Walkthrough Call of Duty: WW2 – Operation Ambush

Detailed walkthrough of the tenth mission “Ambush” in the game Call of Duty: WW2 – the location of all souvenirs and feats

December 27, 1944

Ardennes, Belgium

An order was found on one of the captured Germans to blow up the only remaining bridge over the Rhine. The explosives are being transported in trucks and you are ordered to intercept them. Follow Howard towards the marker on the side of the road, head to the top of the hill and wait. When the explosion occurs, kill all opponents from below and then approach the trucks.

When you go down to the road, you will see a wounded soldier – drag him to a safe place for the first feat on the level.

Feat 1/2

First feat

Move from car to car, destroying the Fritzes and using the convoy as a cover. You can use the machine guns on top of the armored vehicle to finish off the remaining Germans. Make your way forward, and when the opponents are destroyed, get into the front truck. Watch the cut-scene, at the end of which you and your partner will be dropped off near the German base. Follow your friend to the right place – there are many ways to get inside and reach the towers. So, on the right there will be a tunnel through which you can crawl into the territory of the base and get out to the surface through the grate.

Open it and turn left, moving along the perimeter of the base. Use cover when you can and then head to the hangar. Kill the engineer who is fixing the plane. Leave the hangar on the other side and follow to the back of another building (the door in front will be locked, and there is a German patrolman on the left). On the table in front of the second hangar, you will see the first souvenir on the level – there is also a guard sitting there.

Souvenir 1/3

First souvenir

Go to the hangar and follow in the direction of the radio tower as soon as the path is clear. You will have an additional goal – to kill the base commander, which will simplify the subsequent attack of the allied forces. Leave the second hangar and head right. There will be a lower area where you can descend to sneak unnoticed past enemies. Walk a little forward and keep to the shadows, waiting for the divided enemies and killing them. When the path is clear, climb the stairs and move higher to climb onto the roof of the building with the radar.

If you got here and were not found, you will earn the Scout achievement.

Pearson and a platoon attack the gate from the right. Provide cover for them using the sniper rifle located on the roof of the house. Kill other snipers, flamethrowers and grenade launchers. When you reunite with your platoon, you will follow through the base using whatever cover and weapon you can find.

The base barracks is the first building you will encounter after exiting the radio tower. When you kill the Germans in front, then look inside. On the opposite side, in the corner of the building, there is a chest of drawers with a transistor receiver – next to it is the second memento of the level.

Souvenir 2/3

Second souvenir

Go to the guard tower, which is indicated by the marker on the map, killing the Germans. When you enter the tower, look to the right and see the third and final souvenir.

Souvenir 3/3

Third souvenir

When you are at the top of the next tower, then defend Pearson using a machine gun or sniper rifle. After the appearance of the tank, which will fly out of the hangar, you will be shot down and expelled from the tower. Together with Zussman, the main character is captured, but Howard and Pearson arrived in time to save Daniels.

Zussman was not so lucky – he was taken away by the Fritzes. Disobeying Pearson’s orders, you set off in pursuit of the Nazis by car. Follow the truck avoiding collisions with other objects. Eventually, there will be a crash. Get to the pistol and kill the German. Try to catch up with the truck, but it’s useless.

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