Walkthrough Rise of the Tomb Raider: Blood Bond

How to get the code from the safe and solve the secret combination in the wine cellar

Rise of the Tomb Raider: Blood Ties is a small adventure in which Lara tries to find the will of her late father so that her estate does not fall into the hands of Atlas’ uncle.

Lara reads the notice

We are at the Croft Manor. The game begins with reading a letter from a “caring” relative. When control passes to the player, you need to examine the safe. Naturally, it is closed, so you first need to find a combination. The room (as well as the entire estate) contains a lot of various documents and artifacts. Most of them are not needed for the passage, but it is worth reading them at least in order to better understand the plot. In this walkthrough, we will not paint the search for all the items, but only those necessary to complete the quest.

Rise of the Tomb Raider: Blood Ties Walkthrough (Required Items Only)

We leave into the corridor and pull the door to the library. Closed. Take the map on the right side. It indicates a workaround to the library. We open the door with handprints. It’s dark, you need a flashlight. You can find him in the main hall, in a box near the front door.

Armed with a lantern, we go down into the wine cellar. There you will need to clear the passage by moving the rack with bottles. We go to the next section. Then right and left. Alternately, we push back the objects that block the passage. We return and turn left. The passage is now clear.

Hieroglyphs and numbers

Further we go through the basements until we come out to the stairs. We go upstairs and open the secret door to the library. Here we need to take the journal of Lara’s father, which contains a hint about the code from the safe. There is a box with a lighter under the magazine .

Treasure from Lara’s expedition

First we go to the back table of the library. We find a drawing with hieroglyphs . This is the clue. Each of the hieroglyphs represents a number. You can always view the leaflet from the menu.

Mobile ladder

Next, you need to go upstairs using a mobile ladder. First, we move it all the way to the left, climb up and slide the cart over ourselves. Then we go down and move the stairs to the right. Upstairs again, to a closed box located not far from the door. We take a blank sheet . It is actually a map, but written in invisible ink. We go downstairs and kindle the fireplace. This will give us a map that shows the location of the master key .

Key stash

It is necessary to move the small table near the bookshelves. Now that we have the key, we can open the door and chest on the second floor (this key opens all doors and chests in the Croft estate). Inside there will be a paper crown – treasure from the expedition. The hieroglyph on it means the number 5 .

Parents’ wedding anniversary

Lara does not know the date of her parents’ wedding, so she will have to look for clues. From the office we go to the opposite wing. Straight into the bedroom. We study all the objects near the bed. The wedding date is October 9th .

Father’s favorite painting

Now we go to the workshop in the same wing. I must find my father’s favorite painting. It’s even easier to do this: a note nearby has a direct answer to this question. Favorite painting – with red rectangles. There are 4 of them .

Favorite painting

Opening the safe

We now have everything to open the safe. We return to the office and enter the code (549). Among the heap of papers we find an empty piece of paper. We heat it up again in the fireplace (you can use it in the main hall). As a result, we get a map showing one of the shelves in the wine cellar and three hieroglyphs.


The final riddle

We compare the hieroglyphs with the picture and get the code 142 . We go to the wine cellar, move the rack and enter the code. A secret passage will open. As soon as we go inside, the doors will close. We’ll have to find another way.


In the laboratory we examine the plate on the wall , and then we take the crowbar from the box on the table. We break through the wall and go free. We are installing the sign in the main hall. Now we go north. Those. up the stairs to the wall. We study it and make a passage into the crypt.


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