Walkthrough The Forgotten City

Detailed guide to all story and side quests of The Forgotten City

In the game settings in the “Interface” subsection, you can enable or disable the display of the crosshair and the marker of the tracked task. This is important because it allows you to immerse yourself in the story even more and soak up the atmosphere of the game. But remember that having a crosshair makes archery a lot easier. At any time in the game, you can press the X key to see several golden butterflies that lead you in the direction of the next goal (provided that you have selected the tracked task and did not hide the display through the settings).

In this guide, I will only touch on the essential dialogues, which means that if you only follow our instructions, you will miss out on a lot of interesting details of the lore and backstories. Therefore, do not be afraid to deviate from the path described in this guide. The main goal of the passage is to help players navigate as soon as possible, what to do next and how to reach this or that ending.

Due to the nature of the time loop used in the game, if you accidentally choose the wrong dialogue option that will ultimately change your path or upset your character, you can easily break the Golden Rule. The same is the case for theft or murder – but you can always use the portal to reset the time loop!

Since you keep all the received items with you (and Galerius can do almost everything for you when the cycle is reset), such an action does not lead to any significant losses, you will not lose progress. Therefore, I urge you to communicate with all people on all topics. This game is built around personalities and their philosophies, so don’t try to get to the ending as quickly as possible.

Anything you do – talk to characters or steal an item – will stay with you when you go through the portal and reset the time loop after you or someone else breaks the Golden Rule. This is important to remember when trying to solve multiple puzzles.

Unlike some RPG games where all the NPCs are just waiting for the hero to come and talk to them, The Forgotten City is more dynamic. Time does not stand still. This means that if you go through the time loop, there is no chance that Galerius will be standing in the same place. And never leave the game unpaused, otherwise the characters will be redeployed and you will waste time looking for them.

Also, remember to save often. Use quick save on the F5 key before each dialog, and in which case, press F9 to quickly load if you have chosen the wrong dialog option. This is important because many incorrect phrases will block potential paths for you, characters will stop communicating with the hero and have to restart the time loop, which in itself is a headache even without long-term consequences.

Part 1. Welcome to the Forgotten City

You will sweep by the river at night and be able to chat with a mysterious girl. You will be asked to choose your gender (does not affect anything) and profession. The latter can significantly affect the passage of the game, so let’s take a look at each option and its advantages:

  • Archaeologist. Years of studying history sometimes give you a glimpse into the ancient world. The profession of an archaeologist is the only correct option for anyone who wants to play the game and study Roman history. You will gain additional knowledge while exploring the city and communicating with the characters.
  • Soldier. You get a firearm with 10 rounds. But you will have to use them wisely, since there is not enough ammunition and it will not work to find additional ones. This option will greatly simplify the small sections where you need to fight.
  • The fugitive. Time spent on the run from the authorities allowed you to practice, and now you move 25% faster. The choice for those who like to move quickly. It will speed up your movement around the city, as well as give certain bonuses when fighting enemies.
  • Loss of memory. A recent head injury has raised the pain threshold, so vitality has increased by 50%.

If you want to fight, then in addition to the soldier, you can pay attention to the last point – memory loss. In this case, you will receive a bonus to vitality. But I would recommend the profession of an archaeologist, since there are few battles in the game and they are not that difficult. Finally, for players who do not like to move through the same streets several times in a row, I recommend choosing a fugitive to reduce the time spent moving from point A to point B.

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Once you have made your choice, you can continue the conversation. Ask her everything. However, it is not necessary to select all of the dialog options. You can end the conversation by emphasizing that you have no more questions and agree to go in search of Al.

Turn around and move to the marker to go into the ruins. By scrolling the mouse wheel up, you can turn on the flashlight (down – turn off). Hold Shift to run until you reach a small structure with a note on the door. Read the note, which will open the door. Walk forward to fall down and enter the Roman Baths. Get out of the water and continue forward, following along the lighted braziers. After leaving the baths, you will find yourself in a destroyed underground city. Continue until you cross the bridge. Climb the stairs and find a golden statue of the hanged man. Examine the stone tablet on the ground, go further and enter the building with the stairs. Go upstairs, follow the marker and enter the portal.

Galeriy will meet you. Talk to him until he offers to escort you to the magistrate. Agree and press the E key to automatically follow the Gallery. He will lead you to the magistrate’s square, where Horace will stop you. After exchanging a few phrases, chat with Horace and agree to be accompanied. Press E again to automatically follow the warrior. You will go to the villa, and when he stops and says goodbye, climb the stairs and chat with Magistrate Sentius. As soon as you finish with the questions, let him know that there are no more of them, and agree to carry out his instructions. Follow down the stairs and notice Sentia, the eldest daughter of the magistrate, who is lying on the couch.

Ask her if she knows how to get out of here, and then offer your help when she tells about the disappearance of Sentilla’s sister. Complete the interrogation. The girl will ask if you can help her find her sister. Agree to do this. Accept the offer to go straight to the target for the quest marker to appear. Turn around and follow the marker to Centilla’s room and examine the note hidden under her pillow. Return to Sentia, talk to her again and tell her that you found a letter. She will ask you to go to a building nearby and chat with Julia. Head through the front door of the villa and head down the stairs. You will see a push-up gladiator. He will rise and have a couple of phrases with Horace. Wait for them to finish their conversation, and then talk to the gladiator.

He will talk about the elections. Continue the conversation until a phrase appears that allows you to ask a few questions. Say that you need to talk to Julia. He will say that she is not there. Continue the interrogation and say that you want to meet with Malleol. Ask what he wants in exchange for meeting Malleol. Tell them what you think about what can be done, but in any case do not talk about a bribe.

Now you need to go to the Temple of Apollo, climbing the stairs that lead to the Villa Malleola. Walk up past the priestess, follow the archway leading to the market. Turn left and enter the building. Inside you will meet Lucretia. Chat with her, ask what happened, and then offer your help. She will ask you to find Sylphia juice for her. Say you will do this, and then leave the temple. Follow the target marker to Decius and ask him for sylphium juice. You don’t have 1000 denarii, so tell them you can’t afford the juice, so end the conversation, turn around and steal the item from the counter on the street. It is marked with a marker.

This naturally violates the Golden Rule and you will have to run away. Leave the market and head towards the villas, but do not go down the stairs. Instead, turn right behind the arch and run along the same path you entered the city. Climb again along the slope to the starting temple, where the portal is located. You can also click on the X to make golden butterflies appear, which will direct you to the temple. You should also have a target marker on the screen, so use that to find the portal. Go through the portal to restart the time loop and return to the moment when you just got into the city. Leave the temple, talk to Galerius again, but this time he will allow you to use the cable cars scattered throughout the city. Use the nearest cable to cross the lake, then head to the marketplace and re-visit the Temple of Apollo.

Chat with Lucretia and give her Sylphia Juice. Continue communication with Lucretia and ask about her in more detail. Ask for more information about Nevi. She will talk about another patient. Ask who he is, or ask him to continue the story. Then agree to complete the task, during which you need to help the second patient of Lucretia. When you finish the conversation, Julia will get up and you will be able to chat with her. Ask if she knows anything about Sentilla’s disappearance. She will offer to talk about it with Ulpius. End the conversation and leave the temple. Don’t ask about how to get out of the city, otherwise Julia won’t want to talk to you anymore.

Turn right at the exit from the temple, and when you pass under the arch, follow the left and go up the stairs. Continue up the three flights of stairs to find yourself in front of a large building. Turn right and cross the bridge, then continue up the stairs. Walk past the stone pushing statue, climb the ladder surrounded by braziers and take the last flight of stairs. Then turn right to find two servants. Walk up to them and Octavia will speak to you. Chat with her on any topic, end the conversation, and then hear Ulpius, who is about to jump off the cliff. Octavia will ask to intervene. There is nothing you can do about it yet, so ignore it and choose any dialogue options.

Next, you need to go to follow Ulpius. Stand on the ledge from where he jumped and look down. Aim for the pool from below and then jump off the ledge. You will land safely in the water. Hold SPACE to float to the surface and then leave the pool. You will see Malleola rehearsing his victory speech nearby. Talk to him and ask him what he thinks about the Golden Rule. Say goodbye to Malleol. He will tell you to take the key and exit through the front door. Turn around and go to the door on the right. Take the key hanging on the left and open the door to go outside.

Part 2. Golden bow and palace

If you used my walkthrough from the beginning, then leave the Malleol’s house. From the house, go forward and climb the long stairs to get to the market. Continue through the market until you find the last counter. Enter Decius’ store – the last one on the left. Go to the shelves opposite the doorway and note the key located on the top shelf. Turn left and find Decius’s locked chest. You will understand everything in a moment. Leave the store and return to the market. Turn left and see a woman in a yellow dress sitting on the stairs. Walk up to her and start a conversation. Tell her that you will immediately deal with her question. As soon as the conversation is over, she will run to the temple, and he will fall on her. Save right now by pressing F5. Then go to the Roman Baths (a target marker will appear) to confront the assassin, which the woman told you about. He attacks you no matter what you tell him, and the Golden Rule will be broken again.

As soon as the world turns gray, turn around and run to Decius’ store. Remember the key and chest I mentioned above? Steal the key, unlock the chest and take away the money lying inside. Then run back to the portal using the marker pointing to Sentius and go through it again. When you leave the temple and talk to Galerius, you can tell him to do something urgently for you. Ask him to take the Sylphius Juice to Lucretia. This will simplify your task. That is, any previously performed actions can be rotated instantly through the Gallery.

Turn around and return to the Portal Shrine. When you find yourself in front of him, turn left and climb the stairs leading to the aqueduct. After climbing it, go around the staircase and climb the other steps to find yourself at the top of the aqueduct. Walk along it to the other side of the city. Move through the arch and then to another section of the aqueduct. Continue along the aqueduct, climb the stairs, which you will eventually reach. At the top, go left to find Ulpius again, ready to jump off the cliff. Octavia will speak to you again. Tell him you need to talk to Ulpius. Repeat words.

Ask Ulpius if Centilla would really like this. Continue the conversation, and then when he says that he needs 2,000 denarii, say that you are ready to give them to him. When he asks if you would like him to work the money, answer no. Tell him he is free now. When he says that he would like to repay you somehow, ask about his relationship with Centilla. Go through all the phrases, and he will advise you to look into the locked room in the Villa Malleola. Tell them you will do it now so that the corresponding marker appears.

This time, jumping off the cliff will not work safely, so turn around and go down the stairs to the statue of the man pushing the stone. There is a cable car to the left of it. Go down it and continue to the long stairs that lead down to the magistrate’s villa. This staircase leads directly to the Malleol house. Use the key to open the door and get inside. When you enter, head left to find a staircase. On the second floor, follow the red carpet until you reach the door. Open and go inside to find a crying Claudia. You can excuse yourself and leave without talking to her. return the same way and exit Malleola’s villa, then find Ulpius (if there is no marker, press TAB and select the task “Focus with the disappearance” by clicking on the “eye” icon) and talk to him again. Tell, that you didn’t find Centilla in Malleol’s upper room and point out that see what can be done. End the conversation.

Head to the market and find the girl in the yellow dress. Tell her that you will help her, and then when she says she wants to hide in the temple, tell her not to go there. Ask to trust you, and now the woman will not die. Go to the Roman Baths, where a familiar assassin will appear. When he asks where Tiberius (or the person he is looking for), tell him (lie) that you saw him praying in the temple. Follow the killer until you see how he dies under a collapse in the temple. Then pick up a bow, arrows and a piece of paper indicating the reward. Then you can take the shortcut or choose the battle option, which will allow you to get a golden bow.

Short way

Walk back through the market to the arch and turn right to reach the apartment. Keep to the main cobbled path and exit to the apartment entrance, just before the stairs leading up to the temple. Go through the doorway, walk forward and head up the stairs to the left. Turn left and go to the room opposite to open Nevia’s chest. Take the key to the chest from the Temple of Apollo! Return to the arch, turn left into the arch to get to the market. Enter the first building on the left – the Temple of Apollo. Talk to Lucretia and ask about her. ask for more information about Nevi. Select the “Who?” or “Continue.” Tell her you found a cure for rheumatism and take the willow bark from her.

Combat variant

Turn around from the altar, go left and go down the stairs to the market. Go to the counter of Decius, having a bow in your inventory, after which he will come up to you and offer a joint deal. Ask him to continue the story. Accept the offer, take the fake golden bow from him, then go to the temple of Diana, which is indicated by the quest marker (otherwise, select the task “Golden Bow” in the journal). Go inside the shrine, extinguish both braziers and take the quiver from the base of the statue. Aim at the bow in the hands of the statue for a hint on the possibility of replacing the golden bow with a fake golden bow. Do this again and the braziers will light up again. Try to go out the door, but it turns out that Decius set you up.

After you finish communicating with Decius, pay attention to the nest in the ceiling. Scroll the mouse wheel down to get the bow, hold LMB to aim, and then release LMB to shoot at the socket. It will turn to gold and fall to the floor, punching a hole through which you can walk. Take the arrows from the nearest chest, jump down several times until you find a small pond. There is a skeleton and a chest nearby. Take the arrows from the chest, shoot at the seaweed so that they turn gold, and climb on them holding the “Space” and W. Climb the rocks and keep going forward. Crouch down using the C key to get through the small tunnel. When you go outside, examine the scroll lying nearby. This is the first part of Nevi’s magazine. Climb the nearest ledges with stretched ropes, Take a running jump past the golden statue to the lighted candle to cross the chasm. Continue upward using the Space and W shortcut keys where necessary and you will soon reach an amphora with arrows and ivy. Take the arrows, then use the bow to turn the ivy into gold. This will create a bridge.

Cross this bridge, walk a little forward and do the same with the other ivy. Follow it and find ivy growing on the wall. Shoot at him with a bow to make a ladder, go upstairs and use a few more stones. So you will find yourself in the palace. Enter the large room, go through it and take the arrows from the chest located on the table at the far end. Continue down the hallway to the right of the chest. As soon as you turn the corner, you will meet the enemy. One accurate headshot will turn an enemy into a golden statue. If you shoot out of the head, it will take two hits. The easiest way is to aim for the chest, as the first shot will stun the enemy, and the second will turn him into a statue. If, after turning into a statue, the enemy blocks the path, press E to remove him from the path. You can also kick the enemy if he comes close to buy time and pull the string. The best strategy when facing an enemy is to turn around and run back enough distance to aim and fire.

Walk past the statue of the enemy along the corridors (there is only one way forward, and you will find an opening with doors located in the floor). There are two enemies in the next room, so be prepared to confront them. The first will attack you as soon as you go through the doorway, and the second can be hit from a distance before he becomes aggravated. Look for arrows in amphoras located in the same room. Then go through the doorway that leads outside.

Please read this paragraph carefully before continuing. Go down the stairs to the courtyard to chat with Nevia on the balcony. Enemies will appear from the three nearby pools of water (they can be easily spotted by the golden butterfly flying from above). If you shoot quickly at the pools of water, all enemies will turn into statues before they can leave the pool and attack you.

As soon as you deal with the enemies, head towards the fourth pool, which is drained due to the hole formed at the bottom. Take the arrows from the chest, draw the bow, but do not let go of the bowstring. Jump through the hole and immediately shoot the algae on one side and then on the other. If you are fast enough, you can neutralize all enemies with two accurate shots. Deal with anyone not affected by the algae, then continue forward through the water and through the tunnel behind it. Pull the string and shoot the seaweed into the water just behind the chest to disarm the enemy. Take the arrows from the chest on the other side, continue along the tunnel with water and you will see two more enemies in the distance. You can turn them into statues before they get to you.

A stone wall blocks the way forward. Turn the bush under its base into gold, then jump on it and climb the rock. Take arrows from the chest and keep going forward until you reach a narrow stone “corridor” with several enemies. Deal with them, go to the end of the hall and remove the arrows from another chest. Return to the beginning of the corridor and shoot your bow at all the plants on the walls. Jump over the plants to get to the top level. Create an ivy bridge and walk across it. Take the arrows from the amphora, go forward and see a hole in the wall that leads back to the palace. Don’t rush to fall down. First, deal with the enemy in the room below. Sit down and make your way through the hole to jump into the palace. Take the arrows from the amphora and go through the doorway to the courtyard.

Aim between two hedges and shoot a bow at the fountain to neutralize enemies, go to the nearest table and jump into the courtyard. To the left of the fountain there is a doorway illuminated by braziers. As soon as you approach him, a group of four opponents will run at you. Return in the same way that you came here, jump to the table from which you jumped into the courtyard, and destroy opponents. They can’t get to you. As soon as turn the enemies into statues, jump down again and go through the doorway to the next courtyard. Walk forward from the door, take the key from the table and read the second part of Nevi’s journal. Turn left and open the door, go further and go up the stairs. Follow on, turn the corner and see an amphora. Get the arrows out of it and shoot at the curtain that goes down the corridor,

Walk past the curtain you shot at, turn the corner and shoot at the curtain on the left, and then at the one further down the corridor. Turn right at the last curtain, remove the arrows from the chest and duck to go through the hole to the right of the doors. Create an ivy bridge and walk across it. Turn the ivy on the wall into gold and go through the last slot to the hole in the wall. Follow through it to re-enter the palace. As soon as you bend down to go through the hole, shoot at the curtain opposite, then go through the hole and take the arrows from the amphora. Shoot the ivy to the left of the curtain and climb it. After going upstairs, wait until all the enemies run towards you, and then shoot at the curtain that you see in front of you. Go to the other side of the room and jump down.

Head towards the brazier and turn left to shoot the enemy in the hallway before going through the doorway. As soon as you overcome it, remove the arrows from the chest on the left and go past the enemy until you see seaweed on the ground. Walk forward a little to see the shadow of enemies approaching from around the corner. Run back the same way and use the bow on the seaweed when enemies step on them. This will turn everyone into gold. Walk forward until you see a large room with a writing desk. Read the third part of Nevia’s journal, then head through the doorway to the balcony. Be prepared for the door on the left to fly out from its hinges, and the enemy will attack you. Convert him to gold and then follow the path he opened for you. There will be another enemy there, so be prepared to shoot him.

In the next room there are several enemies and algae to shoot at. It will be difficult here to force opponents to stand in the right place. There is another enemy right on the balcony, and if you want, lure him into the seaweed. In any case, you need to deal with the opponents, and then go to the balcony through the doorway. Walk along the balcony to the next doorway where the enemy is standing, return to the palace and watch a terrible cutscene. There is only one way forward, so continue down the hallway and up the stairs. Turn the corner and go through the next hall to the stairs, then go through the double door. You will see a statue tied to a vertical table. Walk up to her to talk. Turn around to face Nevia.

To avoid a fight, always choose peaceful options (those options where there is no command to get the golden bow at the end). Tell her that you can fix everything if she talks about rheumatism treatment. Say you can cover it in gold again. The conversation will end, and you can pull the string and shoot the woman tied to the table behind you. The conversation with Nevia will continue and she will tell you how to treat rheumatism. Walk past the statue-facing woman and Nevia into the corridor. Keep walking until you find yourself on the balcony. Take the cable car to return to the market. Enter the Temple of Apollo (first building on the left when entering the market) and talk to Lucretia. Ask about her, then ask for more information about Nevi. Say you found a cure for rheumatism and take the willow bark.

Part 3. Roman plaque and Rufia’s rheumatism

Go to Rufio, who is usually located somewhere near the temple or in the lower garden. Leave the market, heading towards the villas, turn left behind the arch. If Rufia is not in the garden on the right while you are heading down the first flight of stairs, continue up to the palace and look for the man. Say you have a cure for rheumatism and pass on the willow bark.

Then inform that you are leaving and follow to the large villas through the arch. Head to the doorway down the stairs past the burning brazier (to the left of the main entrance to Malleol’s house). Domitius will try to dissuade you from visiting the cistern. Tell him that you want to go there, then ignore the advice and go through the blue door that leads to the cistern. Go through the next door, down the hallway, and down a couple of flights of stairs. When you find yourself at the bottom of the stairs, a familiar enemy will appear. Shoot a bow. Walk forward from the bottom of the stairs and turn left to find a waterfall and ivy.

Shoot the ivy and climb up. You will need to shoot a few more sections of ivy, jump from one to the other and get to the top of the cistern. Once there, you will see a tied woman. Save and talk to her. Ask what she will do if you let her go. Then tell her not to let her go, because if that happens, everyone will die. If you want to see one of the bad endings, then release the woman, and then load the save created in advance and continue the game. Tell the woman that this is too dangerous, so she needs to confide in you while you try to convince Sentia to let her go. A marker will appear pointing to the magistrate. Continue the conversation, but do not choose the “I changed my mind …” option. Leave the upper cistern by the same route, along the golden ivy, but before moving down, be sure to save yourself. Back at the main cistern, turn right (still continuing in your tracks), head up the stairs and go through the door. Follow the target marker towards Sentia. He will stand in front of the villa or inside it. Talk to the man, and as soon as you can, let him know about the fate of Centilla. Then it doesn’t matter what you tell him.

When you finish your conversation with Sentius, you will have a new main objective, Divine Intervention, and a quest marker pointing to Equitia. Follow him to talk to the woman. If for some reason you have lost a marker, look for a woman in a white coat, who usually stands near the arch leading to the market, or in the market itself. As soon as you find it, he will ask her how to talk to the god in charge of the Golden Rule. Or ask the woman to talk about herself if the first option is not available. In the end, she will ask you to find out if anyone noticed any patterns. Say you’ll do it and do it now.

Now you need to talk to several characters. Most of them are located where we indicate in the list below, but you may have to search for some of them. Usually, if these NPCs are not in their proper places, they will be in the apartment directly under the shrine with the portal. You can follow the route that you follow Sentiy if the Golden Rule is broken, but turn into an apartment. From the arch, go left along the path until you see a right turn into the apartment.

Ask each of the listed characters to tell about themselves, if the network is an opportunity, ask how he got here. After talking to the NPC part, use the TAB key to check the quest log. Take a look at the quest “Something in common”. Once you have at least 3 points that people mentioned, you can go back to Equitia. Also, when you talk to the right number of people, the woman will also be marked with a quest marker.

Here are all the characters that are suitable for this mission:

  • Fabia is somewhere in the market, usually in a bakery, and this is the second store on the left after the arch.
  • Decius is in his shop in the marketplace, third from the left as he passes through the archway.
  • Lucretius – in the temple of Apollo or on his porch, the first building on the left after the arch.
  • Julia – in the temple of Apollo.
  • George – inside or in front of the store, the second building on the right when passing through the arch. You will also have to ask him why he does not tell about everything that he remembers when he says that he has almost forgotten everything.
  • Galerius – on the farm between the portal and the villas.
  • Octavia – opposite a large temple on a hill above the villa, from where Ulpius jumped.
  • Horace – in front of Villa Sentia.
  • Rufio is either in the garden near the arch, or at the top of the stairs nearby.

As soon as you know at least three things Equitia can tell you about, go back to the woman and tell her that you asked people about how they got here. Tell us about three options and she will ask you to meet at the bathhouse. Follow her (if you lost, then just follow where you met the killer behind the market, or make sure to choose the active quest “Something in common”), go to the far end of the Roman baths and talk to her. You will find out the incredible truth. Talk to her as much as you like, and then tell her that there are no more questions. Ask for more information about the encounter with the god of the underworld. You also need to select a phrase with a request to tell more about the victory over the guide in order to leave the conversation. When you have done this, tell them that you will first talk to Libya.

Leave the Roman Baths on the same route and walk through the market to the arch. Turn right and head towards the apartment. Follow the quest marker to find Libya. If for some reason it is not there, just trust the target marker. Talk to her and tell her that you know where we are. Now open the journal with the TAB key and start tracking the task “Roman Tablet”. You will see several target markers pop up on the screen. Find Rufia, who should be in the apartment nearby, and talk to him. Ask if he knows anything about the Roman board, and when he says he has no idea, choose the option: “Come on. You owe me a favor, remember? ” He still has the courage to give you the key to the secret sanctuary, as well as a few recommendations. Clicking Rufi’s lines too quickly

Although Rufio helped us, we are not in a hurry yet. Before heading out for the board, look into Rufi’s room. Go to the apartment, go up the wooden stairs to the right behind the entrance and turn right. Go into the room, there is an unfinished note on the table on the left – read it and go outside. Return to the market arch, go through the market and turn left as you go up the ramp. Continue forward, leaving the amphitheater on your left, and enter the caves. Turn right twice to find a shrine. Open the door with the key you received from Rufi, go inside and take the plate lying on the table to the right. Leave the room and first of all go through the stone arch on the right. Go down the stairs, do not turn off at the fork and use the next flight of stairs to get below. After reaching the golden statue of a woman (will be on the left), go past her and to the right. You will see a ruined hut. Inside it, open the chest and take away the denarii and the vessel with wine lying inside.

Having done this, leave the building and turn left, returning in the same way that you came here. When you get to the stairs, go right and down, and then left along another staircase to return to the apartment. Go through them, return to the market, turning left at the exit. Open the Quest Log (TAB) and start tracking the Greek Tablet quest to find George. Continue towards the market, passing under the arch, and look into the second building on the right, George’s shop. Talk to the man and tell him that you are looking for the Greek chalkboard and then leave.

The next store on the right belongs to Virgil. Chat with him and ask for the graffiti on the front of his shop. Then ask why someone thinks so and if they like men. Continue the conversation until you can say you know who did it. Virgil will ask you to communicate with Rufio. Say you will do it. If you are tracking the Hellenic Board quest, you will have a target marker pointing to Dooley. Continue through the market, enter the building behind Decius’ store, on the other side of the path leading to the amphitheater and caves. There will be a detention cell inside. Walk up to her and chat with Dooley. Ask him for the Greek board, and when you can, ask what he needs in exchange for the item. Continue the conversation, and then clarify his request – do you need to convince everyone to vote for Galerius?

Part 4. “Democracy in Action” and “Egyptian Tablet”

Start tracking the Democracy in Action quest, then follow the target marker to return to Malleol’s house. Use the key on the door and go inside. Chat with Malleol. Ask if he really is Quinctius. He will deny it, and then end the conversation. Turn around, then go right and to the wall. Roll right again to reveal a hidden staircase. Continue down the red carpet until you find a double door. Open it and talk to the woman inside. Ask if you can talk to her, and then clarify why she is locked in her room. Tell her you can help her get revenge on Malleol. When you can, select the option “This is just a guess. Hopefully we can reveal his true identity together … ”. When she asks why you are helping her, tell her that you don’t like watching such a beautiful woman be mistreated. She will ask you for wine. We found it earlier. say no questions, then pass the wine. She will give a letter in which Malleol let slip that he is Quinctius. Tell her that you will keep the letter for yourself. Go downstairs and return to Malleol. Tell him that you want him to refuse to participate in the elections, because you know that he is Quinctius. Lie about who you really are. When he asks if you are going to kill him, say no, provided that he immediately refuses to participate in the elections and releases everyone who is in debt bondage. End the conversation and leave the villa. She will give a letter in which Malleol let slip that he is Quinctius. Tell her that you will keep the letter for yourself. Go downstairs and return to Malleol. Say that you want him to refuse to participate in the elections, because you know that he is Quinctius. Lie about who you really are. When he asks if you are going to kill him, say no, provided that he immediately refuses to participate in the elections and releases everyone who is in debt bondage. End the conversation and leave the villa. She will give a letter in which Malleol let slip that he is Quinctius. Tell her that you will keep the letter for yourself. Go downstairs and return to Malleol. Say that you want him to refuse to participate in the elections, because you know that he is Quinctius. Lie about who you really are. When he asks if you are going to kill him, say no, provided that he immediately refuses to participate in the elections and releases everyone who is in debt bondage. End the conversation and leave the villa. that he will immediately refuse to participate in the elections and release all who are in debt bondage. End the conversation and leave the villa. that he will immediately refuse to participate in the elections and release all who are in debt bondage. End the conversation and leave the villa.

Start tracking the “Sinner” quest. Follow the target marker to Rufio, ask if he is threatening Virgil, and then emphasize that you know it was Rufio. Since you handed him the willow bark, he will say that he is feeling better, so he will explain himself and promise to leave Virgil alone. Return to Virgil and say that you discussed everything with Rufio. Say goodbye to him and then break the Golden Rule in any way you like. You can shoot someone with a golden bow, steal something from the store, and so on. to make it easier to get to the portal, you can do it not far from it, in the apartment. Enter the portal, and when you reset the time loop, talk to Gallery. Ask him to do something for you. Send him to complete all four errands!

While you await the completion of these assignments, select the quest “The Egyptian Tablet” in the journal. Follow the marker and chat with Aurelia, who is nearby, down the stairs to the left, in the apartment. Say that you are looking for Habash, and find out if she saw him. She will offer to talk to George. Return to the market and talk to George. Say that you are looking for Habash, and then emphasize that he can trust you. End the conversation and follow the target marker through the market to the temple – the last building on the right as you head towards the Roman Baths.

Go inside the temple and turn to the right of the statue to find a passage hidden in the wall. Bend down and go through it, continue through the tunnel until you find an old man sitting in a large cave. Chat with him, introduce yourself if you wish, and then say the following phrases:

  • I’m looking for Habash.
  • Why not. It’s not difficult for me.
  • I don’t know exactly. This is not an easy question.
  • This is true.
  • And who decides what is good and what is bad?
  • I do not think.
  • I think there is no “right moral value”.
  • I think we need to live according to the laws and customs of our society.
  • No, i guess.
  • What do you mean?
  • Sounds dubious. How can you not “kill”?
  • I agree.

He will love this dialogue and will help you. Ask if he knows where to find the tablet taken from the obelisk. He will tell a long story (no matter what you answer him), and at the end of the conversation he will give the key. If you want, you can continue the conversation, but at the end, tell me that you need to go.

If you are still tracking The Egyptian Tablet, you will have a target marker leading to the catacombs. Go back the way you came here, then turn right and jump down to find a locked door. Open it and go to the catacombs. There is only one way forward, so keep going until you find water. There will be an enemy ahead, so be prepared to shoot him. Walk forward through the water and go down the stairs to use the doorway below.

After passing through the doors, turn right and jump onto the broken concrete pillars. Bend down to sneak and move across the room. Go up the concrete ramp. When you find yourself at the top of the building, take the arrows from the amphora, go to the wooden path and jump over the abyss to the other side (no need to run). As soon as you find yourself on the other side of the abyss, again sneak along the wooden path. Keep left and exit the room through the doorway between the large statue. After walking a decent distance, you can stop running and continue moving forward. Soon you will meet Habash. Whatever you tell him, he will hand over the Egyptian tablet, and then he will throw the fourth tablet into the pit. Jump after.

You will land in the water. Swim to the bottom and take the fourth tablet. Leave the water by the stairs and continue forward. Go down another ladder, find sand and water. Turn left, right at the statue pointing to the path ahead. In the next large corridor, turn right, go around this place and follow the large circular disc in the floor. When you pass it, there will be no more forks. Walk left, right, left and through the doorway. Roll left to see another stone disc in the floor. Go around it on the right and turn into the large hall on the right. You will see Habash standing at the top of a huge staircase. Go around the last stone disc, go forward a little and talk to Habai. To avoid having to kill him, choose the following phrases:

  • There is no need to escalate to violence.
  • That which can be destroyed with the truth deserves to be destroyed.
  • Isn’t an honest life valuable in itself?
  • Your beliefs about the afterlife turned out to be wrong, but isn’t it important that you lived honestly because of them?

You can just kill him, but then you have to run back to the portal and reset the time loop. In any case, go up, past Habash, climb the stairs behind him and go into a small stone opening. Continue forward and climb another staircase, then exit through the nearest double door with hieroglyphs. Turn right behind the door and go through the hole in the wall. After it, turn right, left and go through several rooms to return to the cave with the old man. Continue straight along the wooden path, go up, follow the old man and turn left of him. Go along the wooden path until you find a small hatch in the temple of Demeter, through which you got here.

Leave the temple, turn left and go to the arch at the market. Find Equation, ask about the status of the elections, and then ask if she can complete them early. When she asks why this is necessary, tell her that this will prevent conflict between voters. She will agree and start gathering people for elections. Go through the market and turn left to the amphitheater, which will be on the left. Sit down and watch what is happening.

If you have searched for the tablets for too long, the elections may have ended without you being present. And in this case, you will have to break the Golden Rule, then send Galerius back on four tasks, find Equitia and follow the instructions above.

When the election is over, head back, turn left behind the stairs to get to Dooley’s detention cell. As soon as Horace opens the cage, go inside and take the Greek tablet. It doesn’t matter what you say to Dooley. He will almost immediately break the Golden Rule, but that’s okay, since we got what we wanted. You can see how he will do it, or immediately run to the portal. In any case, you will have to reset the time loop.

Part 5. The Great Temple and Epilogue

Now is the time to travel to the Great Temple via the aqueduct. You can tell Gallery that you are busy, then go right to the nearest building and go up the stairs. Go to the top, run through the aqueduct until you find yourself at the Great Temple. Track the “Labor of Hercules” quest to make it easier to find the obelisk. Climb the stairs and turn left. Go forward until you reach your goal. You will see Octavia and Ulpius again. You can solve the situation in any way, because it will be over soon. As soon as Ulpia jumps or changes his mind, go to the obelisk and place all four tablets in it in their respective slots. This will open the door to the Great Temple. Climb the stairs and go inside. Walk through several rooms representing the different eras of the Forgotten City. Say the name at every door:

  • At the first door you need to pronounce the name of the Roman god – Pluto.
  • At the second door – Greek – Hades.
  • At the third door, say the name of the Egyptian god Osiris.
  • At the last door, say Nergal’s name and be prepared for a surprise.

Continue forward to the massive futuristic hall and talk to the man seated on the throne. This is the god of the underworld. There are several ways to force him to free all residents of the city:

  • The first option is to convince him to override the Golden Rule (see below for how to do this).
  • The second option – if you fail to convince the god, you can shoot into the glass room to his right, take the crown from the woman (Proserpina), and then run back to the portal to the sanctuary. Return to the god of the underworld, show him the crown and tell him that you will kill his wife again if he does not cancel the Golden Rule.

How to convince Pluto, Hades, Osiris, Nergal to cancel the Golden Rule

Follow these steps and note that there are no phrases in the list if they are the only ones when choosing dialogue options. Only forks are presented here:

  • To begin with, exhaust all the options on the “Tell about yourself” branch. Then say you want to talk about something else.
  • Then exhaust all the options in the “What is this place?” and ask again to talk about something else.
  • So you introduced the Golden Rule?
  • What is sin for you?
  • This principle is not as easy as it seems.
  • I happened to see terrible things here that you do not consider a sin. How did you let all this happen?
  • Experiments on golden statues.
  • This is a very literal interpretation of the rule.
  • Of course not. Never mind.
  • No wonder people think that gods are cruel. It only proves how subjective and unreliable your moral principles are. In evaluating good and bad, you are not the best people.
  • No, but that’s the point. No one distinguishes good from evil enough to entrust him with such power. You have become a tyrant.
  • If you do this, you will confirm my point of view.
  • Go through all the dialogue branches, select all the sins that you saw in the city, but don’t get the bow !!!
  • Let’s talk about something else.
  • I’m from the future. This phrase will appear provided that you have studied all the sins.
  • I had the hope that you yourself would explain it to me (lie).
  • Shouldn’t the god of the Underworld know this?
  • I want you to reverse the Golden Rule.
  • The Golden Rule has corrupted the city, making it impossible for you to win.
  • Rufio has become a paranoid that attacks everything – for example, Virgil’s love for men.
  • Decius raised the prices of the medicine necessary for life in such a way, because he knows that no one can take it away by force.
  • Malleol condemns people to debt bondage, convincing them that if they refuse, they will break your law.
  • These are all examples that I can give.
  • Why do you expect us to lead a sinless life if you yourself are not capable of it?
  • You have punished hundreds of people …
  • Didn’t you kidnap Proserpina and keep her here by force?
  • You locked people in the city against your will.
  • You severely punish hundreds of people: some of them only slightly stumbled, and some were completely innocent.
  • If we switched places, you would not want me to punish you for the sins of other people.
  • And in what way are your people superior to people?
  • And what is the superiority of this wisdom and high technology?
  • That is, you think that you can behave with us as you please, because you are stronger than us?
  • And what did the Roman Stoics say? “Treat the one below as you would like to be treated by those above.”
  • But didn’t you talk about your leader Jupiter? You have your own hierarchy.
  • I say: if you yourself cannot live by your own rule, why do you expect this from people?
  • You are not a monster. You are human, you made a mistake.
  • All people are wrong. This is our nature.
  • Perhaps he was wrong too.
  • Perhaps, having taken on a human form, you took over some human weaknesses.
  • We just want to return to our world.
  • Why?

Finally, the god will agree with you and undo the Golden Rule, and then bring the hero back to his time. You will see Al Worth nearby. Come and chat with him. Say whatever you want and you will find yourself in ruins again. Follow the target marker to the river where you will meet Charon. If you tell her that you know who she is, you will learn interesting information about how El came to be. She will ferry you both down the river, and you will see a good ending about what happened a year later. There will be an opportunity to talk to all the NPCs and learn about their new lives. Quite colorful and, to be honest, this is one of the sweetest and most enjoyable epilogues in all the video games I’ve played. If you run to the end of the room, the epilogue will end, so take your time and talk to everyone before doing this.

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