This is the Way to Become an Optimistic Person

There are various ways that you can take to become an optimistic person. The method is not easy, but it is important to apply, you know . The reason, research shows that people who are optimistic tend to have a longer life.

Optimism is a positive attitude towards one’s life when dealing with various aspects of life. People who have an optimistic attitude have thoughts about a good future and a positive perspective in seeing a case.

This attitude is very different from pessimism. Someone with a pessimistic attitude tends to blame themselves for a problem and has a thought that this problem will last forever and affect his life.

How to Become an Optimistic Person

Applying an optimistic attitude to everyday life is important to do. Because people who have an optimistic attitude tend to have better mental and physical health , so that the quality of life is good.

For that, let’s apply the following optimistic way when faced with failure or problems in life:

  1. Think positive

Practice the belief in mind that you can do a variety of good things that can bring you to the gates of success. For example, believing that you are able to study hard to get satisfying grades.

  1. Take good things from every incident

After doing all day activities, take at least 10 minutes to think about the positive things that were achieved that day, even from unpleasant events. Be grateful for the smallest thing that you have achieved well that day.

  1. Stop blaming yourself

When failure comes, don’t completely blame yourself. You have to get used to making the mindset that the mistakes you make can be corrected and can become learning later on.

For example, when you fail an exam, don’t think that this happened because you are stupid. Think that failure occurred because you did not learn optimally. Make this failure an incentive to work harder so you can get better results later.

  1. Avoid negative words or expressions

Reduce the habit of using negative vocabulary to do various things. Change the phrase “I can’t” or “This won’t work” with more positive phrases like “I have to try” or “This can be worked on, really .”

Positive expressions are able to build positive thinking as well, giving rise to enthusiastic work behavior and oriented to the expectations of success too.

  1. Focus on the present and future

Don’t be trapped in the past, but make the past a valuable lesson. Try to focus on what needs to be done today and what needs to be planned one by one for the future.

Remember, you cannot change the past. However, from the past you can study your mistakes and use them as references that should not be done today or in the future.

  1. Associate with positive thinking people

If many people around you give a negative aura or even deliberately hinder your success , maybe now is the time for you to look for a new atmosphere in relationships. Look for friends who are able to think positively in dealing with something, so that you can be a person who has positive thoughts too.

In addition to the things above, you can also divert your pessimistic thoughts by doing activities that can make you happy or calm. You can try to meditate , keep yourself busy with sports, or do your hobby.

Applying an optimistic attitude not only makes it easier for you to live your life, but it is also good for your health. A study says that people with an optimistic attitude have a better cardiovascular health and immune system so they tend to have better health.

So, let’s try to apply the above behavior to be optimistic in everyday life and keep pessimistic attitudes gradually. If you still find it hard to do it, it never hurts to consult with a psychologist , especially if your thoughts start making you unable to live the day optimally.


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