Walkthrough Five Night at Freddy’s: Sister Location

Five Night at Freddy’s: Sister Location indie horror full walkthrough

The new part of the horror Five Night at Freddy’s with the subtitle Sister Location slightly changes the established traditions of the series. If earlier the gameplay was reduced to a deep defense of our dwelling, now we ourselves are forced to go on a rampage over and over again to the mad animatronics in order to solve the problems of the game associated with them.

First night

The opening episode of Sister Location will be pretty quiet. All we need to do is press a couple of buttons and go through several ventilation shafts, exactly following the instructions of the voice from above.

Second night

From the second night the game will begin for real. After leaving the elevator, first of all we check the animatronic ballerina by alternately pressing the blue and red buttons on the left panel. After that, a passage to the central ventilation will open, where, in fact, we are going. Having thus found ourselves in the control room, press the blue button on the panel, after which we wait until the power is turned off. At some point, the voice of the animatronic Baby will be heard, who insistently asks to hide under the table. Looking inside, we grab a metal barrier on the left side and drag it to the right, thereby fencing ourselves off from uninvited guests who may come from the front. After a while, someone will start peeking at us through the holes in the screen. Our task: to catch prying eyes with the light of a flashlight. A little later, someone will suddenly begin to push the metal sheet back,

Having got rid of the harassment of an unknown person, we will return to the main room, where a passage to the ventilation on the left will soon open. This will lead us to the abode of Ballora, the animatronic ballerina. Our goal: to get to the opposite end of the room, bypassing its owner. The animatronic reacts exclusively to the sound, and besides, he publishes a melody himself, therefore we move without using acceleration, and at the moments when the music becomes loud, we just stand still.

The final stage of the second night is a reboot of all electronic systems. To do this, open the panel that is located at the bottom center of the screen, and, holding the left mouse button, restart all systems in sequence. At this moment, the animatronic Freddie is activated, who will soon leave his place. To bring it back, turn on the audio recording several times. Thus, our task boils down to the fact that we need to restart the systems, not letting the animatronics get too close to us. You should return to the panel only after Freddie returns to his original position.

Third night

The structure of the third night is identical to the previous one. First, we talk with Baby in the same place, and after the passage to the ventilation on the right opens, we go to the animatronic Foxy’s room. There, as in the case of Balloroi, you need to get to the opposite end of the room. To keep Foxy out of us, we use a beacon flash. In general, all that is required of us is to illuminate the left and right sides of the room, moving forward along the way. If the horizon is clear, we take a few steps, after which we again inspect the territory. Otherwise, turn on the light, while directing the camera towards the enemy, until Foxy disappears from the field of view.

Ultimately, we meet Freddie again. Our goal: to debug it by pressing buttons in accordance with the directions of a voice from above. The screenshots below show and numbered the required keys.

After pressing the fourth button, the muzzle and chest of the animatronic will open, and we need to press a couple more keys.

Then the fun begins. The last button is on the chest of Freddie’s mitten rabbit, but by this time he had already managed to escape. We need to catch him at the moment when he almost completely sticks out from behind the left or right shoulder of the animatronic, and press the big black button. We do it as follows. We lower the flashlight beam down and wait 5-7 seconds. Then we slowly raise the camera to the side of the shoulder, where the rabbit sat down, and assess the degree of its openness so that the light of the flashlight touches it only with the edge (otherwise we will frighten it off). If the button is within reach, feel free to press. If not, then lower the camera lower, wait a couple of seconds and try again.

Fourth night

The fourth night we will have to spend in the body of an animatronic. After a very long monologue of the newly-made friend Baby, the “doors” of our shelter will swing open, and animatronics-snowmen will actively come to visit us. We just need to hold out for about 3 minutes and 15 seconds, while observing two conditions:

  1. Do not allow a complete rotation of at least one rivet that is located on the sides of the animatronic’s body.
  2. Prevent the snowmen who climb the edges of the animatronic’s body from reaching the top.

Without exaggeration, this stage of the game is the most difficult. There is no definite winning tactic here – victory is achieved only through a lightning-fast reaction and a considerable amount of luck. Nevertheless, a couple of important recommendations can still be highlighted:

  • Try to drop the snowmen-scouts at the moment when they are about to reach the top.
  • We begin to return the rivets to their original position immediately after gaining access to them. First of all, we pay attention to those that are twisted the weakest.
  • Do not waste extra animatronic spins when dropping scouts.
  • The sensitivity of the rivets is constantly changing over time, therefore we try to tighten those that start to move faster than the rest.

Fifth night

The last night will be rather fleeting. Having reached the main working room, we check the presence of animatronics, after which we go to Baby. On site, you will need to follow her instructions by pressing the appropriate buttons on her body. First, press the small key above the right cheek, and then enter the code under dictation on the keyboard that opens (each will have a unique one). Next, we select the flashing chip on the left hand and, finally, press the big green button that is located near the right hand.

After leaving Baby’s abode, the last task in the game will await us. Purpose: to return to the study, bypassing Ballora. Again, you just need to follow Baby’s directions. Below is the translation of her commands:

  • Go forward
  • Go forward and left – go forward and left
  • Stop – we stand still
  • Don’t move – don’t move (don’t rotate the camera)

Having reached the destination, we watch the final video. Completed the game.

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