Walkthrough Inmates

Detailed walkthrough of indie horror Inmates

Horror Inmatesbegins with the fact that the main character wakes up at the bottom of some sinister collector. Climbing to the very top, we come to a chain hanging in the center of a huge room, after interacting with which we will safely collapse back down. Waking up, the hero finds himself in a prisoner cell in an abandoned prison. We examine the note lying on the table and select matches, which are the only mobile source of lighting in the game. After leaving the cell, first of all we examine the dwellings of other prisoners for notes. Their collection, by the way, has weight, since it will be impossible to move further along the plot without finding the necessary messages. Having passed to the end of the corridor, we open the grate leading to another part of the block, and go into the security room, where we study another note, after which we continue moving forward.

Thus, we will go to the detention cells located in the opposite wing. As last time, we visit every available camera. The key one on this site is the one opposite the wooden children’s horse. Inside we will find the diary of a certain 9-year-old boy named Anton. Taking the find, we continue our march along the corridor. Looking into the penultimate chamber, from which the alarm clock will ring, the grill will suddenly close. To get out of it, we need to solve a simple problem. To do this, we look at the alarm clock through the reflection in the mirror that stands in front of it, and then set the time ( 8:50) on a stone dial hanging on the wall. After getting out of the camera and walking a little forward, we go into the security room, where we find half of the photo. Then we pass along the bridge to the dead end and find there the key to the stairs leading to the first floor (the required door will be located directly behind us).

Going downstairs, first of all we study the cameras for interesting finds, and then we move to the left, where we will soon go to the first-aid post. Having reached the doctor’s office, we first study the notes, then turn on the radio and tune in to frequency 144Hz. Thus, we will get in touch with the doctor, who strongly advises to visit the director’s office. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to get to him right away, because at the exit from the infirmary, an obsessed guard named Roy will suddenly attack us, after which we will be transported into a psychedelic dream. There, going up a long staircase, we will come out into a corridor with four identical rooms, each of which has a disk, where you need to set a specific image. Since the pictures on the disks correspond to the toys in the rooms, we simply need to display an image of the toy that is missing in the room. So, in the bedrooms on the right side we put a rhino and an airplane , and on the left – a horse and a truck

Ultimately we will find ourselves in a dirty and dark prison cellar. On the spot, the first thing you need to do is pull two switches, which are located on both sides of the giant blades, after which you can leave the room. Next, we carefully walk along the board and nuzzle into the door we need. Naturally, it will be locked. To open it, we need to set all the levers that are slightly to the left in the down position. Leaving the basement, we step along the corridor to the left, where we go into the dining room. Next, we go to the kitchen, from where we then get to the warehouse. On the spot we find a familiar radio receiver, through which we again talk with the doctor, after which we leave the warehouse. After turning left, we notice the stairs leading to the director’s office. Alas, attempts to open it not only will be in vain,

So, finding yourself in a state of weightlessness as if in another dimension from the movie “Interstellar”, we need to open the door that hangs right in front of us. To do this, you just need to put on the levers, highlighted in blue, the symbol that corresponds to it in terms of location in the figure on the door itself. The difficulty lies in the fact that the colors of the symbols are inverted, that is, black on the image at the door corresponds to white on the lever. Having solved a simple riddle, we will return back to the prison, namely, to the shower room, from where we will then go to the dining room. After talking again in the closet with the doctor, we go out into the corridor and step left to the next cells. We go into the first oncoming and again find ourselves in a trap. To get out of it, we need to switch exactly four toggle switches on the panel (there are 16 in total). Each group of them (four pieces) corresponds to its own word written on a piece of paper, and the number of the required toggle switch is indicated on the tape recorder.

Having got out of the trap, we run through all the cameras and notice behind the locked grate the door leading to the basement. We return back to the entrance to the dining room and pass after a little forward, where we find Roy’s open room. Another puzzle awaits us here. Objective: to unravel the code from the safe. To do this, turn on the TV and, switching channels, remember and assign them to the numbers that pop up in strange black and white videos. After we put them on ordered dials, we get the key, and then we unlock the grate and go into the basement.

Once at the bottom, the first thing we do is to the solitary cells. Looking into some of them, we go up the back stairs and notice that the door to the security room suddenly opened. On the spot, we again face the problem. This time we need to open certain chambers (all except the 1st , 2nd , 6th , 7th and 12th ) by feeding them through a large panel. Nothing complicated is foreseen here: all you need to do is press small buttons, thereby directing energy along straight lines to the required cameras. Having dealt with the task, we go to the punishment cells. In one of them we will find a book, inside which the key to the library will be hidden, therefore we are heading there (located in the same room with the first-aid post).

Once on the spot, we pass the reading room, where we notice a note lying on the table. Then we find a radio receiver on the counter. After talking with the doctor, we rise to the second floor and approach the bookcase, which is illuminated by a lamp. Finding a small panel somewhere in the center between the books, enter the number 1983 and go into the secret door. In the next visions we pass a couple of linear corridors and eventually find ourselves in a labyrinth. Objective: to find and go the required route so that we are not overtaken by a crowd of black silhouettes that will follow us on our heels. The path is as follows: once at the intersection, go left , right , straight to the end, right again and right again… This will be followed by a diagonal fork, where both sides will lead to the desired door. Then, after a series of cutscenes, the end credits will begin. Completed the game.


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