Wasteland Remastered Walkthrough

Detailed walkthrough of the remake of the cult Wasteland

In this Wasteland Remastered guide, you’ll find walkthroughs for the game’s story and side missions.

Investigate the situation in Highpool

After entering, go up and left to find the Highpool settlement, located among the mountains. Enter and go downstairs. Take a look at the building marked on the right (the largest). There is a merchant here, and on the wall to the right hangs a list with settlement problems: caves, Jackie, Bobby the dog and a broken water purifier. To repair your water purifier, you need to find the engine that the rail nomads have.

The lower room is closed. However, now you will learn about one of the most important functions of the game. In many situations, different skills need to be applied. Now – opening of locks. Go to the door, press the U (Use) key and select a character and skill section. If the character has “Pick Pick”, then select him. By the way, it is not necessary to click LMB. You can press the keys with the indicated numbers. If the character does not have a skill, press Esc and select another. When you find “Opening locks”, press S (down), the cap would be pointing to the door. Of course, provided that you are standing close to her.

A door that you can open with the lock picking skill

This will open the door and you will be able to read a few notes lying on the table in the lower right corner. Teenagers that you can kill will appear in the store hall. They will drop the Mangler rocket launcher. Moreover, in the future, when you fix the water purifier, your reward will be significantly reduced. Go down to the lower right corner and look into another house. Loot is hidden on the bed, and in the middle, against the upper wall, there is a water purifier pump. The task will be updated .


At one fine moment, infinite boys will appear at the location. If you kill several, then a dangerous opponent will come, Red Ryder (Red Rider, one of the heroes of American comics of the 30-40s). This is a powerful enemy, but if you manage to kill him, then you will receive valuable loot. If you take this loot, then Highpool will turn into a barren desert.

Go to the lower left corner to find Bobby. While chatting with him, choose the options Bobby Dog, Cave, Rex and Cave again . In the end, Bobby will name the exact location of the cave (there will be a long message, the first is not enough). The task will be updated . Climb up the left edge to see the trees, with light in between. He only appears after Bobby’s hint! Stand on a stump (that is, one cell from the wall), select the “Intuition” skill from any character and indicate the direction to the left. The message “You have found a deep entrance to a dark cave …” will appear. The task will be updated .

Descent into the cave

To climb down, you need a rope. It is in your inventory! Press U (Use), select “Items”. You will see a pistol and cartridges. However, here you can switch between tabs using W and S. Switch and see different things from the inventory. There will be a rope among them. Apply it right on the spot where the hole is and go down into the cave. To move over rocks, use the U key and the Climbing skill. Get to the rabid dogs and finish them off.

If you use matches in any square of the cave before the mad dogs (where the message appears that it is too dark here), you will face less dangerous opponents

Then climb up to find the boy. Press E (Collision). The battle will begin. But in our case, all characters need to choose the third option (ZVB – “Recruit”). He will join your group.

Attention! If you killed the dog, do not leave the location on the right side. Bobby is waiting for you there. If you don’t want to kill him, then go along the left outskirts (and at the bottom of the map you can see the grave in which Bobby buried his dog).

As soon as you collect $ 500, then go to the rail nomads (read below) and buy an engine from a merchant in one of the carriages .

In the game, each character has a separate cash balance. Therefore, you need to accumulate $ 500 by one of the heroes. That is, it is he who must sell goods.

Investigate the situation at the farm center

Arriving at the farm, which is located just to the left of Highpool, you will meet a group of farmers. Chat with Miguel and offer your help. Save. You will find yourself in the garden. There are doors here, and they can be opened in the same way as in the case of the door inside the Highpool store (using the “Opening locks” skill). Search the vegetable garden, killing different enemies, until you meet Harry. He is the main villain of what is happening. Kill him. For the quest to be counted, you must pick up the loot dropped from Harry. That is, step back and return to the hex where you were.

Go to the upper right corner and chat with the old man. Agree to look into the cellar. Go to the upper room and search each crate for a reward. Also collect all the loot in different rooms of the location. Among other things, there will be fruits. And the most profitable thing is to sell them right here, to Miguel at the beginning of the location. There is a hole in the wall in the lower left corner of the south field. Through it you can get into the caves under the farm center, but there are too many enemies and little loot. I do not recommend doing this.


Investigate the situation with the rail nomads

Exit the farm center and go a little to the right and up to the trailer to get to the desert nomads.

Use the radio (R key) periodically, because sooner or later your heroes will receive new ranks, and you can distribute free attribute points.

Enter the nearest carriage to meet the Conductor. Agree to deliver your Visa card to Quartz. The conductor will disappear. Do not forget to pick up the card, as you do with normal loot. In the carriage, right behind the locomotive, you can find a slot machine. One game will cost you $ 10. You can try your luck using save.

The three tents belong to different families – the Topecans, Atkinsons and Santa Fe. You can go to the middle car, to the tramp, but you will need to kill the rail thieves. Feel free to leave the location.

After visiting the QUARTZ location , return here. You will know the password “Caterpillar” from the Head Crusher from the bar (since you will give him the VISA card from the Conductor). This password should be called to the Atkinsons. If you do this, you will see a video. The head of the Atkinsons will give you a shovel and tell you where the cache is buried. You can tell the password to Topecans or Santa Fe. In the first case, you will be lured into a tent and attacked by Topekans. We’ll have to kill them. In the second case, you will simply be ignored.

After learning about the cache from the Atkinsons, stand on the left edge of the railway (an empty road, not the one where the train is). Take exactly 12 steps down, select “Use”, “Items” and use the shovel where you are standing (Space). You will unearth a cache. Take away everything inside and then kill the rail thieves who organized the ambush.


Exit the location and go behind the mountains on the left to find a place called QUARTZ next to the broken jeep. There will be a huge number of dilapidated and abandoned houses, but it is completely unnecessary to examine each building. Look for only unique ones, such as a bar, a court, and so on. There is simply nothing in the old and destroyed. In addition, dangerous bandits roam the streets of the city. There are a lot of them here. Get ready for battles. However, you can avoid most of them if you use the sewer systems, going down and up to the surface through hatches.

Bar at the bottom of the map

First, go to the lower right corner where the cemetery is. You can pick open the gate with the “Pick Opening” skill. Kill a couple of ghouls, and then inspect the graves. There are many interesting inscriptions here. Also, a broken toaster will fall out of the ghoul.

Get out of here. A little to the left is the bar. Go through it and deal with all the bandits who dare to attack you. Approach the locals (bar visitors) to get a new task – “Free QUARTZ”. Walk around the bar and approach each visitor until the task is updated. You will definitely find out that the Freak’s gang is to blame for everything. In the men’s room, you can save the guy and ask him a question about the Freak. He will say that you need to talk about this with the Riddler in the northern part of the bar. Continue to communicate with visitors until the hero leaves a note in paragraph 23. You will even see a video.

Head crusher

There is a table behind the toilet on the left. Behind him sits the person you need, Head Crusher. Stand where the second chair is. Select “Use”, open your inventory and find your VISA card. Apply it where you are (Space). The video will start. Head Crusher will name the password for the Atkinsons – “Caterpillar”.


Return to the ladies’ restroom. Press E to start the battle. But you don’t need to fight with anyone. You need to use a trick. Choose Run / One Player for all male characters. Step aside. Dodge female characters. After this turn, your group will split and you will only have women. Use them and enter the women’s toilet. Stand next to two women. Select Use, Attribute, and Charisma. You will learn that they are worried about the mayor’s wife, captured by the Freak.

Go to the top left corner of the bar. The Riddler sits at the table. Stand in the chair opposite him. Answer 3 of his riddles: Toast, P, TYKRASA. He will say that it is the last thing to say to bartender Ellen. Divide your group in the same way as in the previous paragraph, but leave only one person! You simply cannot sit on chairs at the bar with two or more people. Thus, you can get hooked on one character to Ellen. Tell her TYKRASA. Watch the video. You will learn that her daughter Laurie was kidnapped. She will give you the key to room 18 .

Chatting with Ellen

There is a Stagecoach hotel in the city center. Go there and go inside. find number 18, use the key on it and chat with Laurie. Give her the same compliment as your mother (TYKRASA). She will tell you that the hostages are on the third floor of the courthouse. She will also give you equipment, which will lie on the table to the left. You can ask the owner of the hotel for the room and price. Paying $ 50, you will receive a key to room 10. If you climb over the fence at the reception, he will set the dogs. After killing everyone, you can examine the cabinet on the left. But first, defuse it using the Bomb Defuse skill. There is money, explosives and a book inside.


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