Walkthrough Steelrising DLC ​​”Secrets of Cagliostro”

A detailed walkthrough of the additional story mission from the Cagliostro’s Secrets DLC.

In this guide you will find detailed instructions for completing Cagliostro’s Secretes.

DLC “Secrets of Cagliostro” (Cagliostro’s Secretes). How to start a task

You can open access to this additional task only after the complete completion of the main quest in the Bastille. This location appears after visiting the Montmartre location and defeating the giant centaurus boss.

Secrets of Cagliostro – Meeting with Abbé Gregoire

After completing these steps, we go to the Luxembourg Ensemble, go into the safe zone and talk with the abbot Gregoire. We activate the replica “The Fate of Monsieur Brissot” – it is marked with a special “DLC” icon. After talking with the man, we go to complete the task “Secrets of Cagliostro”.

If players have previously fully completed the game, then they must load the final save in order to return before starting the final mission. Please note that the Secrets of Cagliostro DLC has made the following gameplay changes:

  1. New location “Hospital Saint-Louis”.
  2. Story mission.
  3. Additional quests in old locations.
  4. Five types of weapons.
  5. Boss and new enemies.
  6. Two characters.

After talking with the abbot, we return to the carriage and get to the door marked with a familiar symbol. We pick up a message from Terouan de Merikur . We return to the carriage and go to a new zone.

Hospital Saint-Louis. How to find Théroigne de Mericourt

We follow forward and take the royal decree from the carriage .

We pass through the gate and activate the vestal .

We move to the library and defeat the enemies.

We rise to the second floor and destroy a strong enemy.

We grab bronze and cast iron from the table .

Near the bookcase we examine the letter to Joseph Balsamo .

We jump through the window into the next building.

On the tables we find a register of prisoners and an inventory .

We pick up the fountain pen from the floor and watch a short cut-scene. We follow forward and in the chamber we find the essence of the warrior’s soul .

We get out into the street and with the help of a hook we jump into another building. On the second floor we will find another essence of the warrior soul .

At the open window we study the letter to Joseph Balsamo .

We go down to the lower tier, kill the enemy and get cast iron .

We jump out into the yard and use the hook.

We find in the box an electric flail and a throw of bismuth .

We pass along the courtyard forward and destroy all the automatons.


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We jump into the window, move to the left, climb the stairs to the second floor and immediately turn right. We open the previously locked door.

From the tables we pick up the key to the cell , a metal bracelet and a note for assistants .

We return in the opposite direction and pass the stairs along the corridor to the left. In one of the cells we will meet Anna-Joseph Terouan de Mericourt. Free the girl.

In her cell we pick up the bronze and break the wall. We jump down and immediately open a fast passage.

We go forward and climb into the morgue through the window. We take the essence of the warrior soul .

We go outside, defeat the automaton and destroy the wall.

In the cemetery we find the essence of the rebellious soul .

We get to the excavation site and go down to the underground tier.

Climb up the narrow stairs and jump to the next platform.

We go through the hole and use the hook to get out.

We follow the path, kill the enemy and destroy the wall.

We go down to the dungeon.

At the bottom we destroy a powerful enemy and take alchemical vials from the chest.

We return to the street. We use the hook and fight with two automatons.

We climb onto the roof of one of the graves and jump over the fence.

We open a fast path and after cleaning the territory we move over the fence.

Activate vestal .

We go inside the building.

We follow forward, climb the stairs and immediately open the door.

Inside the room, from the chest we take out the Caput Corvi studs and the Caput Corvi shoes and leggings .

On the tables we study two letters to Joseph Balsamo .

We pass into the next room. We watch the video and get the book . Here on the tables we find a letter to Joseph Balsamo and a note .

We go outside, climb over the fence and go to the one-story building.

Inside one of the corrals in the chest we find the wheel of justice , a throw of bismuth and Paralysis Module III . We follow the label. We pass through the room for cars.

In one of the rooms we find the report of Hedon, assistant .

Open a fast passage and move further along the mark. No difficult routes are foreseen in the future.

We destroy the wall and go down into the dungeon.

We leave from the other side and get to the arena with the boss.

How to defeat the Unstable Gravedigger boss

The player has already met a simple version of such opponents on his way. The enemy uses a shovel and tries to perform a combo with sweeping strikes. Also, the enemy launches a fiery wave, from which it is necessary to move away. At the current level, Aegis should have no problem destroying the enemy.

Hospital Saint-Louis. How to get to the boss

After defeating the boss, the heroine will meet Terouan de Mericourt. We watch a short cut-scene. Now Aegis needs to get to the central courtyard and defeat the giant.

We pick up the key to the module and throw bismuth . Activate vestal .

Opening a fast track.

We go back, go out into the neighboring courtyard and in the box we find the essence of the rebellious soul . We follow a narrow path.

We break the wall and jump into the mines. We move forward and destroy another wall. Let’s go to crypto.

We go up the stairs and open a fast path. We return back and exit through the tunnel to the vestal .

We climb up the platforms and jump over to the arena to the giant.

How to defeat the giant boss Marathel

This boss uses an ink pen to block Aegis’ view. In this case, we immediately run back and wait for the screen to clear. The enemy also actively uses sweeping attacks, lunges with area damage, and stabs.

Sometimes the giant sets fire to a small area near him. In any of these cases, we use dodges to the side and keep a small distance.

We defeat the giant and free Brissot. We do not immediately go to the base and pick up the key to the module and orichalcum. We return to the carriage and move to the Luxembourg Ensemble. We rise to the safe zone and communicate with the allies. After talking with the members of the resistance, the task “Secrets of Cagliostro” will be completed.


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