Wedding menu: how to define the ideal type of service and menu?

In general, young people prefer the Franco-American service, or buffet, where people get up and go to help themselves. Parents prefer a more formal service, where guests are served at the table.

However, do not confuse table service as what brings more comfort to the event. And that opinion is not a definition that pushes wedding service to the French American. On the contrary.

In reality, a good party is one in which you do a good x-ray of the guests. For example: a wedding where the two grooms and their parents are lawyers, that is, they have a more classic profile. In this type of situation, where the hosts have a more traditional line of conduct and also have a large number of people with the same style on the list, inevitably, if there is a more classic service at this party – the English one, for example – it will be better .

Already an event where the couple and the family are a little looser, more free from these commitments in relation to etiquette at the table, for example, then the Franco-American service will come in much better.

Therefore, regarding the type of service, it is necessary that each family do a very complete x-ray of their guests. Forget so-and-so aunt, uncle Cyclan, the friend who doesn’t eat this or that. None of this can be treated as a rule. These are exceptions when choosing. What matters is the 51% of the list of people who tend to one thing or the other. That is, the service decision must be made by the majority.

How to choose the wedding menu?

Regarding the menu, most grooms think they should opt for something simpler. I am absolutely against this issue.

Today, when you offer a party, more than a different and joyful moment, it is the bride and groom’s obligation to promote experiences that go beyond simply going to an event. So why not offer people a different pasta or meat with a sauce that they’ve never tasted? Or a wonderful fish that they will rarely have the option to try?

Gastronomy has grown dramatically in recent years. The ideas of making the palate more comfortable , or that stimulates the affective memory is increasingly in fashion. Therefore, fish, sauces and dishes are transforming to cover more palates. So don’t be afraid to try a different menu to bring your event a unique experience.

Bride and groom with food restrictions

As for brides with restrictions, I am not against having in the menu some parts of the menu that meet these needs. But I am radically against those brides who want to turn their parties into vegan or zero lactose tastings.

It is a fact that the guests will feel attacked and will leave their party to go to the first steakhouse or hamburger nearest and satisfy their desire to have a good dinner that night. No guest leaves their home to go to a wedding party, especially in certain places, to eat badly. There is no such possibility.

And this is one of the points that people always ask me with a ready answer: “And gastronomy, how do we do it? Although there is always one or the other who complains about the party, right? ”.

In my opinion, complaining about the party only happens when people realize that the hosts were not careful and respectful of what is being served and proposed. After all, the watchword in an event is comfort and that means arriving at an event and the service being adequate to what most people like.

So, in fact, make a very careful analysis about the audience that will come to your event. And be absolutely sure that this time that you will invest in seeking what is consensus in the group will make a party more pleasant, comfortable, where people will feel embraced with the affection that each bride and groom had when choosing every detail .

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