Walkthrough quests in Torment: Tides of Numenera – Cliffs of Sagus

Where to find and how to complete all of the side quests in the Cliffs of Sagus

List of locations

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  • Walkthrough quests in Torment: Tides of Numenera – Cliffs of Sagus (Order of Truth)
  • Walkthrough quests in Torment: Tides of Numenera – Cliffs of Sagus (Caravanserai)
  • Walkthrough quests in Torment: Tides of Numenera – Cliffs of Sagus (Cliff’s Edge)
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  • Walkthrough quests in Torment: Tides of Numenera – Cliffs of Sagus (Underbelly)
  • Walkthrough quests in Torment: Tides of Numenera – Valley of Forgotten Heroes
  • Passage of quests in Torment: Tides of Numenera – Blossom (Memovira Compound)

Every city has its own slums, and the Cliffs of Sagus is no exception. In the underbelly , the dregs of society live and production is in full swing. Followers of the cult of Dendra O’hur live here , devouring the dead in the hope of gaining new knowledge.

The guide below will tell you from whom you can get the quests available on the territory of this location, how to complete them and what is rewarding for this.

Circles in Red

  • Where to find: Underbelly
  • Who issues: Tolston

Tolston will appear in his place after the completion of the story quest ” Falling from Heaven “

A serial maniac has wound up in the underbelly – to start investigating mysterious murders, talk to a character named Tolston in the southern part of the location.

Be careful : every time the last outcast stops for the night, another murder is committed in the Underbelly. If you are not quick enough, the following will die at the hands of a maniac: Curve Creek (familiar to Pikvo from the quest ” The Lost Son “), Mant Pa , and then Mikela (a merchant). Let this happen – the quest will fail and the killer will flee.

To complete the task, you will need Matkin , the key character in the ” Cold, calculating key ” story quest . Having enlisted her support, ask Tolston to let you to the crime scene, examine the bloody footprints on the wall ( 2 experience points ), and then give free rein to memories – get 2 health damage and 2 experience points .

Next, go to the Dendra O’hour cult chapel and talk to its leader Imbitu . He will allow you to chat with the rest of the sectarians on the topic of murder and the personality of a maniac. Imbitu himself, Eater of the Wrongs , Gzi and Mallet have alibis, while Kiyatawa does not.

You can also visit the ” Small Circle ” and talk there with a trader named Prata , who will tell you ( 3 experience points ) how she heard Kiyatawa whisper about a certain “empty red circle” – the same one that accompanies murders.

It will be possible to meet with Kiyatava and learn about her motives at the later stages of the game.

Return to Tolston and accuse Kiyatawa of the murders. Unfortunately, it turns out that she managed to escape. You will receive your reward ( 40 experience points ) in any case.

Foreman’s Brood

  • Where to find: Underbelly
  • Issued by: Crippled Brigadier

Despite the fact that robots, by definition, cannot have offspring, the crippled foreman from the factory in the underbelly is determined to have children. Unfortunately, to do this, the robot will have to sacrifice its “life”.

Having learned about the desire of the foreman, talk to Dim (the assistant to the robot), and ask him to tell in detail about the procedure for “childbirth”. There are three ways to resolve the situation:

  1. Go to the Order of Truth(the stairs leading to the Government Square are right next to the crippled foreman) and ask Sneerf to create the necessary device ( 50 tires required ). Having received the procreation turbine at your disposal , return to the robot and fulfill his wish with the help of the Skill: Mechanisms skill (the Intelligence parameter ).
  2. The second method involves breeding offspring on their own. Use the skills Skill: Mechanismsand Skill: Natural(parameter ” Speed “) to give life to new robots.
  3. Go back to the foreman and persuade him (skill ” Persuasion“) to stop this nonsense. In this case, the robot will remain alive, and you will receive 25 experience points.

In the event that new constructs are born, the reward for the quest is determined by the player himself. In addition to the guaranteed 25 experience points , you can:

  • take all the offspring for yourself (get two codesand a curiosity );
  • take for yourself only a stillborn robot ( curiosity);
  • release everyone.

Shaky Foundations

  • Where to find: Underbelly
  • Who issues: Peliay

Peliai , a variety agent of the Slave families, tries to stop the verses from digging tunnels under the city to avoid possible landslides. And, since attempts to negotiate were unsuccessful, she is ready to take extreme measures – to steal poetry eggs.

You can find Pelias surrounded by two guards near the eastern entrance to the location. Talk to a variety agent and agree to help resolve the conflict. For this you will receive the code ” Panoramic ball ” (removes the “fog of war” in the selected area).

Speak with a representative waiting nearby stihusov named Ch’kekt . From a conversation with him, you will learn how these earth-moving insects look at the situation. To be able to solve the problem peacefully, the hero needs to remember (a separate option in the dialogue) how to speak the language of poetry. If this did not work out, you will need the ” Burst of Streams ” skill , which can be obtained as part of the ” Favorite Slave ” quest .

During the negotiations, you can convince (the appropriate skill will come in handy) Ch’kekt to stop digging tunnels under the city or offer him regular tribute for stopping the excavation. Returning to the not too pleased with the outcome Peliay case, you will get 40 experience points , 150 Shinov and artifact ” Ebonite eyes ” (+1 perception , -1 to skill ” Stealth “, immune to the dazzle and shock), provided that the character more than anything did not promise Ch’kektu.

If you like the good old ultraviolence, you will have to find a way to get into the den of verses without their knowledge. In this, the last outcast can be helped by the Chief Brigadier , who gives orders to his subordinates from a familiar (he is not able to move) place in a factory nearby. Dig up in the southeast of the location the corpse of the stichus buried under the rubble (parameter ” Strength “) and tell the foreman about it. He will be able to design a robot-digger, which will organize for you a “trip” to the den of verses.

Important note : the verse lair connects to the Buried Crossroads – the refuge of the Changing God, where you need to get to to complete the Cold, Calculating Key story quest and the Borrow and Lose side quest .

When collecting eggs, do not use force – this can damage or destroy the incubators

Inside, as you might guess, the last outcast is awaited by a group of aggressive verses, who do not want to share their offspring with strangers. Defeating these insect-like diggers is not so difficult (they often miss and do not have a large supply of health), however, the battle can be delayed due to their number.

If you have no desire to fight, simply activate ( Skill: Mechanisms or Skill: Mystical ) the device shown in the screenshot above to distract all verses in the lair. Collect the eggs from the three incubators and return to Ch’kekt and Peliai.

Now it will be much easier to negotiate with Ch’kekt: intimidate (skill ” Intimidation “) him or give the eggs in exchange for the cooperation of verses. Peliaus can also engage in negotiations, if you do not have such a desire.

It is worth noting that when using the “egg” method, Ch’kekt will refuse to help the hero in his underground travels.

As a reward for looting the verse lair, you will receive 40 experience points , tires (the amount of reward depends on the number of eggs delivered by Peliai – maximum 150 ) and the Ebony Eyes artifact .


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