Yes, you can stay positive! Here are 10 easy ways to set your sights on a positive outcome

Stay so positive

The experts say we get what we expect. If you expect disasters and misery, this is what you are going to get. Set your sights on a positive outcome, because in this way you force yourself to be on the lookout for the positive.

Strengthen this awareness of the good by saying to your image in the mirror in the morning: “I expect something good to happen to me today.”

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1 Get a support network

Identify positive friends, experts and colleagues who can help you reach your goal. They will motivate you when you falter but also celebrate your successes with you.


2 Be aware of what you have control over and forget the rest

Most of us spend endless energy worrying about things over which we have no control. We allow it to steal our motivation and paralyze us.


3 Remember the following…

Although you do not always have control over what happens to you, you do have full control over how you respond to it.


4 Celebrate your milestones

Sometimes you get discouraged when you lose momentum. It is best to then look at your starting point and be proud of how far you have already progressed.


5 Brainwash yourself until you feel positive

If you read positive books and watch movies that strengthen the mind, you will also be able to think positively more easily. Stay away from sad stories and tearjerkers when your clouds look dark.


6 Learn from your mistakes rather than repeat them

After a failure, it is one of the most important things to gain perspective and assess the situation like an outsider. Think about it and write down the causes of your crisis, or talk to others who will share their wisdom and insight with you.


7 Stay away from negative people Point. Sela.

If friends pull you down, or stuff your head full of negative things about the economy, politics, relationships, and your best team, change the company or do not talk. The best antidote? Find friends who are looking for the silver lining in life and laugh easily. If you have someone who constantly calls you to murmur about life, cut the conversation short.


8 Planning can help a lot

First, you visualize a positive outcome, and second, you can see where things can go wrong and you can plan for them. Research results also show that people are more positive when they are aware of problems.


9 Get practical

Get yourself a written piece of wisdom, good advice, or an inspirational quote and stick it on your fridge or mirror where you can see it every day. Repeat it out loud in those moments when you begin to doubt yourself.

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10 Do something nice for someone else

Logic makes us believe that you feel better when others do something for you, but research shows that the giver is the one who gets more value from the giver than the receiver!

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Shortlist for positive thinking

  • Use positive words, such as “I can.”
    • Reject negative emotions and thoughts – even if only for a few hours a day.
    • Believe that you can accomplish things.
    • Recognize negative situations and find ways you can handle them.
    • Forgive yourself.
    • Remind yourself that things could have been worse.
    • Surround yourself with the positive. This also applies to colors, pictures, flowers and people. It happened, look ahead now.
    • Pat yourself on the shoulder and celebrate your good qualities.


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