We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with

You may have already come across the claim that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. But for most of us, it’s a team of work colleagues. So are we the average of the five colleagues we sit with in the office? If this idea makes you nervous, read on …

There are people who are satisfied with mediocrity. And there are people who want to excel well above average. The problem is that the average is usually below average. We can excel among cec people and feel like aces, even though we are Cs.


Sleepwalkers and others …

SLEEPWALKERS go through life in half-sleep. They have no goal. Their lives revolve around work routines, superficial entertainment, food and sleep. They are complaining, but doing nothing. It focuses on the problems of others so that they do not have to solve their own. That’s why they like to gossip.

If you are surrounded by people who do not inspire you with anything and cannot teach you anything, you are limiting your success.

There are also colleagues who deliberately hinder or block your success:

STRAPER clings to you to steal your ideas because it is uncreative and unoriginal in itself. He asks you a lot of questions and then presents your answers as his own thoughts.

THE SACRIFICE tries to convince you that you should compensate her for how difficult it is in life. She expects help from you, but does not offer help herself.

THE DOUBLE is a pessimist who does not believe. He is afraid of failure. He doesn’t try to do more, so he doesn’t want to let you do more. He doesn’t want you to succeed.

THE ENTRANCE would like to be like you, but he does not have the courage or ability to do so. Therefore, it will despise and ridicule all your accomplishments.

KRITIK destroys your self-confidence by always finding something wrong with your ideas. He really believes that he understands everything better than you.

RUŠIČ just wants to draw attention to himself. He has no goal, no ambition, no meaning, no mission … He is noisy to be heard. He wants to be the center of attention.


Find your mentor … 

We all need mentors who motivate us to do more. The mentor pushes our standards up and helps us maintain them.

The easiest way to acquire new competencies is to see a person who has these competencies in action on a daily basis.

From the statement about the average five we can derive the following derivatives:

Do you want to be more ambitious? Surround yourself with ambitious people.
Do you want to be more authoritative? Surround yourself with authoritarian people.
Do you want to be more penetrating? Surround yourself with piercing people.
Want to be more popular? Surround yourself with popular people.

If you do not have such people in your area, you can find them in the literature. Build your circle of famous people you admire. Read books they wrote, listen to interviews with them, watch documents about them …

Give up another party with shallow conversations and prefer the book. The company can do Einstein, Jung or Schopenhauer. When you learn to think like them, you open the door to the success they have achieved. 


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