Walkthrough for game Heroes of Might and Magic 6

Heroes 6 is the long-awaited sequel to the Might and Magic series, which will present us with a new rethinking of the plot, the events in the world of Ashan and the relationship between the updated factions. The changes will affect not only the gameplay, which still remains the same exciting, and even not only the graphics, which has become even more realistic, but also the balance, which will be one of the highest quality in the series.

Disadvantages of Heroes of Might and Magic 6:

not optimized engine;

you can’t fire heroes;

the mechanics of skills are not described;

skills with zero characteristics (n., resistance with a duration of 0 turns).

General tips for completing campaigns:

How to download a hero? General

Reinforcement (call in troops), education (+20 experience), training (75% to other heroes), logistics (+3 moves – in principle, not necessary, if not for theft), theft (collection of resources from neighboring cells).

For the mage: Summon Elementals, Stop Time, Petrify.

For war (rough branch): education, logistics, finding a way, ambush, economics1, training, theft, economics2, retaliation 1-2, pushing the enemy / tactics1, reinforcements1-2, tactics2 / killer of giants, 15: economics3, retaliation3 , Fortitude, Rampage, Cleave, Reinforcement3, Intimidation, Stamina / Luck 1-3, Archery / Siege Master 1-3.

For the side hero:   pathfinding, the entire branch of the economy

What not to build?

At high levels: improvements to ordinary creatures; increase of upholstery operating inside / outside the territory of the castle; additional taverns; Inferno portals; Alliance of Light illuminators.

Dynasties artifacts

Yes, the heroes are launched with the / offline key – no cracks, but … everything will end up with the fact that without a coach in the future, fair play will simply stall at some site. Dynasty artifacts that gain experience and grow in level (they can be actively changed between heroes during the game). Dynastic achievements (for example, “250 gold per day”). Deluxe edition with personal belongings. You never know what else the developers will come up with later. In addition – the cruel truth of life, once again – the heroes are less and less reminiscent of a strategy, because each card has its own subtleties of passage, according to which this guide was written.

Campaigns are played in the story in this order:

Heart of Nightmares (Collector’s Edition only)

Prologue 1;

Prologue 2;

Rebellious Tribes (1);

Sanctuary (1);

Alliance of Light (1);

Inferno (1);

Necropolis (1);

Rebellious Tribes (2);

Sanctuary (2);

Alliance of Light (2);

Necropolis (2);

Sanctuary (3);

Rebellious Tribes (3);

Inferno (2);

Necropolis (3);

Inferno (3);

Sanctuary (4);

Rebellious Tribes (4);

Alliance of Light (3);

Necropolis (4);

Alliance of Light (4);

Inferno (4);


But for the convenience of description, we will collect them as expected, so:


Prologue – Introductory campaign for Duke Vyacheslav, father of the Griffin dynasty

1 Death of the Griffin. There are clues.

2 Will of the Emperor.

Necropolis – Campaign of Anastasia, Vyacheslav’s killer. The path of blood is a warrior (you will be given a mage and so, although playing for a mage pumped into tears with the skills of sacrifice, petrification, elementals of darkness and earth, stopping time – it will be much easier to play).

1 Trouble does not come alone

At the exit from the dungeon, we grab the 1st lock. Then a new dungeon and a new castle. We take the quest for the list of the Inquisition. Will fall out of the first scripted hero. The hardest part of this campaign is to hold the 2nd castle while you get the forts. For convenience, you can visit all the graves. After capturing all the castles, we go to the portal with Jorgen. Again, you need a decent army or dynasty bonuses.

2 Forward and inward

The most difficult mission of the second level. You will not be able to get troops at the beginning. Before talking with the spider, do not lose a single war (resurrection, desiccation). With minimal losses, we defeat Irina, and then Anton. At the fork, we open the diary and read the quests – they will help us collect an army. We defeat Cyril and Iorgen takes us to the citadel – the last battle is the easiest one …

3 Dawn from all sides

Without delay, we stomp into the dungeon, where we take away the castle and several forts from the orange one. In the same place, the lich will give a quest for the dynastic weapon, the staff of Sandro. Only then we go to the unguarded zone below, where from an ally we get a quest to destroy the orcs. We destroy orcs, for which we get vampires from allies. We deal with the ally Lyudmila, attacking the castle (if you leave her alive, then in the next mission she will be instead of Kaspar). We swim across the sea and at the very bottom we seize the base with an orc. The main character of the enemy will be waiting on the upper cape of the lower island in his castle with a decent army. We swing both heroes to the maximum level (24) and attack.

4 Spider Trick

Above left is the rebuilt castle of Inferno, in the same week you can capture one from below in the West. The portals were highlighted for us – we go into them and begin to take out the enemy castle in each, after which the portal closes, but the enemy onslaught also subsides. Your last opponent is an archangel, it will not be a big problem with a well-accumulated army. Concentrate all your forces on it, and then defeat the remnants.

Alliance of Light – Campaign of Anton, the heir apparent. The path of tears is a warrior.

1 Something is being started

We capture the mines and the fort from below. Orcs are scripted. We go East to the cave for the Griffon eggs ( sounds crazy ). Vultures can now be built. We capture the castle in the East. Then the fort in the South. We clean the U-W, prepare the army for the U-fort and E-castle. We capture the South-West castle. Computers are climbing. We immediately take away the castle from each of them. Remained the final castle of the ram Jerj.

2 Everything is confused, true and false

Fort, mine, on the way to the castle on the South-East, we take the crystals above the stable, as well as the sawmill and the dwarf pickaxe on the right. We take the castle a little to the west and there is a mine in the border of the possession. We go down into the ground, take the fort and the dwelling and immediately leave. We capture: South-West fort, castle on South-West, Sokol castle in the center, Castle on N-E, only then N-E fort, Castle in the west. We go to the cave. several battles and the final battle with necromancers. Before going to the cave, the map is notable for pumping dynastic weapons after 5 months.

3 Do not tempt the desperate

We examine the mines. It is possible to collect the debris of the lunar disk (in red), but blitz is preferable. We go to V. 2 forts, each of them has a mine. We take the C-B lock. We build a boat and take it on the shore opposite. We dive into 2 whirlpools – one more. Now it would be nice to collect the grail. Then capture the castle a little west of the center and the forts to the right and left of it. We go to Flamshtrain, we get the quest (all 3 altars will be marked on the map). Capturing. The final battle with Mukao (the portal under the castle will be illuminated).

4 Defeat and victory

The maximum level is 30, very soon all the heroes of the computer will be at this level. But they have no relics or dynastic weapons. We seize the upper forts, we meet an ally (after capturing 2 villages, my aunt will rush to “help” and grab the computer’s lock, however, with her army, she could well complete the campaign – not an ally, but stands still). A golden goose will hatch from an egg in your pocket – 2 thousand / day. After that, the villages can be surrendered by going down to the upper dungeon and taking care of the orange one, take your time

to the center of the dungeon, build archangels, pump, grab the villages back. Taking a breath – we kill the center of the dungeon – we get the grail – by the way, it is convenient to build it in the dungeon, but not in the center, because red will start to visit there. We clean the map around the edges, the quest with the healers can be skipped (for the last patches), but 4 villages must be captured. We carry out the aunt. Now we have 11 cities. We are building up an army, getting to the center. We are saving up an army for the final battle for a month. The blow of the boss carries away from 10 thousand hp.

Sanctuary – Campaign of Irina, the young wife. Blood Path – Mage (Dynastic Water Staff).

1 Fury in the Bog

“Let’s run.” We take the ability to swim without a boat, if we only have aquatic creatures. Having received the first dynastic weapon for the magician. We go to the cave. After passing it we take the first castle and several forts. In the north is an island with mines. The computer fades. For he had a castle and nowhere to wait for help.

2 Defeat and victory

Here, tears will look more profitable. We have a week to detour the territory and capture 2 forts. Then we go down to the southwest, we get the second castle and next to the cave at the dragon Kirin we get the quest. We fight off the rogue who arrived (we get the oak quest to the fort). Kirin’s quest is more interesting to us, because it gives the construction of all creatures. Now we grab one more castle in the south. Then we go into the cave from which the computer is already in full swing. There is one more castle at the exit and one more to the south. The last gate opens. After a modest battle, the tyrant will surrender. We will be given a second dynastic weapon – for a warrior.

3 Bloody Surf

4 sacred villages on the map, and 3 of them in a week or two come under the control of necromancers …

We are building our city, and the undead will periodically visit it through a one-sided (!) Whirlpool. And we go to the right – there is a castle-village. We agree to help the orcs and, having accumulated an army, we free the horde from the prisons (regardless of the development branch, we choose the path of tears) and get 2 villages as a gift (we do not rebuild them). We collect the parts of the lunar disk and in the capital we form the tear of Askha. All cities can now be rebuilt. The pumped orc will come. We capture the last village. We go to the very northwest of the map and destroy the remnants of the yellow army. And we sail further – capturing the last castle.

4 Life-in-death and death-in-life

Again, a stupid task – not to capture enemy cities – we do the opposite. We immediately capture the city in the North. Send the hero to N-B, through the maelstrom in the South. There, at the very edge of the map, is an island where all creatures will join – a good army for the GG, but we don’t go into the portal – because it’s too early (blitz-krieg on the map still won’t work, wake up to work for wear and tear). Then another one in the East of the capital (the quest to the lighthouse can be skipped, because during the rebuilding of the city, you will still fill the path of tears). You can grab the city above us (we have 4 cities in total). Deeper into the North, we capture the 5th. Near the cave, where, after defeating the boss (davolno frail), we get a tear of Askha. 2 more cities and the Wolf Gate will open.

Inferno – the youngest son

1 And the angels burning in the eyes

Hardest first mission. First, we completely clean up the surroundings of the city. Then we go out and a purple demon attacks us (WE DO NOT TOUCH IT YET). We capture the castle at the bottom of the map and build an improved portal there. We run to the right and up (for a long time), capturing 2 orange castles. Now you can deal with purple by attacking the upper castle, and the one next to the portal is captured last. The brown attack is carried out. During the storming of the castle, a demonic battle awaits us: we curse the dogs, we teleport and the armagedonim.

2 Spooky symmetry

We go up left and down (about a week locks: 2 alliances, 1 necropolis). We quickly rebuild them to take advantage of the hero’s ability. We put it improved (+ 10% to the call), and in the former necropolis – an improved portal. We save up the army and go to the very bottom there are 2 castles. If you cannot capture both at once, take the left one. There is also a side quest for queens, which opens their building in all captured castles. When capturing any fort, demonnesa will tell you that a demon is imprisoned in one of them – free him (the fort is the first turn to the right of the former necropolis) and you will be able to build destroyers. As soon as you completely cut out the necromancers, you will have 4 green drops, go down into the dungeon and fight one of the avatars of Asha.

3 In the night forests

Nothing remarkable. Additional tasks only for experience and help will not be given. We start cleaning from the bottom of the lock. Then we go and completely clean the right side from the orcs. We dive into the cave there is another orc castle. Now we develop and go to the left of the 2nd castle. There is a castle with 2 portals. We go in and clean both. Then the last orc fort under this castle. After that, you can collect Asha’s tear. We carry out the story quest and we have the last castles and forts of the sanctuary (everything!). We stomp into the “hidden” cave, because a paved path leads from the last castle to it. There will be no battle.

4 Marriage between heaven and hell

So grabbing the lock from the archangel will not be difficult. We explore the dungeon and rebuild. When we exit, we will be attacked by a scripted immortal knight. On the surface of these lands, 7-8 heaps of shadow elementals, they provide him with this immortality. And many castles and exp. After capturing 3-4 castles, we cut off the knight from resources. And calmly kill the elementals (I repeat, they are all on the surface and islands). We defeat the knight, go down the subway to the east of the central castle with the shipyard. We defeat many elementals in the form of the final boss … (slight disappointment). And an epic happy end.

Rebellious Tribes – Campaign Sandora, an unmarried son, and therefore does not feel much love for his relatives.

1 Orcs don’t belong here

We capture the mines and the city from below, then the city to the right in the center, in the same place we clean the cave. Below is the “unfinished city”, where they will give resources and soldiers. We capture the last city. The first gate will be opened – there is a quest fort. We capture the final city (which is optional) and simply sail down the boat.

2 Good, bad, bloody

We go slowly on the approach to the castle, they will puzzle us, they will give us a boat and we will find ourselves in the middle of nowhere. Rebuilding with limited resources. We sit down on a boat, take 2 forts and many mines. After that, it is no longer a problem to capture the castle, for which purple and yellow are fighting among themselves. And complete a side mission, taking care of the orange ones. As in the rest of the campaigns, you need to complete the side quests for the living creatures in order to get the corresponding extensions in your castle.

3 Barbarian seven

And so we have
one castle and a periodically visiting enemy. The task is to hold out for
4 months (!). At first, friendly troops will join us, and the
quest task for upgrading units is not so difficult. Capture
and hold all forts. Sandora’s mother will give a task to pacify the
dragon. He is just below the fort of the necromancers – the boss, the reward is the tear of Asha.

4 About worms and demons

We quickly master the island – there are 2 portals from which demons drop in. After mastering, we sit down in the boat and grab the locks on opposite corners of the map (there are 3 of them in total). Now that you don’t have to worry about orange, accumulating crystals will not be a difficult task. But take your time. The final boss will destroy the capital and hide in a cave (you need to click on the city) – stock up on the army in advance.

Epilogue – Choose a hero and, depending on the path he traveled, one of the cards will be available.

1 Angels Cry Too – Final Mission (Tears)

Ideal roleplaying for Anton (he does not need to rebuild castles – which means spending resources). We grab the locks do not touch the central fort (out of 3) under no circumstances. We find discs and a tear of Askha. We are saving up an army until the PC simply refuses to stick out and we save more – Michael is waiting for us (the most unpleasant boss for the unprepared). Wait for the 4th month and it will seem like a lamb to you. We capture the fort (countdown 7 days). We speed up the score by capturing the castle (3 days). Michael will attack the hero in a rage and without warning.

2 Too Bright for Darkness – Final Mission (Blood)

The campaign is designed for barbarians, the benefit of them, with the help of movement accelerators, passes very quickly. We capture all the castles and forts around. Reaching the next guard of the gate, we assess our army. The last guardian of Jorven is a good tool for pumping dynastic weapons. The final battle with Malassa (the case when the guard is stronger than the boss)


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