5 Simple Ways to Help Others Amid the Corona Virus Outbreak

In the midst of the corona virus outbreak , many people are busy maintaining the health of themselves and their families. Some can buy food reserves, some can work from home. However, there are still many people out there who simply can’t do this. They have to keep working and some even have a shortage of foodstuffs and cannot afford personal protective equipment.

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In times like this, it’s good that we all work hand in hand to help each other. Because it’s useless if only ourselves are healthy, but other people are sick. Later they have the possibility of transmitting the disease to us. So, let’s share and take care of each other’s health.

You don’t have to do anything big. Start helping others in an easy and simple way. What are the ways? Check it out below!

  1. Give a donation The
    amount is not a problem, the important thing is sincerity. So, don’t hesitate to set aside a little of your sustenance to help others. There is a food aid post for underprivileged families, some focus on raising funds to buy masks or hand sanitizers to the medical team and people who are still actively working. You live choose which one you want.
  2. Open a fundraiser
    There are many good people who are willing to donate funds, but often their information is limited. You can help brokerage by opening a fundraiser. Later all of your colleagues and friends can deposit all their donations to you, then you are in charge of conveying it all to the parties concerned. Spirit!
  3. Just stay at home
    Staying at home is the simplest way to help others in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. You will not share the virus or become a carrier that can harm your family and others. Remember, this is not a vacation that you can fill with a walk or go home, huh.
  4. Not hoarding foodstuffs
    This is another thing that proves that you care and want to help others. Buy enough food ingredients, masks, and hand sanitizers. Do not hoard it all, because there are still many other people who need these items.
  5. Order food to help online merchants and drivers
    This movement is busy on social media. Some of the people who lost their fortunes in the midst of this epidemic are traders, food entrepreneurs, and online drivers. So, buy food at food stalls through the online application. Then give the food to the online driver. You not only provide the online drivers withfood, but also buy the merchants’ merchandise. Come on, come along!

Let us help each other in the midst of this corona virus outbreak . Rest assured this period will pass and everything will return to normal. During that time, let’s do good for others and others.


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