Watercress or Nasturtium officinale properties, benefits

The Watercress ( Nasturtium officinale ) where to find it and its benefits

Its name derives from the Latin Nastrurtium, nose, and from tortus, twisted. Watercress is part of the cruciferous family, it is an aquatic plant, it is small and perennial and its habitat is in clear and still water, it is easily found in streams and in water courses. Watercress is cultivated for its precious properties, using precautions for use.

The water cress plant is a well-known and even much loved motorbike by the first doctor Hippocrates, who used it extensively. The Romans, then, believed that it even made their hair grow.To be able to enjoy the best benefits, it is advisable to eat the very green and fresh watercress, obviously after having washed it thoroughly. Its consumption is advisable raw, leaving it to rest for a couple of hours, before its consumption.

Watercress in the kitchen and collection

It is excellent in salads, it also has an excellent taste that is a little spicy, seasoned with extra virgin olive oil , (organic from cold pressing) and with lemon juice, (always organic) and putting together a sliced ​​onion, it is said to be good for the lungs and also for the kidneys.

Its leaves can also be used to make sauces and soups, or to adorn very cold dishes.

Its flowering tops are gathered, just before the complete flowering and then they are dried in the shade, in this process they release a strong smell.

It can be said that it is a very effective and renowned plant.

The properties of the water cress plant

It is rich in mineral salts and vitamin A , BC, E, PP, iron, iodine, phosphorus , so a good tonic, also used against rickets, but also good for the bronchi, helps to fight anemia, is effective also in the case of diabetes, obesity, in the treatment of acne and urinary tract infections. Excellent depurative and even diuretic.

Watercress juice as an anti-anemic

Excellent as a tonic, to combat anemia, its juice proves useful through a centrifuge of its plant. Always to be consumed in moderation.Fresh watercress juice is also used externally to treat skin diseases, eczema and eruptions.

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