Warface: PM-84 Glauberyt Custom guide

Review of the compact PM-84 Glauberyt Custom submachine gun in Warface: performance characteristics, historical background, advantages and disadvantages, use of modules

In one of the latest updates to the MMO-shooter Warface , a compact PM-84 Glauberyt Custom submachine gun from Polish arms masters was released, somewhat reminiscent of the famous UZI. The weapon shoots cutoffs.

Historical reference

The PM-84 Glauberyt submachine gun was developed in 1980 by three Polish engineers in order to replace the not-so-successful version of a similar weapon, the PM-63 RAK model. The weapon entered service four years later, in 1984, and is used to this day by the military and police.

Real PM-84 Glauberyt

Externally, the PM-84 Glauberyt is an extended version of the PM-63 RAK using some of the structural elements that were used in the development of the UZI. It is noteworthy that the weapon has two firing modes. A special translator in the upper position blocks the trigger, in the middle – activates semi-automatic, and in the lower – automatic firing.

When pressed lightly, the weapon fires single shots. How PM-84 Glauberyt turned out in the game, we will consider below.

ТТХ PM-84 Glauberyt

  • Weight: 2.17 kg without magazine.
  • Rifle length: 375/575 mm.
  • Barrel length: 185 mm.
  • Caliber: 9 mm.
  • Rounds per minute (rate of fire): 640.
  • Sighting range: 75, 150 and 200 meters (depending on the position).

PM-84 Glauberyt in game

PM-84 Glauberyt Custom specifications:

  • Damage: 82.
  • Range: 7.
  • Rate of fire: 750.
  • Aiming accuracy: 28.
  • Accuracy from the hip: 21.
  • Magazine capacity: 32.

This is a custom version, differing in performance from a real submachine gun, which can be confirmed at least by the magazine capacity – 15 or 25 rounds for the real PM-84 Glauberyt versus 32 for the PM-84 Glauberyt Custom.

PM-84 Glauberyt in game

In terms of hidden characteristics, unlike regular submachine guns with a cutoff, head damage is multiplied not by 4.0, but by 3.9. On the other hand, if conventional submachine guns shoot at the arms with a coefficient of 0.8, then the PM-84 Glauberyt Custom – with 1.0, as well as at the torso. On the legs, the PM-84 Glauberyt Custom delivers 0.8 damage, while a regular submachine gun that shoots cutoffs is 0.7.

Slower rate of fire than most Engineer SMGs. As you can imagine, the engineer is the class that needs a weapon with a high rate of fire. Using PM-84 Glauberyt Custom, you have to click LMB several times.

Accuracy from the hip is minimal, so shooting without aiming mode is practically useless.

According to the capacity of the clip, it can be noted that it is not enough. Since the weapon does not kill in the head with one shot and shoots 4 rounds in one click, it will take you half, if not more of the clip to kill one enemy. This means that the next enemy will have to reload the weapon. The relatively long reload animation makes you a living target. They killed one enemy, ran away (hid), reloaded and forward to the next enemy.

Since the submachine gun shoots cutoffs of 4 rounds, the recoil is minimal, while the sight constantly returns to its starting point.

The PM-84 Glauberyt Custom has more damage than all other SMGs, with the exception of the UMP. But, if you remember, the UMP is an automatic weapon with a peculiar approach.

The accuracy in the sight is 28 units. This is even less than McPool’s. Things are a little better with hip accuracy, but still the PM-84 Glauberyt Custom is inferior in this parameter to many.

Achievements for using

You can get two new achievements if you kill a certain number of enemies with the compact PM-84 Glauberyt Custom submachine gun:

  • Made in Poland I: Kill 10,000 enemies with a custom submachine gun.
  • Made in Poland II: Kill 25,000 enemies with a custom submachine gun.

Modules for PM-84 Glauberyt Custom

The compact PM-84 Glauberyt Custom submachine gun is compatible with modules of two categories – scopes and barrels.

There are four different modules available in the barrels category:

  • A light silencer that reduces damage and noise, and also hides your position on the radar of enemies.
  • A suppressor for submachine guns that reduces noise, damage and conceals your position, but also increases shooting accuracy.
  • A flame arrester for submachine guns that reduces muzzle flame, penetration and reduces damage reduction at a distance.
  • The SMG bayonet increases recoil and melee damage.

Six modules are available in the “sight” category at once:

  • EOTECH 553 reflex sight with x1.2 magnification.
  • Improved reflex sight EOTECH 553 with x1.4 magnification.
  • Reflex sight Truglo rds with x1.2 magnification.
  • Standard sight for PP with 2x magnification in aiming mode.
  • Improved sight for submachine guns with 2x magnification, increasing the accuracy of shooting.
  • A rare sight for PP with a fast threefold increase.

Advantages, disadvantages and general conclusion

Benefits :

  • High damage.
  • Good rate of fire for weapons using cutoffs.
  • Low, almost imperceptible recoil.
  • Modules from the entire range for engineers can be inserted into two slots.

Disadvantages :

  • Low range.
  • Low accuracy in aiming mode.
  • Insufficient magazine capacity.

Bottom line : with a relatively low range and a slightly lower head damage multiplier, you can freely “one-shot” your opponents. Thus, we get another worthy weapon for engineers and people who do not tolerate donation, because you can buy PM-84 Glauberyt Custom for Warbucks. The idea, of course, is interesting, but rather when playing on newbies or on a shared server.


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