nowadays, it is very common to apply Photoshop to photos, however doing it in the traditional way can be tedious, since it has several tools or options. Therefore, there is a wide variety of shortcuts that make the process quick and easy.

Keyboard shortcuts or combinations for Photoshop

There are many programs that offer these types of features , but only the best are the ones that stand out from the rest. One of the most widely used around the world to perform editing tasks at a professional level is Photoshop .

Photoshop is a program developed by the Adobe company, it was designed to make modifications to images and graphics . Since its inception, the success it obtained was very great, becoming one of the most used to date.

It is a program that is in constant development and innovation . From time to time we were introduced to new updates and modifications in its interface, improving the general functioning of the tools that are used.

Currently it is one of the most specialized programs in the graphic editing area , it allows us to create effects with professional finishes. This program is characterized by presenting a very complete interface, it offers us specific tools for each task.

To activate each of these tools we must drag our mouse cursor to the icon and activate it. But when we already have advanced knowledge we notice that we waste a lot of time doing this.

But we do not have to worry, Photoshop gives us the option to perform actions through commands . We can execute these commands from the keyboard of our computer, just by pressing some specific keys, tools will be activated instantly.

It is very important to know all the functions that Photoshop has to offer us. Therefore, in this article we will learn what are the shortcuts or keyboard combinations to use Photoshop.

Most used shortcuts to use in Photoshop

Performing repetitive tasks through commands makes the process of editing with Photoshop much faster. Among the commands that will save us a lot of time is to frame the image when we have it in a wide zoom.

To do this we press the Ctrl key and without releasing it we press the number zero on our keyboard. In this way the image will be automatically framed in the normal space, if we want to zoom to 100% what we must do by pressing the Ctrl key and simultaneously number one on our keyboard and that’s it.

Other commands that are very useful when working with Photoshop is to be able to select the tools on the left bar. What we must do is press the Ctrl key followed by the initial of the tool we want to select.

For example we press the key Ctrl and hold pressed the button M to select the tool frame . If we want to select the lasos tool, we press the Ctrl key and the L key in turn will be activated.

Likewise, if we want to choose the different lasos options that Photoshop offers, we must press the Shift key and then the L key. In this way we can switch between the different lasos options.

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One of the most important tools when we work in Photoshop is to move through the image with the option of the hand. If we want to activate it by means of commands, what we must do is press the space bar and click on the image without releasing and thus we can move the image.


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