Walkthrough Call of Duty: WW2 – Operation USO

Detailed walkthrough of the fourth mission “USO” in the game Call of Duty: WW2 – the location of all souvenirs and feats

August 20, 1944

Falaise, France

In this mission, you have to stop a well-fortified, heavy armored train carrying long-range missiles designed to destroy Paris. You cooperate with British special forces, and the mission itself can be completed in two ways – stealthily or noisily. To act stealthily, you must take your time and slowly move from one target to another. Sometimes you have to let the enemy pass through the location to keep it clean.

If you are found, a countdown will begin until the train is hijacked. It will start one way or another, but just a little later, when you meet with your allies.

After the cutscene, sneak up behind and kill the sniper by pressing the Q key. A truck with an officer will appear – he will be marked as the main target – shoot him, and the allies will deal with the other two enemies. Follow Crowley through the window into the building, where a German will appear from the corridor on the left. Kill him secretly and don’t even try to shoot at two fascists outside the window – you don’t need them.

Near the window, in the room on the left side, there is another German. Don’t worry – one of your allies will finish him off. After you find yourself on the other side of the house, turn left to find three talking Nazis. Kill them quickly so that no one warns the others. Then look into the basket where the first souvenir is.

Souvenirs 1/3

First souvenir

Go to the area below, where there will be several routes at once, along which you can go through the spacious field in front of the house. It is best to move to the left. When you are in the camp, you will notice a jeep drove in here. Do not rush – wait until all opponents pass by, into the courtyard of the house, after which it will remain to kill two enemies – one near the truck, and the other near the wall in front.

Wait until the two Germans separate on different routes. You can even use firearms – they are very powerful and quiet (with a silencer). As soon as you make your way through the hole in the wall on the left, you will find yourself in the second area with a fire in the center.

Kill the German outside, in front of you – those inside will not notice you. Then kill the enemy inside the house. By that time, another enemy may come up, who will examine the body of his partner, lying on the street. Kill him, and then deal with the one on the other side of the fire.

Enter the house. There will be a souvenir in the room ahead. Enter it and turn left – you will see a collar (necklace) lying on the piano.

Souvenirs 2/3

Second souvenir

Go inside, as soon as you find yourself in the next area, then enemies will automatically detect you, which will interrupt the secret passage of the task and turn it into a real train chase. To begin with, you will need to clear the entire courtyard from opponents before the countdown ends, notifying that the train has left.

There will be a lot of enemies on the street. Throw a grenade that will destroy some of them. Then the dogs will run and immediately attack you – shoot the animals. You need to get to the building across the street, to the post office, from where you can take the train. Collect ammo and first aid kits from your allies and try to kill the Germans as soon as possible.

There will be a wounded soldier lying on the road near the passage to the courtyard with the Germans. Drag him to cover as soon as possible to perform the only heroic deed on the level.

Feats 1/1


A star icon with a circular, emptying scale indicates if you are in time to catch up with the train. Several Germans will try to attack you from where you came from, so be careful. Always take ammo from Stiles whenever the opportunity arises. After killing enemies in the yard, go inside the post office.

When you clear it too, then open the door to see a train shooting at you. The train will leave, and you will have to jump into the jeep and catch up with it. Then drive along the road that you see, trying not to crash into anything. Zussman will take over control, and you will have to kill opponents with a machine gun. The main thing is to pay attention to those Germans who climb onto the roof – most of them will have RPGs.

After the train is destroyed, you will be rescued by a stranger from the French Resistance. When you move among the wreckage and kill the German located on the other side, then look behind the boxes on the right to find a radio. Collect the set of schematics to get the third memento at the location.

Souvenirs 3/3

Third souvenir

Go through the wreckage of the train to reunite with your platoon.


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