Wegweiser project – Finding meaning for young people

The Wegweiser project is committed to promoting the topics of finding meaning and self-realization in schools. The focus of the project is on the philosophical magazine , which was developed on the basis of the Wegweiser study in German secondary schools and is distributed free of charge to students, teachers and other interested parties.

Profile of the Wegweiser project

In this article I would like to give you a brief introduction to the Wegweiser project. I have already written a detailed description with all the details elsewhere . For this reason, I will only compile the most important information here in the form of a fact sheet, so that I can give you everything you need to know about the project guide in one fell swoop.

1. What is the Wegweiser project?

The Wegweiser project is an initiative to strengthen the issues of “finding meaning and self-realization” for young people at secondary schools. As part of the project, measures and possibilities are developed to develop a direct examination of elementary life-philosophy topics such as meaning, happiness, mindfulness and responsibility in schools.

2. Who carried out the project?

The project was developed by me, Lukas Kiemele, and continues to run. The Wegweiser project has so far been funded by the Education Foundation and youpaN. The youpaN refers to the youth forum in which young people participate in the implementation of the National Action Plan Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).

3. What does the project consist of?

The project has two parts, namely a study that was carried out at various German schools on the subject of meaning and a philosophical magazine that was developed from the results of the study and distributed free of charge to students, teachers and other interested parties on request becomes.

The philosophical magazine consists of 68 A4 pages and gives an insight into a total of six topics divided into chapters, including happiness, responsibility and love, and can be used both as self-taught and as teaching material. You can view an excerpt from the magazine here , but the results and background of the study here .

4. Why is the project important?

The results of the Wegweiser study confirm a shocking trend that has been rising for several decades. Silent complaints, especially from young people, about a feeling of senselessness that is brought about by various factors are becoming increasingly common.

One of these factors is that the topic of meaning has little or no significance in schools and that schooling as such is perceived as meaningless. The philosophical magazine and the endeavor to disseminate it through lectures, workshops and seminars in schools is a first step towards doing something about it.



5. What is the next step with the project?

The Wegweiser project is not completed as long as significant crises of meaning among students continue to be ignored and not confronted within the framework of the school. Topics that are of central importance for the mental health of young people must be part of the curriculum and be given a high priority in the sustainable education of the future.

For the project this means, in a nutshell, that both the Wegweiser study and the concept of the philosophical magazine will be further developed in the future. Interested as well as committed personalities from the education system are asked for this, who are already there, cooperate with the project and want to help spread it in schools.


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