Wattpad: get free stories to read on your Android

If you are a lover of reading and are willing to find new writers who can entertain you, there are Android applications that help you do exactly that. One of those that you should not miss is Wattpad , a development that allows you to find very varied content without having to pay anything to access the writings.

This is a translated development and it has quite a few books and different types of writing that are in Spanish , so the utility it offers is quite great. One of the things to take into account in the development we are talking about is that access to the texts is done through the use of the cloud, so it is necessary to have Internet access … but in the tests we have carried out we have confirmed that the data consumption is really low, so it is not exactly a problem.

The user interface that the development has is quite simple to understand, since the texts and images are cars and are perfectly placed (with a lower ribbon that gives access to the different sections of Wattpad that leaves the central area to be able to see the contents that exist on the platform). Another thing that makes everyone very intuitive in this work is that it is translated , but with some errors that are incomprehensible since they are important contributions, but the fact is that this helps to be very clear in less than five minutes what has to be done at all times in terms of usability.

Wattpad, a very social application

This is something that has caught our attention, since inside the development there is a section that works as a social network that allows users to contact the platform and who, luckily, are very numerous. The fact is that getting in touch with them is simple thanks to this option, and this is not a minor detail, since the writers who publish their works on Wattpad are not very well known, so thanks to individual experience they are it manages to detect the texts that have a higher quality .

Another of the things that we found quite positive about the application we are talking about is that the use it offers when reading is quite positive. Once the content to be used is located, click on the representative image and you can see all the text on the screen … which offers a scrolling similar to the web to advance through it. This makes everything very comfortable and easy to understand (it is possible to set bookmarks to go to a specific place if necessary and, if desired, get Wattpad to turn pages as an eBook by pressing the screen thanks to the large number options that exist in Development Settings).

Other things about this complete application

To make everything very comfortable, Wattpad includes a section called Library , where you can see the history of the contents that have been read. This allows you to quickly and efficiently restart reading at the point where it left off and even save creations to share later due to their good quality. There is also a search engine, which is useful, and has a place where it is possible to establish the types of text that are being searched, such as action or horror. This is very positive, since most of the writing in the development is not known.

Finally, it must be said that if you feel inspired and create good content, you can publish it if certain publication standards are met that are very easy to understand and overcome. With all this, lovers of reading should give Wattpad a chance since, apart from everything indicated, it is possible to download it for free both in the Galaxy Store and in the Play Store . We recommend that you install it.


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