Eating vegetables is essential to follow a balanced and healthy diet, but if you are also the one who grows the tomatoes that you will use in your salad in your own urban garden ; zucchini for purees or potatoes for stews, your meals will be much healthier and you will also contribute to caring for the environment, so in need of green areas.

To encourage you to become a small gardener, today we are going to give you some ideas on ways to make an urban garden in a small space. Take note!

What do you need to create an urban garden?

If we are talking about urban gardens, we assume that you live in the city and that means having little space at home to set up a garden. However, this does not mean that you cannot create it.

Large or small spaces, but bright

Therefore, our first advice is that before organizing the urban garden, check the space you have and if that is the most ideal place to grow. Thus, the first factor will determine the type of vegetable and / or vegetable that you are going to plant. That is, it does not require the same space to grow carrots as aromatic herbs, for example.

Whether the space you have is large or small, what you should keep in mind is that it has to be a bright and airy place.

Deep pots

For larger greens and / or vegetables, it is best to use pots of various sizes. For your urban garden to bear fruit it is important that each plant is grown in the correct pot. That is, to larger fruits, larger pots. To give you an idea, each container should be between 7 and 15 centimeters deep  to favor the correct growth of the plants.

If what you are going to grow are aromatic herbs, and you have space, do not hesitate to use a cultivation table. In addition to being able to grow several plants at the same time without having to have a lot of space, it will serve as decoration in the patio and / or terrace. An example of an aromatic drawer could be: mint, spearmint, thyme, parsley, basil and rosemary.

What to plant in the urban garden

Experts in these topics advise that if it is the first time you dare to grow plants, it is best that you choose varieties that grow all year round and quickly, such as onions.

But the most common vegetables in small urban gardens are: carrots, strawberries, garlic, peppers …

Give each plant what it needs

As for the care that your urban garden will require, it will be directly related to the plants you want to grow. Remember that each one has its own growing times and growing needs. Therefore, for the seed you plant to become a delicious fruit that ends up on your plate, you need to take care of each plant in a personalized way.

If you follow the recommended steps, we assure you that every time you pick the fruits from your urban garden you will feel great satisfaction, but you will also enjoy their authentic flavor each time you use them in the preparation of your dishes. And if not, try making this vegetable lasagna with the products of your urban garden. You will notice the difference!


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