Walkthrough Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Guide to all of Kena’s story quests: how to find relics and memories for each spirit, get all spirit mail and other collectibles

Select the desired level of difficulty, which mainly determines the manner of fighting opponents and methods of recharging abilities. Then follow forward using the pulsation on the E key. This will get you to the lake. Here you need to stand on a round platform opposite a closed stone door. The panel with the crystal will turn. Use the ripple to activate the crystal and open the way further.

In the end, you will find yourself in a spacious cave with a man holding a staff in his hands. Defeat the first opponents using LMB and RMB for light but fast and heavy but slow attacks, respectively. Left CTRL will allow you to dodge in a timely manner. There are large stones to the right and left of the gate. Move closer and use the Ripple on the E key. Then stand on the circular panel where the spirit was and open the large stone doors.

Move forward and leave the cave. By the way, to run, press the mouse wheel, and do not try to hold down the more familiar Shift key. Interact with the tree on Q and watch a cinematic cutscene. After that, approach the glowing creature and press E to interact with the smoldering creature. We need to find other smolders in the area. Stand on the circle and click on E, and then go up the ledges. Kena can do double jumps. For them, just double-click on SPACE.

Collect another smolder in the place where the children were. Walk forward a little and turn right. Climb up the slope and jump onto the ledge on your right hand to collect another decay. There are three left to find. Go to the opposite side, on top. Jump forward and walk along the tree to find the third decaying bird (the first does not count). Return to the main road. The kids will run away through the gap between the stones. You will return to the right and you will see a round plate in front of the reservoir. Stand on it and click on E to raise the ledges. Jump on them into the cave behind the waterfall and pick up the fourth decaying bird. Continue following the children and you will find a chest to the left of the gate. Open it to Q to get the last decay. Go back a little. If you have collected all the smut, you have already received the first level. There is a dead zone near the reservoir. Move closer to the red flower and click on R when looking in its direction. Doing so will direct the smolders towards him, which will form a blue sphere. Use the ripple on E to clear this spot. Climb up the fallen tree.

Climb higher, jump over to the other side and climb up the ledges with white paint. Get to the second dead zone. Smolders will scatter at the sight of enemies. Kill multiple opponents and increase your courage. It can be obtained from orange spheres that drop from enemies. These spheres are picked up by contact with Kena or through pulsation. Then use smolders to destroy two nodes to remove the dead zone.

You will need to climb the hill in front. Order the smolders to grab the stone block on the right. Then, using Shift to aim and R to command, ask them to move the rock to the white paint ledge. Climb up, jump over to the other side and climb higher, where you should have gone. Along the way, in the ruins on the left and right, you can open two barrels with loot.

Soon you will encounter the very spirit that will summon the first boss. Fight the Sprout using the E key to set up a magic barrier. If you activate it immediately before the enemy strike, then Kena will be able to parry the enemy attack and temporarily stun the enemy. Overall, the battle will be pretty easy and fast. After the victory, pick up courage and order the corpses to occupy the dead zone. Then use scatter.


  • Ashes – 24
  • Hats – 21
  • Temple of Flowers – 8
  • Spirit Mail – 3
  • Cursed chests – 6

After defeating the Sprout, you will receive three more decaying bodies. Now you have 8 pieces, and for the next level you need to collect 15. Move forward and you will see a dead zone in the center of the village. Destroy all enemies, and then order the decaying bodies to envelop three flowers. Two will be outside and one more will be inside the building on the right. When all three are destroyed, the main bud will open. Envelop and destroy the dead zone in the center of the village. You will have access to a shop with hats for decay (they use a special currency that you get when you feed your decay) and a stone of fast travel. Also in the very center are several chests scattered in a circle, in which you will find three hats – a clover, a mushroom and a pot (Hats 3/21). You will receive one of them (mushroom) for the fact that you have found a shop. In addition, on one of the benches, a decay is hiding under the dishes (Decay 1/24). You can go back and go left to find the pots of crystals and the cursed chest (Cursed chest 1/6). Such chests open only after killing all opponents. The enemies themselves appear after interacting with the chest.

Go forward from the center of the village and you will find yourself near some sanctuary in the forest. Turn right and go left of the steps to the cursed reservoir. Ask the decaying bodies to pick up the stone and pick up the next decaying one (Decaying 2/24). Return to the shrine and walk a little to the left for an old man to appear. He will give the Tarot mask.

With the mask, go back to the children in the center of the village, at the blue barrier. Equip a mask to remove the barrier. Go ahead and search different houses. On the left there will be a house with a barrier and a mailbox. You’ve seen similar ones before. There is a house on the right with a tub behind it. Move it with the help of smoldering and climb through the hole in the roof inside the house. There you will find the Spirit Mail (Spirit Mail 1/3). Ask the smut to remove the wooden planks from the aisle, go out to the main street and look back a little. The barrier near the house will be highlighted. Put the mail in the mailbox, go to the house and collect the loot. Kill all enemies and cleanse the house by applying decay to the deadzone bud. Behind the house, you will find a decaying dish hidden under a plate (Decay 3/24). And inside the house there is a chest with a Yellow Mushroom (Hats 4/21).

Tarot tree

  • Ashes – 7
  • Hats – 4
  • Temple of Flowers – 2

Keep moving, talk to the kids, kill enemies and clear the dead zone. You will learn about sticky tears. These blue flowers are capable of turning smolders into a liquid mass. Move it with the mouse. Follow the growths of the dead zone and click on LMB to destroy the obstacle. This will open the way to the next gate. Then the children will find a strange place for the flower. Talk to them. Look to the right, ask the decayers to look into the bucket and bring the glowing seed to the place near the children. By planting it, you can grow sticky tears. Use them to destroy all growths in the area. There is a temple of flowers (Temple of flowers 1/2). Free him from growths to receive a reward – karma and crystals.

Climb up the ledges. You cannot climb the slope with mud, so go along the log to the right. As a result, you will reach the “Forest Trail” fast travel point. Go to the large clearing and kill the enemies. There will be one Sprout among them. After the victory, sticky tears will appear. You can open two passages by using tears and destroying growths. One hides a house with a chest containing a bow (Hats 1/4). After another there will be a stone with decay (Decay 1/7). Go through the cave into the dark forest and put on the mask where the orange marker is visible.

To help Tarot remember who he is, you will have to find three relics. The children will point to Rusu’s house, located high in the mountains. First, turn around and go back where you came from. There are pots on the trees, but now your decay cannot empty them. Three stones can be found on the right by the cliff. Under one of them there will be decay (Decay 2/7). On the left, look for a log, and there will be another decay under it (Decay 3/7). You can also use E on bushes to ripen the fruits, and then offer them to decay. For this you will receive karma. As well as picking up fallen statues.

Stand with your face in front of a huge tree. Look at the fallen tree on the left. Above it rises a mountain with the house of Rusu. Walk towards the tree, but turn right. This will walk around the dead tree. There is one way. After the enemies, there will be steps that lead to the hats cart. After finding it, you will receive a new hat “Fox” (Hats 2/4). Go back to the fallen tree. Behind it there is a small stream and a waterfall with a stone, under which a decay is hiding (Tlen 4/7). Climb up the stones and run to the left to the fruit bush. You will soon find the Rift fast travel point.

Mount Rusu

  • Ashes – 13
  • Hats – 6
  • Temple of Flowers – 3
  • Spirit Mail – 1
  • Cursed chests – 1

Go to the reservoir and talk to the children. They will point to the top of the mountain where the Rusu hunting tower stands. Do not go into the pond yet. Turn around and see a passage on the left (to the right of the path you came here). Move through the forest and defeat enemies in the dead zone, then clear it. You can order the smolders to place the statue on the glowing stone disc. Also in the corner, under a stone, a decay is hiding (Decay 1/13).

Follow the Tarot memory (orange spirit) until you find it (1/4). Put on your mask and watch the cut-scene. After that, sticky tears will appear. Use them to break the barrier on the left and get to the flower temple. Clean it up (Flower Temple 1/3). Return to Sticky Tears and head right past a ledge with a slippery slope. Take a running jump onto the ledge with white paint and turn around. Cross the slippery slope to the other side to find rune stones. Press E and you will find a decay (Decay 2/13). Keep climbing higher and higher, jumping and grabbing onto ledges and avoiding slippery slopes. Continue upward. At the top on the right, look for a bush with fruits, and a little further there will be a checkpoint “Ruins”.

Look down the mountain near this checkpoint and see white paint. Jump down and find rune stones. Press E to collect decay (Decay 3/13). Next, there will be a difficult segment. You need to jump over the white paint ledges and cling to them. Somewhere you have to jump to the ledge below, climb them to go around the cliff, and so on. Once you get to the small cave in the rock, take your time to go inside. Climb the ledges to the right to go around the cliff and enter a hidden cave with a pouch (Spirit Mail (1/1).

Get to the destroyed bridge, but don’t rush. Look to the right. Jump up the ledges to find the Crystal Pot, Barrel, and Cursed Chest (1/1). Inside it will be a “Bird’s Nest” hat (Hats 1/6). In addition, from the bridge, go in the opposite direction and look at the ledge on the right. Climb up there, ask the smut to move the stone block under the white ledges on the left and go upstairs. There, under a tree, a decay is hiding (Decay 4/13).

Cross the bridge, which can be temporarily repaired by smoldering, and look around. There are debris on the left, and in front is the fast travel point “House of Rusu” and the second Tarot memory (2/4). Go to the left of the house and find a clearing with enemies. Defeat all opponents. After the victory, pick up the crystal and ask the smoldering creatures to place it between the round slab and the stone door. Stand on the stove and click on E. Energy will be transferred through this crystal on the door, and you can go inside.

Go deeper, lighting the lanterns, and fight Kappa. The enemy appears in one of three locations. Use Shift and R to attack him with smoldering. They will inflict damage on the enemy and at the same time distract him, thanks to which you can attack the enemy in close combat. Avoid exploding bombs. If you approach Kappa without smoldering, he will instantly hide from you. After the victory, go forward and take the elevator.

Walk forward, picking up a statue along the way, and talk to Rusu. Nearby there is a point of movement “Tower Rusu” and another statue that can be lifted. Shoot three targets, turn around and go to a large tree. There is a hat shop behind it. After finding it, you will receive a “Pinwheel” hat (Hats 2/6). There are many tests of Rusu here. If you complete each one, you will receive the Hat “Rusu Mask” (Hats 3/6). I was given it for the test to the left of the tree, where you need to shoot a pumpkin, from which three falling targets appear. But, most likely, you will receive a hat only for passing all the tests. There is also a purple pot hanging there. Shoot him to drop the decay (Decay 5/13).

Find a passage to the slippery slope to the right of the large tree. Follow there, kill all enemies. Kill opponents who are sitting in trees with a bow. After the victory, direct the smolders at the flower, and then shoot at it with a bow. Shoot your bow at the target to the right of the bridge to lower it. go to the other side. Jump to the right first and shoot at the blue flower. This will pull you to the other side. use the meditation site to maximize your health permanently. Return to Rusu and activate the “Backyard of Rusu House” movement point.

Slide even lower. On the way, you can jump up and in flight shoot the blue flower on the left to get to the chest. But there will be ordinary crystals inside. Kill several enemies hiding in the trees near the house, and then fight the Wood Knight. You shouldn’t attack him in the open. Dodge his attacks and shoot from the bow at the orange growths. First, they will give you the courage you need to use the smoldering abilities. Secondly, the explosion from orange growths inflicts increased damage on the monster. Do not forget to distract him by inciting smolders. After the victory, destroy the huge flower on the Rusu house. You will receive the first relic – the Tarot knife. Also, for defeating the Wood Knight, you will receive 3 decay (Decay 8/13).

Go inside the house and slide out the shelf to get the smudge (9/13). To the left of the house, on the other side, there is a place for a sticky tear. There will be a device nearby. Hit the target to get the seed out and plant it in the right place. Go through the passage opposite the house where Rusu is standing. Use E to stop the orange blossom decay (Decay 10/13). In addition, you will receive a new hat “Flower” (Hats 4/6). Shoot the blue crystal on the statue to make the seed drop and sticky tears appear. Use them to destroy the growths and free the Flower Temple (Flower Temple 2/3). Return to the statue and look to the side. At the top, there is a mechanism with three gears. Ask the smoulders to move the middle gear and shoot at the lower one, where there is a blue crystal. This will turn the platform gear. Climb onto the ledge and jump onto this platform. Move further on the platform, suspended by a rope, shooting at the blue target. Shoot two blue flowers in the air to reach the Feather chest (Hats 5/6).

Find the descent down or use any fast travel stone. Return to the Gorge travel point. Swim on the water to the far left corner, to the big mountain. There will be a dead end, but there is a stone under which a decaying creature is hiding (Tlen 11/13).

Tarot tree

Walk back from the tarot tree through the forest. There are blue and purple pots hanging here. From the purple, on the right, a decay will fall out (Decay (5/7). On the right side, find a temple of flowers. Look at the tree and see a glowing crystal. Hit it with a bow, and the next one will light up. Hit four of these crystals so that you end up growing sticky tears. Use them to cleanse the temple of flowers (Temple of flowers (2/2). Return to the Tarot tree. Look to the right, climb the fallen tree in the corner and pull with the blue flower. Jump over the ledges and find the stone under which the decay is hiding (Decay 6/7) Finally, walk again from the tree through the forest in the direction of the village. On the right side, at the beginning of the path, there is a cliff. At the bottom is water, and on the other side is a blue flower. Pull to it to get to the other side and find the “Butterfly” blooper (Hats 3/4).


Return to the village and look to the right when leaving the Tarot Tree location for a house where mail should be delivered from Mount Rusu. Of course, if you find it. By doing this, you can get a lot of crystals and find a decaying tree under a piece of wood (Decay 4/24). And behind the house there is a chest with a “Ladybug” (Hats 5/21). Also in this part there is a temple of flowers, right at the crossroads. The house on the left has a place for sticky tears. Shoot the glowing point on the tree to make tears appear. Use to free the first flower temple in the village (Flower Temple 1/8).

Forgotten forest

  • Ashes – 14
  • Hats – 6
  • Temple of Flowers – 3
  • Spirit Mail – 2
  • Cursed chests – 2

Move to the Tarot Tree point and walk to the right of the large tree. There will be closed stone doors here. Shoot the glowing symbol to the upper left of them. Shoot alternately at the others and go through the stone gate in the direction of the Forgotten Forest. Here you will find the Altar of Displacement and Rusu. Pick up the statue on the right and find the fruit bush on the left. Walk forward and look left to see an energy barrier blocking the path to the Lantern Cave.

Walk to the right of the cave to find the first temple. All temples are marked with blue markers on the map. If you turn left, walk along the stream, you can find old things. Examine them and pick up the Tarot Memory (3/4). They are optional, but provide additional cut scenes. Go to the Infected Temple. Four altars with bowls are placed in a circle. You need to light them in the correct order. Shoot like this:

  1. Looking at the altar, shoot the bowl on the right, behind it (highest of all)
  2. Turn around to see a large tree in front of the altar and shoot the bowl to the right of it, a little further
  3. Then shoot the bowl to the left of the tree
  4. Turn to the altar and shoot the bowl to the left of it

If done correctly, the bud will open and you can cleanse the filth just like you did before. If you are wrong, you will have to fight with two flying insects, spitting explosive shells.

Walk to the right of the temple, across the river, turn left and you will find a bush here and the first cursed chest (Cursed chest 1/2). This time, you will have to kill enemies in the allotted time. I recommend unlocking the skill that allows you to charge the arrow with energy. Shoot the orange growths on the last enemy with a sword. Inside the chest you will find a Tarot hat (Hats 1/6). Follow the path looking up to see a purple pitcher hanging from a tree. Shoot and pick up the Smolder (Decay 1/14). Continue to the yellow marker. This is the entrance to the temple, which will open if you clear all four altars (marked with blue markers). To the left of the temple, look for a statue that can be moved to one of the three stands to the right of the temple entrance. Walk to the right of the three discs and find a second statue. Ask the smoulders to move it. Move up the map along the left path from the closed door of the temple. Turn left and go across the bridge. After the bridge, go to the left, along the stream, climb the stone and shoot at the only bowl to light the fire. Jump on two platforms and get to the meditation site. This will permanently increase your maximum health. A decay is hidden under the stone on the right (Decay 2/14).

Return and look for the third statue nearby, before descending into the ravine. Place all three statues on the discs to the right of the temple to get the Deer hat (Hats 2/6). Go across the same bridge (up the map) and find the Temple of Water on the right. There will also be a transfer altar of the same name. Before the damage, there are fragments from two stones. Look for small crystals on the right and left. Ask the smut to install them in place of the destroyed stones. Stand on the glowing disk and click on E. The chain is assembled, so you activate the mechanism and can blow up the flower.

There are two more temples left to be freed. There is a large corrupted log behind this temple. Swim across to it, stand on the edges where there is a rune. Press E. Four targets will appear in the air. Hit them quickly and you will be able to pick up the smoldering (3/14). You can also be attracted to the blue flower on the stump where the chest is. Inside is a children’s mask (Hats 3/6). Return to the water temple, create Sticky Tears and move to the broken bridge across the street. There is corruption in the corner on the left. Remove it and ask the smut to move the stone cube to the wall on the other side (rectangles are shown on it). Climb upstairs and ask the smolders to remove the wooden boards from the path (on the right). Create Sticky Tears and follow this route, over the fallen log, and clear the Temple of Flowers (Temple of Flowers (1/3). Go back through the log and turn around. A blue flower above should open up). Reach for him, and then for two more, staying in the air. This will take you to the stump with the pouch (Spirit Mail 1/2).

From the Temple of Water, follow the path to the left, along the haystacks and under the log bridge. Stand in the circle and press E. Three stone blocks will appear from under the water. Jump onto the one on the left, turn around and shoot at the glowing bowl on the ledge. The block will go up. Jump to the bowl and open the cursed chest (Cursed chest 2/2). You will need to kill seven flying insects. Use onions and decay. There are crystals inside the chest.

Go down, jump over the blocks to the left, to another circle. You don’t need it. Go into the water on the right and turn into the cave on the left where the decay is hidden (Decay 4/14). Examine the trees on the left. They have wooden bridges. Find a spot to gravitate towards the blue flower. Climb higher and higher. On the first climbs, turn around and look in the other direction to see where the hold is. As you climb the ledges, jump onto the green branch and grab onto the tree opposite. Follow the ledges to the right and find a pouch (Spirit Mail 2/2). Keep going up until you get to the Temple. Kill all enemies and destroy the corruption. Move to the temple using flowers. Talk to Rusu and gravitate towards the blue flower above, above it. Follow this route, press E and pick up the smolder (5/14). Turn around go back and jump to the other side. Let the smolders turn the bucket over. Plant the seed. Stand on the platform, shoot the crystal, quickly create Sticky Tears and move them towards you. Going downstairs, cleanse the Temple of Flowers (Temple of Flowers 2/3). Search the containers and you can jump down. Return to the beginning of the location, go up to the temple of the forests from the side of the stream, kill all enemies and destroy the corruption.

Cross to the other side along the log, jump to the waterfall and follow it into a secret cave with a chest. Inside it is a purple mushroom (Hats 4/6). You can also climb from the stream to the ledges with a hats cart. There you will receive an acorn (Hats 5/6). Return to the large doors (yellow marker), stand in the circle and click on E. Defeat Captain Sprout. First use smolders and shoot at its orange growth. Then you can use the skill “Decaying hammer” (RMB + R). Clean the corruption inside the cave and take the second Tarot relic. For defeating the captain, you will receive 3 decay (Decay 8/14).

Go to the passage towards the Lantern Cave, defeat the magician and talk to Rusu. In a fight with a mage, you can break the red orbs that are chasing Kena. And ordinary enemies will disappear as soon as the magician disappears. Will help you in this skill “Decaying hammer” and decay. When the barrier opens, look under the stones on the right for the smoldering substance (Decay 9/14). Walk further and left. Examine things, follow the spirit, destroy the barrier of corruption and pick up the last Tarot memory (4/4). Shoot three crystals from left to right and plant a seed.

Use a sticky tear to destroy the corruption on the left. This is the path to the point of meditation. Go right, destroying the corruption. Kill enemies, create another Sticky Tear, and continue to destroy the filth until you find its heart. Don’t rush down to the cave. Destroy the filth on the right and cleanse the last flower temple (Flower Temple 3/3). Go down to the cave and activate the altar of movement. Inside you will find a battle with the Guardian of the Temple. Shoot from the bow at the appearing growths and use the decaying hammer. For the victory, you will receive three decaying bodies (Decay 12/14) and a third relic.

Get out of the cave, ask the smolders to pick up a lantern and place it next to another, a little further. Shoot the nearest crystal. Hit the rest and destroy the filth. There is a bumpy chest on the left (Hats 6/6).

Tarot tree

Return to the Tarot tree where all 3 relics are already installed. Fight the Corrupted Tarot. First, set the smolders on him and shoot at the purple growth. After each time, wait for a lantern to appear on the Tarot, and shoot at him with a normal or saturated arrow. After the victory, watch a lengthy video. You will also receive a tarot mask for decaying (Hats 4/4). In the same place you can meditate. Use the altar to return to the village.


Return to the old man and he will give you Adira’s mask. If you find both bags with mail, go along the main street and leave the letter in the box on the left. Go to the alley, find the spirit, freeing the house from the filth, and create a sticky tear. Return to the main street and use a tear to clear the altar (Temple of Flowers 2/8). In addition, inside the same house, in the shelf, look for smoldering (Tlen 5/24).

Go to the house on the other side of the street, climb the steps to it and put the letter. There are three cursed chests inside (Cursed Chest 4/6). Open each one for crystals, decay (Decay 6/24) and a unicorn mask (Hats 6/21).

Go to the left side of the map using Adira’s mask to remove the barrier. Clear the garden, create a Sticky Tear and free the altar under the rock on the right (Flower Temple 3/8). Now go left to the pier. There will be a fast travel altar called Village Wharf. Activate it, then open the cursed chest (Cursed chest 5/6). If you climb to the top of the house, under which lies the chest, you can find a purple lantern. Shoot him and take the decay (Decay 7/24).

Go back to the vegetable garden with a sticky tear and pick up the statue. Take it forward to the three discs. The second statue lies nearby, the third – here, by the river, on the pier. Installing all three will give you the Dinosaur Hat (Hats 7/21). Cross the huge bridge and open the large gate. Right after the bridge you can go to the left. Jump across the platforms and take the “Cat” (Hats 8/21) from the chest.

When you find the mail inside the barn, you can return to the center of the village, go to its beginning (bottom of the map) and place the item in the mailbox. After killing enemies and cleaning up the filth, shoot the middle, right, and left crystals by the pond to find the decay (Decay 8/24). Otherwise, there are only crystals and a target, allowing you to lower the bridge and create a shortcut to the village pier.


  • Ashes – 3
  • Hats – 1
  • Spirit Mail – 1

Inside the barn, go forward and stand on the panel. Watch the cut-scene. You can now throw bombs (Shift + RMB). The bombs explode over time, or you can provoke the explosion with a burst of energy (E) or with a bow shot. Back out and drop the bombs into the debris on the left to climb the ledge with white paint. Kill all the enemies, blow up the corruption and find the pouch inside the house (Spirit Mail 1/1). Move up the steps to the right of the house, create platforms of stones (there is a chest with crystals on the right) and get to the required mechanism. Blow it up, shoot twice at the top and once at the middle and bottom. Aim for crystals.

Go down to a new acquaintance. You can go back and blow up the stones on the left, jump higher, shoot the crystal on the middle stone and jump to the chest. But it contains only crystals. Use bombs to climb to the other side, go forward and slide into the cave. Enemies of a new type will appear here. Throw bombs at them and shoot at the orange sphere in the center. Defeat everyone and destroy the corruption. Throw a bomb at the stone slabs and jump up on them. Jump onto the ledge on the left to find a beetle chest (Hats 1/1). Explode the same plates again. Shoot the crystal on the plate ahead. Throw a bomb at the stone to the right of the slab and pull yourself towards the blue flower. So you climb up. Explode the red flower and go to the second mechanism. Blow it up and rotate all three pieces so they glow.

Climb the stairs to the side of the mechanism, remove stones from the path and activate the test. Hit five targets and get Smoldering (Decay 1/3). Blow up the stones next to the closed door and your friend, stand on the purple spot and click on E to find the smolder (Decay 2/3). Open the large door.


  • Ashes – 25
  • Hats – 10
  • Temple of Flowers – 7
  • Spirit Mail – 1
  • Cursed chests – 2

Run forward, following the spirit, enter the tower and put on the mask. Exit the tower and head left around it. Throw bombs at the central debris and gravitate towards the blue flower. Jump to the left, blow up the stones and under the stairs you will find a decaying creature (Decay 1/25). Jump down, blow up the same debris again and gravitate towards the blue flower. Blow up the debris below the white paint ledge and jump there. There will be a regular chest and a chest with an Autumn hat (Hats 1/3). Blow up the same debris, but now shoot the blue crystal on the middle, longest part. Reach for the blue flower and jump from the longest part to the other ledge with white paint. Go around the tower and find yourself behind it. There is a white ledge ahead. Jump in and find a meditation point. Return to the spacious location. There are two stones to the left and right of the circle. Blow them up with a bomb and shoot them at the blue crystals. Then blow up the debris under the third stone, jump up, be attracted to the blue flower and blow up the stone, and then shoot at the blue crystal. When you activate all three crystals, you can go down, under the tower.

Defeat enemies. There is a purple stone in the corner. Use a burst of energy to lure out the decaying creature (Decay 2/25). Go through the opening and stand at the locked door. There is a large red flower on the other side. Shoot the blue sphere on the ceiling to plant a seed, create a Sticky Tear. Kill enemies with a tear until the flower opens, and then destroy it. The door next to you will open. Go through it, create a bridge and move the sticky tear here to the altar (Flower Temple 1/7). Go across the bridge, jump to the other side, grab the white ledges with a running start and climb to the left. Kill all enemies, blow up one growth. Blow up rocks and jump forward. Order the decaying ones to capture the second sphere, shoot at the crystal on the stone and do the same with the third. Finally, blow up the main node, to clear the fields and complete the “Adira’s Love” quest. Jump forward and go down the ledges. You will find yourself at the elevator. A little further than it, lift the beam and take the decay (Decay 3/25). Take the elevator up.

Kill all enemies around the house. Blow up rocks and jump on them from the house. Turn the slab by shooting the crystal. Look left and blow up other rocks. Shoot the crystals on both slabs and pull yourself with the blue flower. Turn around and jump to the top of the same house. There is a decaying substance hidden in the chest (Decay 4/25).

Now go left, in the direction of Rufus’s barn. Shoot the blue target to make the platform spin. Jump on it and jump to the left. Jump on platforms in the water, search the chest and kill all enemies. Move the tub closer to the step. Move to it two tubs, standing on top of each other. Jump from one to the other and be transported closer to the white ledge. Climb up and jump down. Defeat all enemies, destroy one node and kill the Vine Knight. Use a bunch of RMB + R against him if the skill is unlocked. Explode a Large Corruption Knot after you win. The last one remained.

Blow up the rocks in the far corner, shoot the crystal on one of them, and plant a seed. Now you can create a Sticky Tear. But first, blow up the stones under the barn, go up under the roof and find a purple spot there – this is decay (Tlen 5/25). There is a shrine behind one of the exits from the barn. Clean it with a sticky tear (Temple of Flowers 2/7). To find another decay (Tlen 6/25), return to the turntable above the water, jump onto it, having previously triggered the mechanism, and this time jump to the far ledge. Enter the back of Rufus’s barn and take the decayed from the chest.

Go to the watchtower. Kill enemies, find a bucket and plant a seed. Use a sticky tear to break up the growth and get to another tear. Blow up the stones and destroy the growths leading further with a tear. Blow up other stones, jump on one and gravitate towards two blue flowers to reach the top. It remains to destroy the corruption. All three nodes are destroyed, and now you can go to the first relic of Adira. You will receive a bell and also see Rufus’s ox. You will also receive 3 Smolders (Decay 9/25).

Go to the beginning of the location, to the barn gates. On the right there is a vegetable garden with a place for a flower. Shoot the machine targets nearby to plant sticky tears. Craft them and move to the nearby altar (Flower Temple 3/7). In the building on the right, in the garden on the left and behind the building at the very gates, look for three statues. In the latter case, you will need to blow up the stones. There is also a chest with a pancake (Hats 2/10). For installing all three statues, you will receive an egg (Hats 3/10).

Walk left from the stone gate leading back to the barn. There is a trail there. A blue flower grows in the building on the left. Reach out, move the boards out of the way, and knock the bucket over. Let the decimates carry the seed and plant it in the right place. You will be able to clean the nearest altar (Temple of Flowers 4/7) with a sticky tear and destroy the growths blocking the way to the building with many crystals. There is also a cursed chest (Cursed chests 1/2). Inside it you will find a cowboy hat (Hats 4/10). Nearby you will find the Top to the Forge Altar and the Hat Shop. For activating the latter, you will receive the “Sun” hat (Hats 5/10). Destroy the growths near the building next to the shop, go inside, reach for the blue flower and pick up the decaying bird (Decay 10/25).

Go down a little lower on the map and on the right under this temple look for a destroyed building with red spheres. Kill the enemies, climb to the very top of the building and pick up the decaying bird (from the purple puddle; Decaying 11/25). There is a cursed altar near the same building. Go down the map, to the watchtower, and kill the enemies at the destroyed house on the right. Remove the seed from the bucket, plant it, create a Sticky Tear and clear the altar (Temple of Flowers 5/7). Approximately in the center of the fields there are stones, blowing up which, you will find the enemy and decay (Decay 12/25). It’s just above the watchtower. Under the bridge in the middle of the fields, not far from the watchtower, there is a trunk with a decaying bird (Tlen 13/25). Another cursed altar (Temple of Flowers 6/7) is in the field by the watchtower, where a sticky tear also grows.

Follow the blue marker to the forge aisle and talk to the girl. If you freed Rufus in the barn, he will break stones. Go up the slope. There is a rune ahead. Activate, hit the targets and take the decay (Decay 14/25). Slide down the mud slope, enter the cave and in the room to the left, ask the smut to lift the beam. There will be another decay under it (Decay 15/25). Make your way through the cave, killing enemies and cleaning up the filth. Outside, use the block on the right to jump onto the ledge with white paint. Then blow up these blocks, jump forward and gravitate towards the blue flower. The blocks will fall, detonate them again and move to the hill in front. First, follow the path to the left to pick up the decaying bird (Decay 16/25). Go the other way. Blow up the stones from above and gravitate towards the blue flower. Immediately pull yourself to the flower on the left and, using the same stones, jump over to the adit on the other side. Examine the tools, go for the yellow orb and pick up Adira’s memory (1/3).

Continue upward and you will find a waterfall. Blow up two sets of stones. Jump forward and onto the rock to the left. Shoot the crystal on the large cobblestone. Jump to the stone on the right and climb from it to the inverted cobblestone. Fight enemies near the forge. Kill the Stone Keeper. Attacking him in close combat is useless. Throw bombs and destroy stones, and if wooden parts appear, then shoot from a bow. If he opens a flower, be sure to order the decaying birds to grab him. You will receive the second relic – the hammer. Also, you will be given three smolders for the victory (Tlen 19/25). There is a seed and a sticky tear in the building on the side. Use it to clear the last altar in the area (Temple of Flowers 7/7).

Find the steps and run down to the cave. Head down to the left, toss a bomb into the debris between the plant and the large button, detonate, then shoot at the glowing dot to drop the seed. A plant will appear. Create Sticky Tears and move to the right. Hit the button by clicking on the right mouse button. The cave will be flooded. Swim forward and to the left. Get outside and find the mail (Spirit Mail 1/1). You can go back upstairs and take the elevator downstairs. Or use the altar of displacement. Downstairs, in a building near the elevator, there is a chest with an ox mask (Hats 6/10).

The heart of the village

  • Ashes – 6
  • Hats – 3
  • Temple of Flowers – 1
  • Spirit Mail – 2
  • Cursed chests – 2

Now follow the yellow marker in the heart of the village, where you need to open the doors inside the cave. But first, explore the temple courtyard to the left of the forge. Go there, look around and search the building on the right. There is a mailbox inside (Spirit Mail 1/2). Also on the bridge is a cursed chest (Cursed chests 1/2). After the victory, you will find crystals inside the chest. Walk to the left of the reservoir in the center of the temple and look into the large house on your left. Reach for the blue flower and take the Smelly Fruit (Hats 1/3) from the chest.

Follow the blue marker to the cave. The spirit will say that he repaired the stove, and now you can open the door. But first, follow the left, look left and down, and blow up the fel flower. Throw a bomb, detonate rock debris and jump forward over them to the meditation point. Now look the other way along these rocks. Jump forward, blow up the stones from below and first shoot at the crystal on the wreckage. After that, gravitate towards them with the help of a blue flower, climb the ledges and rise higher. Blow up the wall and pick up the mail (Spirit Mail 2/2).

Return to the cave, blow up the debris on the left and right. Shoot the crystal on the large debris on the right. Click on E to activate all the crystals and open the door. Go deeper, go down and kill enemies. Swim on the water, get out on the rocks and look to the right. Pull yourself to a flower, while falling, pull yourself to another. Don’t hide the bow! This will get you to the purple spot and be able to pick up the decay (Decay 1/6). Climb the rocks in the water, jump onto the white ledges and climb higher. There is a cursed chest here (Cursed chests 2/2). Open it by defeating the Wood Knight (the rest of the enemies will disappear immediately). The chest contains Hana’s mask (Hats 2/3). Explode the stones, being at the top, shoot twice at the largest one and use it to jump to the other side to the open passage.

Follow through the cave, jumping over the dangerous liquid. Use the bomb and lift the stones up. Jump onto the central wreck and shoot the crystal located there. Shoot the crystal on the side of the wreck and jump even higher. Go down to the door, shoot the blue sphere and create Sticky Tears. Destroy the two growths on the left and right by attacking them with a large creature and defeat the Decay Eater. Then destroy the last build-up. There is an altar on the left, and you can clean it (Temple of Flowers 1/1).

Continue moving, killing enemies, move on the platform through the cave. Then blow up one column, get to the growth and destroy it. Repeat with another. After lowering the water, follow downward, kill all enemies. There will be two magicians at the end. After that, destroy the build-up and stand on the stove. Go forward to the village heart room, where there will be a travel altar. Move to the huge flower using bombs and bows to be attracted to the flowers. Jump over a wave of filth spreading in all directions. Destroy the flower and watch the video. You will receive the final relic. Get into the elevator and, lowering the lever, go upstairs.


Return to the tower and interact with the symbols on the ground. Watch the video. Climb up the tower. In one of the places you need to be attracted to the blue flower. In the end, you will face a battle with the Corrupted Carpenter. During the battle, you need to blow up the central column and 3-4 hits from the bow to destroy the crystal. Only then will you be able to damage the boss. The boss will periodically restore the pillar and crystal. Also, be sure to jump over the waves of filth. In the middle of the battle, the crystal will turn off, and the boss will act more brutally and aggressively. Regenerate health periodically. There will be more waves of filth. I recommend shooting a bow using rotten arrows. Remember to meditate. You will also receive Adira’s Smolder Mask (Hats 7/10).


At the gates of the barn there will be the first house where you can deliver mail (if found in previous locations). Go forward, jump along the pier and kill enemies. When you have destroyed everyone, destroy the fel flower. In the fields, you can find a stone that you can detonate with a bomb. A decay is hidden under it (Decay 9/24). Another mail should be delivered to the very beginning of the village. Kill all the enemies in the back, including the Wood Knight, and remove the corruption.

Go back, climb the stones with white paint on the right. There is a stamp on the house. Activate it, hit all the targets and pick up the decaying bird (Decay 10/24). You can blow up the stones from below to get to the chest with crystals. Another one is inside the house. But this is not all the benefit of eliminating filth. Remember the place where the first cursed chest was. In general, go a little forward from this house, behind the building to the right. There you will find a passage to another house (it was previously blocked by damage) and inside there will be a chest with a star (Hats 10/21). There is a seed pot behind the house. You can plant a plant. There is also a bridge here. Jump past the bridge, turn around and shoot at the target.

Go to the other side. Lower the lever and shoot at the crystals on the wheel. Kill all enemies. There is a lever on the stage to the right. Pull it and hit the targets. Repeat the steps three times to get a decay (Decay 11/24). The house on the right, opposite the spinning wheel, has a chest (to the left of the entrance). Inside you will find a Baseball cap (Hats 11/21). Talk to the old man to get the Toshi mask. Use this mask a little further (by the yellow marker).

But first, go to the right of the old man and turn right onto the steps. Climb higher, create a bridge of stones (blow them up with a bomb) and kill the enemies in front, behind another destroyed bridge. Along the way, you climb up the slope and can plant a plant. Use Sticky Tears to destroy the growths nearby, including one on one altar (Temple of Flowers 4/8). In one of the temples there will be a Dzadzuro mask (Hats 12/21). In the far part there is an altar of movement and a mailbox for writing from previous locations. Go deeper, go down into the cave and kill Kappa. To stop the monster, use the smoldering attack. Return upstairs and look for the smoldering on the left (Decay 12/24). After applying the Toshi mask, go forward until you find symbols on the ground. Re-wear the mask and watch the video.

You need to find three relics of Toshi in the spirit world. Walk to the left of the old man, to the first portal. Stand in front of the purple barrier, hold E and click on LMB to move through it. Go forward and find a cursed chest in the cave. Open it up. You need to kill five enemies without taking damage. In the case of the latter, invisible, use your shield to parry several of his attacks. It will become visible. Finish off with a perishable hammer or other skill. Inside the chest are ordinary crystals.

Go ahead, kill the enemies and cleanse this place from the filth. There is a stand with candles inside the house. Let the smolders pick it up and set it up at the altar behind the bridge. This will open the passage. Climb up the mountain and kill a few more enemies. Blow up two growths. Blow up the stones with a bomb and jump to the right to the purple barrier. Teleport through it. There are three columns along the cliff. You can blow them up. Blow up the first one, then shoot the crystal on the ejected part. Jump on it. Blow up the second and shoot the crystal again. Jump over to the departed part. Repeat and gravitate towards the flower. A little higher, you will have to kill three invisible enemies. As before, place a well-timed block to parry their blows and make opponents visible. In the house to the left of the flower there is a chest with a mask (Hats 13/21).

Blow up the stones and slip through the two portals. A little higher you will see three bowls with candles. There are 3 altars in a circle. Drawings on bowls and altars must match. If you put the bowl correctly, it will light up. If not, three opponents will appear. Place the three bowls correctly and interact with the mask. Defeat the master of masks. He uses teleportation, but you oppose him with your most powerful skills. For the victory you will receive the first relic and three decaying bodies (Decay 15/24). You will also be given a Master of Masks hat (Hats 14/21). And a meditation point will appear nearby.

Leave this place through the nearest altar. Go to the portal on the right side of the village and move through it. You will find yourself on the hunter’s trail. Remove stones from the path, run up and teleport. Kill all the enemies, go up to the rock painting on the left and examine it. follow the orange sphere through another portal. Go around the trap and pick up Toshi’s first memory. Continue moving, bypass the laser streamers, until you come out into the clearing with the plant. Shoot crystals in the trees. Plant a seed and kill all enemies. Create a sticky tear and move to where the red flower was. There will be an altar there. Clean it up (Temple of Flowers 5/8). Hit all the crystals in the trees and interact with the mask to fight the hunter. Use decaying bow shots. And if the hunter falls, try to hit with a decaying hammer. Teleport when a powerful purple wave is coming. You will receive 3 Smolders (Decay 18/24), a Meditation Point and a Hunter Mask (Hats 15/21).

Move to the village pier and use the third portal. You will find yourself on the warrior’s path. Shoot the three crystals at the top of the arch. There are stars above them. Shoot in the appropriate order: a bowl with one star, two and three. If you are wrong, two flying insects will appear every time. Then you will need to kill the enemies and blow up the red flower. After that, jump through the portals and blow up the three columns under them. This will move you in a circle and return to the beginning. Pull yourself to the blue flower and quickly jump over the exploded parts of the column to climb up and go through the last portal. Kill enemies, including invisible monsters, and blow up the flower.

There are four panels here. Stepping on each, you will see a certain number of stars above the bowls. In general, you can trust us and light the bowls as follows: first, fourth, second, third (numbering from left to right). Go through the portal, turn around and go up. Blow up stones on the rock, jump over them and gravitate towards the blue flower. Kill the enemies inside the cave and go through the portal. Collect the Spirit Mail (Spirit Mail 2/3) and the Samurai Helmet (Hats 16/21). Through the portal, you will return to a familiar place. Now climb to the very top, blow up rocks in the water and roll down the slope. Navigate through several portals, including the last huge one. Use the smoldering bells to hit the bell and kill the warrior. Perhaps this is the simplest opponent. Meditate. You will receive three decaying bodies (Decay 21/24) and a warrior mask (Hats 17/21).

If you find the mail, return to the village pier and open the house by the water. Inside the house, climb the walls to climb onto the roof and destroy the corruption. There is a smoldering chest on the top floor (Tlen 22/24). And on the middle floor, after a ledge with white paint, there will be a chest with “Rabbit” (Hats 18/21).


Return to the village chiefs’ hall and interact with the three symbols. Defeat Corrupted Toshi. In principle, this is quite easy to do with a perishable hammer. Go through the portal and fight the Corrupted God of Decay. Archery at purple growths on different parts of the body until the cutscene starts. Defeat several common enemies and follow the portal. Kill a few more enemies, break the sphere to return the decaying bodies, and go through the portal for the red flower. Hit the three purple growths on the Corrupted God again. Climb up, being attracted to the blue flowers. In the last battle against the god, wait for three golden spears to appear on his back. Pull out one of them using smoldering. When you pull everything out, you can finish off the boss. Meditate at the main temple to complete the game.


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