Ways to deactivate the talkback of your cell phone

If your phone talks every time you perform an action, and its commands don’t respond as they used to, don’t worry, it’s not damaged. You probably only activated a function that you didn’t know about. If it turns out to be your case, discover how to disable the talkback of your cell phone simply.

When you have the talkback active, each pulse you give will translate into an announcement from the mobile phone, this may seem annoying after constant use.

Even sometimes when activated, it does not let you use the touch screen. Using this function greatly changes the way you use Android devices, which is why it is normal for you to want to disable the talkback of your cell phone.

You can make multiple configurations to your Samsung phone to be able to customize it to your liking, an example of this is being able to change the colors of the notification bar .

What is talkback?

It is a function, screen reader , that is, it describes everything that is shown on the cell phone. It is made especially for Android users, (whether Samsung, Huawei or any of their manufacturers) who have a visual impairment or who for some reason and at some point cannot use the screen.

This function also allows us to talk to the phone and handle it through gestures , which is why it is necessary to know its correct use and not go crazy. It is very easy to activate and precisely because of this, it happens many times that it activates itself and deconfigures the order it takes.

Ways to deactivate the talkback of your cell phone

Disabling this function can be somewhat cumbersome, since, as before, once activated, the phone’s commands change. Similarly, in this section we will explain the two ways you can use to disable talkback on your cell phone , just so you have them handy.

Via device buttons

  • Press and hold the volume buttons on the side of the phone for approximately three seconds or until your phone vibrates.
  • If it asks for confirmation, just press and hold the buttons again. The function can be activated this way, so you probably started it by mistake when your cell phone was in your pocket.

If you have problems with a button, or one of the buttons is damaged, you have the possibility to change the function of the physical buttons on your phone.

Through device settings

To be able to deactivate talkback on your mobile and at once, learn the basic gestures to handle it, it is necessary that you know its commands. With a touch on the screen, you get it to read what is present, and with two you select an option. To move across the screen, slide your fingers from left to right. With two too, you can move the image on the screen.

Since you know these commands, you just have to follow this path “Settings”, “Intelligent Assistance”, “Menu of  accessibility” and then click the switch of “Talkback” to disable it .

As well as talkback, if you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 phone, it will help you to know many other tricks that this phone has.

What does Talkback offer?

Now that you know more or less what it is about, and you know how to use it, it is good that you know that this function is not just to have your phone say random words. Discover all these functions that can serve you at any given time.

  • The main thing that you can achieve with interactive scrolling, this means that Talkback will narrate and describe all the elements shown. This includes buttons, menus, icons, and so on.
  • You can open and close the applications, answer and cancel the calls without problems . What comes in handy when it comes to driving. To do this, you have to position the middle finger down on the screen. Then swipe right to answer. If you want to hang up or cancel, swipe to the left.
  • If you tend to forget your passwords, you can use talkback to remember them and have him say them whenever you need to. Of course, with this option you have to be very aware of your environment, but you can simply deactivate it. To do this, in the same ” Accessibility Menu ” where you find the talkback option, uncheck the ” Speak passwords ” option .

Just as talkback helps you move around your phone more easily, you also have the virtual assistant Bixby , a product developed by Samsung.


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