Wealth Planning: Why You Need to Know This Trend

Motivated by adverse economic scenarios or by the simple desire to build a legacy, more and more investors are showing their concern for the future . Therefore, the concept of Wealth Planning arises to optimize investment management and long-term planning.

Find out below how it is possible to perpetuate your assets to achieve life goals and maximize your earnings.

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  • 1What is Wealth Planning?
  • 2How does Wealth Planning work?
  • 3Wealth Planning: what are the main steps?
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    • 3Perpetuation
  • 4Who can help with Wealth Planning?
    • 1Magnetis Infinity: excellence at every step

What is Wealth Planning?

First of all, understand the meaning of Wealth Planning , or heritage planning . The term deals with the administration, development and protection of heritage , based on the specificities of family nuclei.

The practice is intended to facilitate the pursuit of goals and ensure the best decisions, avoiding conflicts that can arise when long-term planning is not carried out. Some of the goals that are facilitated through Wealth Planning include:

  • promote quality of life for their heirs;
  • plan a safe retirement and maintain the lifestyle you deserve;
  • carry out succession planning, ensuring the care of your assets after death;
  • preserve accumulated capital to perpetuate family businesses.

We know that both tomorrow and the financial market share the same characteristic: unpredictability . Therefore, it is urgent to plan your estate to ensure that it is organized and well managed should any situation take you or your loved ones by surprise.

How does Wealth Planning work?

The Wealth Planning is an activity that involves the focused advice to individuals and companies and allows you to plan your future without complications, besides taking care of your money with full support of the financial sector experts.

Thus, you have potential gains and full protection of what is most important, through the 4 main pillars that constitute asset planning:

  • building solid wealth, multiplying your earnings by choosing qualified assets;
  • development of built heritage, accompanied by specialists to make changes and apply new strategies whenever necessary;
  • protecting developing wealth so that nothing happens to your money, even in adverse scenarios;
  • perpetuation of built wealth, ensuring a consistent legacy for your heirs and more tranquility for you to live on income or retire.

Therefore, the practices implemented within Wealth Planning are elaborated from the moment experienced by each client. Likewise, investment- oriented action plans must be linked to the investor’s financial objectives and priorities. Thus, he can count on full support for all stages, including cases where succession management is necessary.

Wealth Planning: what are the main steps?

Planning and asset management depend on essential steps for the process to run smoothly. Know in detail below.


In this first stage, managers raise the main internal and external risks to the family or company. In other words, any event that could negatively impact equity , such as mistakes made in succession planning, tax obligations or investments .


Focused on the growth of wealth, equity is evaluated to identify opportunities where it is possible to gain profitability , which includes an in-depth study of financial investments.


At this point, current achievements and previously established goals are analyzed to anticipate scenarios. So, the perpetuation stage acts so that, as far as possible, wealth is not lost, whether in this or in the next generations.

Who can help with Wealth Planning?

It is important to understand your moment in life so that you can develop strategies with excellence. The high amount accumulated with its financial investments represents a promising path, as it gives access to exclusive conditions that further reinforce its commitment to equity.

The family wealth involves much more than money. After all, it is built from a lot of effort and strategy, being a true legacy for the investor’s heirs. Likewise, planning for the future involves several other goals, which can be facilitated with specialized and multidisciplinary knowledge support.

Given the importance of protecting your money, the discussion of Wealth Planning brings up the need for long-term planning in order to maximize your financial return – something Magnetis can certainly help you with.

We respect your journey as an investor, combining technology and sophistication to ensure the best assets for your portfolio. And to reinforce our concern with each stage of its trajectory, we’ve brought something new: Magnetis Infinity , ideal for those who know where they want to go and who are looking for cutting-edge consultancy to take care of their money.

Magnetis Infinity: excellence at every step

Aimed at portfolios above R$ 1 million, the innovative service gives strength to their investments and has a partnership with the Julius Baer Family Office (JBFO), recognized for carrying out asset management without any conflict of interest.

Being part of Magnetis Infinity is to demonstrate your concern for tomorrow and also for the next steps of the one you love the most. Therefore, we have developed customized portfolios capable of mitigating losses, even in the midst of crises, through unique diversification and access to established and exclusive investments .

We work with specialists to plan your retirement and succession, in addition to ensuring the maximum return on your investments, regardless of your financial objective.

Magnetis Infinity offers unique investment opportunities that are not available to individuals, allowing you to continue on the right path to further prosper. With total transparency , we promote a strategy 100% focused on you.


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