Wealth Management: Everything You Need to Know

It is not enough to accumulate great capital to guarantee your quality of life, that of your children and grandchildren for years to come. Knowing how to manage this asset is essential for the money to continue to yield .

Some people even manage to do this work on their own – something that requires time, dedication and constant information. However, there are specialists in the market capable of taking care of this administration, so that you have free time for other activities.

In this article we will explain the matter better. Follow up!

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  • 1What is wealth management?
  • 2How important is this management?
  • 3What are the impacts of management?
  • 4What are the types of wealth management?
    • 1Bank Consulting
    • 2Wealth management
    • 3Business Consultancy
    • 4Family office
  • 5Why is Magnetis Infinity the ideal choice for wealth management?

What is wealth management?

Asset management is, in fact, a provision of service in which professionals control and manage assets, rights and obligations of a person, family or company.

The equity comprises:

  • tangible goods: money, real estate, vehicles, investments, jewelry, works of art, among others;
  • intangible assets: patents, brands, reputation, etc.;
  • obligations: debts, financing, etc.;
  • rights: rent receivables, sales profits, among others.

This management can be done by a professional, by a team or by a company specialized in this type of service.

What is the importance of this management?

With the management of assets, it is possible to identify possible imbalances, alleviate expenses, assist in decision-making and think of strategies to protect and increase wealth .

For individuals and families, this work is also very important for maintaining the standard of living and for achieving goals , such as retirement and children’s education.

Remember that we live in a rapidly changing world that requires constant updates. At this point, wealth management becomes essential to protect capital in the face of crises and take advantage of income opportunities.

What are the impacts of management?

It is natural for people to raise their standard of living by acquiring more resources. However, this behavior can be dangerous, causing capital to last much less than desired.

With asset management, this problem can be avoided, as the service helps to visualize the effects of new consumption habits on the financial health of the people involved.

In other words, with serious and competent management, it is possible to have a comfortable life and transmit a good heritage to the descendants.

What are the types of wealth management?

In the market, there are several types of asset management. Get to know the main ones.

bank consulting

Some banks have professionals who are willing to advise on the best management alternatives.

However, this is not one of the most recommended options, as it brings conflicts of interest .

That’s because managers receive commission on the products they offer. In this way, they can indicate the investments that are most interesting for their own benefit, rather than the ones that are most beneficial to their clients.

health management

The wealth management service is more in line with wealth management as it involves the administration of all accumulated assets.

It is generally aimed at people who already have good capital and who want to protect and multiply their resources.

business consulting

Wealth management can also be performed by companies that offer exactly this type of service. In this case, you have a team of professionals with training and experience in the subject.

To choose the best option among so many available on the market, look for those that seek to align the administration to your goals .

family office

The family office concept is quite interesting, as it is a company focused on advising families with high accumulated wealth.

This service provision includes more complex issues, such as the succession of assets, pensions and insurance.

Why is Magnetis Infinity the ideal choice for wealth management?

The Magnetis Infinity was created for those who accumulated equity from R $ 1 million , and wants a conscious and strategic management of capital.

With the work of specialized professionals, the portfolios are designed to maintain their resilience in the face of financial market crises, in addition to having profitability based on the diversification of sophisticated assets.

In addition, Magnetis has no conflicts of interest as it does not receive commission on nomination of assets. The concern is always to align the portfolio with the client’s goals.

The advantages do not stop there. Through state-of-the-art technology, investors can monitor assets directly from their smartphone, anytime.

Is it clear what wealth management is and why it is so important for your financial peace of mind, as well as that of your family?

Magnetis’ partnership with the Julius Baer Family Office (JBFO) brings even more expertise to this management, allowing access to assets that you cannot access when investing alone.

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